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12 Tricks to Find Out the Gender of The Baby

Most pregnant women looking forward to some funny tricks to find out the gender of their baby, and they usually based their prediction on old wives’ stories. Kingdomofbaby will tell you 12 funny tricks so as to predict your baby gender, and also some common medical tests that will assist you to know which kind of baby’s gender you may have.

1. Breaking out

When you have soft and dewy skin, there is a possibility that you will welcome a baby boy, according to an old woman’s story. However, if skin problems start to appear such as sore or infections, it means that you will have a baby girl.

2. Boobs

Breasts can be a sign to predict the gender of your baby, normally your breasts become bigger because they get ready for breast milk. If your right breast size becomes larger than the left one it means that you have a little baby boy, but if it is the opposite and the left breast looks bigger, this is a sign that you will welcome a little cute girl.

3. Chinese gender chart

one of the funniest tricks that can pregnant women use to predict the sex of the baby is the Chinese gender chart, it based on your age and the month that you start thinking of pregnancy and imagine your future little boy or girl.

4. Kicking and the early movement

another trick may your old mother tell you to find out the gender of your baby is kicking and movement inside your womb, if you feel that your fetal is moving a lot and kicking you especially on the left side, it means that you have a baby boy, however if it is rarely when you feel that your baby is moving, it is a clear sign that the baby you carry in your womb is a girl.

5. Drano

it is a very simple chemical method or knows the gender of the baby in early pregnancy. Mix a tablespoon of Drano with your urine in a cup, then check if the color turns to blue it is a sign that the gender of your baby is a girl, and if you have the green color, it means you have a little boy. Be careful when you use Drano because it is a toxin.

6. Headin’ out

on the next appointment with your doctor check out fetal’s head on the ultrasound picture.  If it’s a circular head, it means that you have a sweet girl, but If the head looks like a square, then the sex of your baby. Do not tell your doctor about this funny trick.

7. Belly button swings

Another funny trick to find out the gender of your baby.  Lie down on your back and hold your belly button by a string, if the belly button swings up it means that you hold a baby boy on your womb, but if it swings down, it is a sign that the baby is a girl.

8. Linea Negra

All pregnant women have linea Negra. The dark line that comes from your pubic bone to your belly. If the linea Negra comes up to your chest, it is a sign that your fetal is a boy, but if you have a short linea Negra and it stops at your belly button it means that soon you will welcome a little baby girl.

9. Heart rate

Heartbeat can help you to determinate the gender of your baby when you check the baby’s heartbeat and finds that it still less than 140 per minute it means that you have a baby boy. but if the heart rate is faster and over 140 per minute is a sign that you have a baby girl.

10. Dry hands and skin

Dry hands and cracking skin are other clear signs which means that you have a baby boy inside your womb. but if your skin is soft and smooth, you are more likely to have a baby girl.

11. Cravings

The next trick that can help you find out the gender of your baby is cravings to eat. If you are more interested to eat sweeter food, it means that you hold a girl in your womb. In the hand, if you are pregnant with a baby boy, you will feel hungry and have a strong desire to eat sour or salty foods.

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12. Sleeping side

another funny trick that you can use to know the sex of your baby is the sleeping side. sleeping on the right side means you pregnant with a baby girl while sleeping on the left side means that you hold a baby boy.

Medical tests to know the baby’s sex during pregnancy

Here are some common medical tests help you to know what is the baby’s sex are:


Ultrasound examinations are very precise medical tests that you can use to specify and know the baby’s sex. The test is practically 90% exact, and it obviously discloses to you the sex of the unborn infant.

Most specialists guidance to directing the ultrasound assessment following four months of your pregnancy furthermore, the test is non-intrusive.

2.Ramzi’s method:

It is one of the more current methods for the ultrasound that decides the sexual orientation of the unborn infant one month and a portion of pregnancy. The medical test can specify the baby’s gender based on the location of the placenta.

3.Genetic testing:

The well known hereditary testing strategies like Chorionic villus sampling(CVS) and Amniocentesis decide the sex of the infant before birth. Chorionic villus testing, for the most part, is done after around 3 months of pregnancy.

These medical tests above help you to know what is the baby’s sex and are almost 99% precise.

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