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13 Month Old Toddler

In the 13 months as you welcome your precious baby into their second year; you welcome along with it a whirlwind of an explorative year as your baby grows more and more curious about the world.

The first year was an awkward and eventful one; by this time your baby is well aware and familiar with your voice and face as well as touch and scent; you both got used to each other and started bonded well beyond what you could have ever imagined; now it’s time for a more exhilarating year.

Toddler’s Independence

One of the most noticeable things you’ll see in the second year is the increasing independence your child is exhibiting.

The first thing that gets any parent excited about this period is the sight of their baby fumbling around their very first steps.

They may have even attempted to take one; in that case, a round of standing ovation and applause are well deserved; not only it will reassure your baby but also encourage them to do so more and more; motivating them to try out any newly discovered skills.

By this time, your baby is able to grab on to anything he or she can reach, a block of toys; that piece of bread of the table, and your hair, they may even be able to put things into their places; such as a ball into the basket or a toy into the container; enjoying their marvelous times playing around.

Be sure you and your child expect to have a wonderful time exploring the magic your toddler’s hands can do; as times passes by, you’ll notice your child is ecstatic and happy each time they accomplish something on their own as they attempt to do it over and over again, remember, practice makes perfect.

If practiced enough they might even be able by this time to doodle around a paper with a pencil; so be sure you provide your baby with all the necessary equipment to strengthen their creative discovery process.

13-Month-old sleep schedule

13-Month-Old Sleep Schedule
13-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

Toddlers and walking

If your child hasn’t started to take a chance on trying to walk; no need to worry yourself, it is perfectly normal; every toddler is different.

When the time comes, you’ll see them supporting them by a furniture or they are more happy to be walked and supported by you -the parent- holding into their hand; don’t worry yourself, and don’t compare your baby to other babies; some don’t start  walking until the 17th month or even later; the important thing is, your baby is on the move and exploring, wither be it crawling; shuffling around or playing with the block of toys in front of her.

There are two kinds of walking babies, a shuffler, and a crawler; although crawlers tend to walk earlier than shufflers, worry not, your precious little one will sure be walking; it’s only later rather than sooner, so rest assured, it’s all good.

As your child, becomes more and more independent; they’ll start to need you less and less with time, that is why they’ll stop waiting for you to come to do stuff, so be sure to hang around just in case of a possible incident or fall or a tumble; as they find their way through this big life, it is really essential that you keep an eye on them; as they explore more and more, stay close and keep an eye.

How can I encourage and motive my baby to walk?

As a parent, you’ll want your child to be the best they can be at everything; and that includes the basic action to walk, so you might be wondering how can I encourage and motive my baby to walk.

Well, the first thing you should absolutely know is to completely not rush your toddler and remind yourself that each child has their own pace. Therefore, make sure you give your baby enough time to set their own pace to grow and develop.

However that ought not to stop you from playing around with your baby in a way that stretches those cute little limbs and legs; by doing so, you and your child might be delightfully surprised to discover what they might be able to accomplish.

If your little baby is able to and happy to stand along with your support; you can try to kneel right in front of them whilst holding theirs; be sure to shower your babies with lots of encouragement and kind motivating words.

Once the toddler is able to take that step toward you; shuffle a bit toward the back on your knees as she attempts to get closer to you taking a few steps further.

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How Can I Encourage and Motive My Baby to Walk ?
How Can I Encourage And Motive My Baby To Walk?

Toddler tips and encouragements

One more way to help encourage your baby to take those daring first baby walking steps is by using a toddler truck or any toy that helps her or him to stand and walk on it by holding on to it and pushing; but be sure to only use this when the time is right and when your baby is ready.

When the time comes, make sure you get a solid stable toddler toy with a strong wide base for support in order to avoid any possible incidents; with clear space for your baby to be able to move, this will be a fun activity for your baby while boosting their confidence and energy to be able one day to let go and do it on their own.

It is better to avoid a baby walker as it can be unsafe for your child; tipping them over and causing them to get fall and get hurt; not to mention not being able to give your toddler the chance to learn to walk.

13-Month-old feeding

 13-Month-Old Feeding
13-Month-Old Feeding

Another self-developing action you might be noticing by this time is the ability to feed themselves; now they probably think they can, as their legs grow; develop and become stronger.

So do their hands; by this time your toddler most likely is able to pick up a soon or a piece of food and munch their way through it; which is the time for the extra mess to come.

As your little explorer grows; the mess they cause will grow with them and that is no exception for food; even more so, it is the main cause of all messes.

So be sure to find a balance between letting your baby experiment with food and anything on their plate and not letting get too risky to harm themselves with the hot sauce.

Overall, the mama and dada will probably have made an appearance by now; but aside from that; you’ll be happy to learn that at this age your toddler is becoming great at communicating perfectly without much vocabulary. So be sure to use that to your advantage.

13-Month-old feeding schedule

13-Month-Old Feeding Schedule
13-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

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