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Hot Names: Dragon Name Ideas for Boys

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Fierce and savage are the words which are associated with the dragons. Whether your hobby is playing Dungeons and Dragons or you just want to name your baby dragon names out of curiosity and trends, then you are in the right place. We have gathered some dragon name ideas for you that can help you decide the best name for your little man. 

  • Balerion 

Are you one of the avid fans of Game of Thrones? If yes, then you are more likely familiar with the dragon name Balerion? This name is renowned as the largest dragon known. What a great name to begin our list of dragon name ideas for boys. 

  • Thorn 

This name is one of the badass bearded dragon names that you can consider. This is a cool name that portrays the role of a young red dragon. Aside from this, the name Thorn in the book Eragon is considered a little bit crazy kind of a dragon. 

  • Mushu 

Another addition to the dragon names for male list is the name Mushu. If you have watched the Disney movie entitled Mulan, then you will be familiar with this name. He is the guide of the lead role in this movie. This name is known for having red and yellow colors. This is an excellent addition to our dragon name ideas for boys list. 

  • Smaug 

The name Smaug can be considered as one of the majestic dragon names. This name had gained its popularity when the book The Hobbit used this as one of the dragon’s names. In this story, he is the loyal dragon who is doing his best to guard the treasures located in the lonely mountain. 

  • Elliot 

If you are confused about what name to use, always remember and consider the name Eliot. This name is one of the dragon name ideas for boys, which are famous and widely used kinds of names. If you remember the movie Pete’s Dragon, then you will surely remember Pete’s friend, who is an invisible dragon, Eliot. 

  • Reptar 

What a cute name to add to our list of dragon name ideas for boys. Reptar is a famous character in Rugrats, an American animated series. In this piece, this name portrays the role of a green dragon. 

  • Draco 

The name Draco is one of the most famous names from the list of dragon name ideas for boys. The movie Dragonheart used this name to portray the role of a green dragon who was popularized by the voice of Sean Connery. 

  • Spyro 

This name is the lead role in Spyro the Dragon. This Dragon is a very charming, energetic, and cute dragon with the colors of purple and yellow. This is also considered as an excellent name for your little Spyro. 

  • Drogon 

What a manly name! This name is famous for being a black fire dragon. Red elements are often associated with this name.

  • Druk 

If you are familiar with Bhutanese mythology, the name Druk is common. This conveys a definition of “Thunder Dragon.”

  • Doryu 

The name Doryu is a common name for boys, which is said to be first used in Buddhism. This name carries a definition of the dragon’s way. 

  • Draken 

Another addition to our list of dragon name ideas for boys that you should consider. This name is said to be first used in Greek culture. This name has a definition of “dragon.” 

  • Ejder 

Ejder is a Turkish descent, which is also known as the dragon. 

  • Rhaegal 

This name is famous for being a green fire dragon with a little mixture of bronze. This name is said to be used for a dragon in honor for Prince Rhaegar Targaryen which is renowned for being wise and well-educated. 

  • Viserion 

The name Viserion is known for being a cream-colored fire dragon. This dragon is also often associated with strong elements of gold. Viserion was used to name a dragon in honor of Viserys, the second brother of Daenerys. This name is famous for being a cruel, arrogant, and immoral man.  

When we are talking about naming our little ones, giving them a name associated with dragons are cool. Dragon name ideas for boys are sometimes considered as bizarre but exciting names for them. If you want to add a touch of a mythical creature in your baby’s name, then this list of names is perfect for you.  

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