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6 Tips to Prepare Your Home and Yourself for Your Newborn

6 Tips to Prepare Your Home and Yourself for Your Newborn

In a few weeks’ time, you will be seeing your most awaited baby. By now, you might already know if he is going to be a boy or a girl. You have already planned what birthing method are you going to use. You have also bought some of the baby’s needs and supplies and are already planning where to put everything inside the house. 

In the coming of your little prince or your princess, you want your home to be a palace or a kingdom where he deserves to live. You just not want to make it picture-perfect for remembrance photos, you want it to be safe. Baby proofing the home is essential especially for a newborn.

 How can you prepare your home and yourself for your newborn? 

How to prep the home

Got a feeling that you are not yet prepared for the baby’s homecoming? Worry not. We have a checklist in getting the house ready for the baby.

Clean and disinfect the home.

We put this on top of the list. It is common knowledge that babies, especially newborns are more susceptible to different diseases caused by bacteria and germs since their immune system is not fully developed. So it is important to clean the house for the new baby.

Make sure that the home is clean and organized. Sanitizing it will be better. And you can do it before the baby is born. After childbirth, you will be super busy taking care of the baby. Also, you may not be physically ready for a thorough house cleaning. 

Here’s a list of what to check when deep-cleaning the house before the baby’s exciting arrival.

Flooring, carpets, and rugs. A few more months and your baby will start crawling and walking in the house.

Air filters and vents to the top spread of dirt and dust particles

Bathtubs and sink, especially if you plan to bathe the baby in these areas.

Refrigerator. Throw away old left-over food. Clean and sanitize the fridge and load with good food.

Ceiling fans. Dust and clean them and check if it still functions properly.

Curtains. Wash dirty curtains and hang them. Choose darker drapes in the baby’s room.

Baby gear. If you are not a first-time mommy, you can use baby gears that you have used before provided that they are clean and sanitized. Cribs, swings, baby bottles, breast pumps, and bouncers should all be clean.

Car seat and newborn travel crib should be properly installed and secure to make sure that the baby is traveling safely especially for the first time.

It is also better to check what other household items and baby things you need to buy and to get before the baby comes home.

Prepare baby’s sleeping area

Make sure that the baby’s crib, bassinet or co-sleeper are all clean, sanitized and are ready to use. Beddings, like pillow and pillowcases, blankets, bedsheets, and mattresses as well as baby crib sheets should all clean, free from dust and germs.

You may also assess when to start preparing a nursery, including painting, decorations, and nursery furniture pieces although you might not be needing it in the first three to four months. Make it safe and yet adorable for your little one to sleep. 

Organize baby clothes

You can use closets and storage boxes to keep baby’s clothes stockpile. Be sure that they are all washed and cleaned before storing them. Older siblings’ clothes can also be stored as pretty hand-me-downs for your newborn. You can buy baby hangers to hang your baby’s little clothes and use boxes and drawers to keep accessories like hair ties and headbands, as well as socks and bonnets.

Set up stations that the baby needs

Be creative and choose nooks and crannies that will serve as baby’s stations, complete with all the supplies that the mother and the baby might need. Prepare newborn baby needs’ checklist so as not to forget anything.

Nursing station. If you are planning to breastfeed your child, prepare a comfortable area for you and your baby’s mealtime. A cozy chair or couch or a rocking chair with side bassinet can be ideal choices. Be sure that all the supplies that will be needed while breastfeeding are all in handy such as nursing pads, pillow, and cover, breast pumps, and other supplies, nipple cream, books, blanket and night light. 

Bottle station. If you plan to bottle-feed your baby, a bottle station should be strategically set up in the house. A bottle washing sink should be nearby. A countertop for bottle warmers and drying racks should also be in handy. Prepare a cabinet or allot space from existing cabinets for the bottles and baby formula and other supplies like bottle inserts, bottlenecks, nipples, and nipple brushes. 

Diaper-changing station. A simple table or counter-top is okay. A cabinet in convenient locations should always be stocked up with diapers and baby wipes for easy access if it’s time to change. You might also need a changing table topper, diaper rash cream, hand sanitizers, and lined trash cans.

Install stuff/gears that the baby might need

Little babies need a lot of stuff. And it is better to prepare them ahead. Be sure that all of them are cleaned and sanitized and is properly assembled for the baby’s safety. These may include swing, bouncer, stroller, car seats with covers and baby monitors.

Stock up on food

Aside from diapers and baby supplies, you also need to stock up on food, and we say good food especially on the first few weeks after childbirth. You may still be in the adjustment period and cooking might be a hassle during this time. Freezer meals can be smart options and microwave ovens can do the trick for an easy to prepare dinner.

More adjustments to come

You will count on months and years and you’ll be needing some more adjustment to child-proof the homes as he learns to crawl, walk and run to and fro. But for now, enjoy taking care of your little bundle of joy. May these 6 tips help you to prepare your home and yourself for your newborn.  Prepare the checklist before the baby comes home and make sure that everything will be done.  

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