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10 Tips to be a More Patient Mom

Raising and taking care of kids are never easy tasks for parents. Quite often, moms, in particular, need to have so much patience in taking care of their young ones. Being patient all the time is not an easy task. Sometimes, you can be patient but sometimes there are triggers that make you blow up and lose it.

Maybe as a person, you can consider yourself a patient person, or, maybe not. Whichever the case, there are certain times when we are sure we can handle things and remain calm but raising kids can really test the depth of our patience. When we thought we have everything in control, we just blow up and can’t handle it anymore. 

It is natural for parents to lose their temper sometimes because we can’t be perfect. However, mostly happens to moms because moms spend more time with their toddlers. That’s why moms should learn how to make themselves calm when the trigger is on and what they can do to ease their temper and act in a calm manner. It is quite challenging but it is worth to know how to be a patient loving mother.

To help moms on how to be a more patient parent, here are the 10 tips to be a more patient mom:

1. Step aside for a while

When the trigger comes, try to physically remove yourself from the situation for a short time. If you can, walk out of the room and go to the bathroom. If you are outdoors, you can step out a few yards away. Open next button bellow to continue reading..

2. Take a break and calm down

If you are in the middle of an argument with your child and you can sense that your patience is blowing up, raise your head up and count to 40. Take 3 deep breaths and look back down. This can slow down your heating emotions a bit and you can get a different perspective from the situation that triggered you. 

3. Distract yourself

Try to do something different for at least 3-4 minutes so you can get distracted. You can listen to your favorite song, make a cup of tea, wash some dishes or do whatever that you can see is possible to take your thoughts and emotions away. In that way, you can cool down yourself and not give in to your impatience and anger.

4. Remember that they are still a child

Always remind yourself that it is tough being tiny. Do not expect your child who is just 2 years old to behave and act like a grown-up adult. They are still in the process of learning things. They still need to know what is good and bad, what is dangerous and safe, and what is acceptable and what is not. You cannot expect them to behave in restaurants like parents do, they might need to jump, run around and make loud annoying sounds. When they misbehave, you may need to explain to them that it’s wrong and you might need to do it not just once but many times. Make sure that you set a good example to them in your behavior and words as well. Open next button bellow to continue reading..

5. Kids are not the same, don’t expect your kid to behave like someone else.

Accept the fact that children are not the same. So your kid has unique behaviors, personality, characteristics, and flaws as well. Even if you don’t want it, accept that your kid is like that. You can try to correct any mistakes and misbehave but when there are things that are not really at fault, but you are just irritated by the way they do it, then learn to adjust because that is how they are. Don’t try to control them all the time because you are just going to lose your temper because of that. Don’t expect them to behave like someone else.

6. Revise psychology

You can learn to adapt the attitude of not caring about all of the things that don’t need to have your attention. Sometimes kids like to do the things that they know will annoy you and they will repeat it until you lose your temper and go nuts. If you become an impatient mom and react immediately and tell them to stop, they will eventually do the opposite and will annoy you more. Let them do those things and don’t bother telling them to stop. They will eventually get bored with it and drop it naturally. They might not even do it again because they think that it won’t work.

7. Take vitamins

You can consider taking a vitamin B complex. B vitamins are well known for regulating your nervous system. This can help you get back on track even when you are tired. But always consult your doctor first.

8. Cultivate patience

Another tip on how to be a more patient parent is that you need to cultivate patience. For lasting results, you need to make consistent efforts every day. You can practice patience in daily activities. Instead of ordering take-out food, cook dinner with your spouse. Instead of checking your social media again and again while your kid is playing in the playground, try to just sit and watch him play. Instead of driving to the near cafe, why not just walk going there? Simple things like this can build up your patience and it can have lasting results.

9. Fake it til you make it

When you feel like nothing is working, try to fake patience by smiling when you enter the room of your kid. Force yourself to smile even if you’re not really feeling it. Then, later on, you will feel it. When you smile while talking to your child, you may not be able to respond impatiently or angrily to your kid’s arguments. When you smile, you are reflecting your good mood and it can also indicate that you are trying to have a better mood. You can try this trick and by training, you may learn to smile even in triggered situations and it might even have a more peaceful result.

10. Have enough sleep

The last one is simple yet powerful. The power of enough sleep and rest plays an important factor as well with your patience. If you have not well-rested and you have very little sleep, you can be so much more irritable with even little things. Sleeping from 10 pm to 5 am is more restorative than sleeping from 12 am to 7 am. If you had enough sleep and are well-rested, you are more likely to feel good in the morning and become more patient. 

We hope that the 10 tips to be a more patient mom listed above will help you on how to be a more patient parent. These are reliable and effective suggestions that you can try and see if what works for you. Being a patient parent needs so much work and effort, but when you finally master it, it is going to be worth it. 

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