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16 Month Old Toddler

During the 16th month, the baby plays with their first big toy, their progress is constant! He/she is also starting to talk. As he/she learns new skills, your baby’s character will become more and more assertive. At sixteen months, he/she knows exactly what they want and he/she lets it know. they do not always obey and the “no” gradually takes on importance. You will have to start to set some limits! At 16 months (Toddler Month 16), baby discovers new things, learns to talk better and to walks. We also take note of their weight, size, meals, and health, doctors will often tell you that since your baby is now 16 months old they will start using their new motor functions to make scribbles or climb stairs. They are also more reluctant to eat more and get shampooed.

Awakening and development of the 16-month-old baby

At 16 months, your little boy should weigh a little more than 11 kg and measure an average of 80 cm. If it’s a girl, her weight is around 10 kg and her height is 77 cm. At 16 months, your child activates their psychomotor functions to the fullest! He/she knows how to climb the stairs by standing on the ramp and accumulate small nonsense, especially during meals. He/she does not hesitate to make their first drawings or rather scribbles, with a certain pleasure. Do not hesitate to congratulate them! Regarding the cleanliness, it is not yet the right moment, it will be necessary to wait until the 18 months mark to make them go to the potty.

Since walking, the psychomotor progress of your baby is already impressive. He/she also knows how to climb the stairs standing, standing on the ramp and placing both feet on each step. Many parents are already tempted to start learning about cleanliness and potty training in their 16th month, especially since changing diapers is sometimes difficult because he/she does not want to let themselves go. But know that it’s still too early. It is useless to begin this apprenticeship before the age of 18 months. The child must know how to control their body, but also understand what is expected of them, so patience. Finally, little by little, the “No” becomes important and your baby begins to strongly oppose you as a parent. And this is only the beginning, but this stage of development also helps them to assert their character.

My baby does not speak: At 16 months (Toddler Month 16), the baby usually says a few words. Some will, however, be more advanced than others in the acquisition of language, but perhaps they do not work yet (we can not do everything at the same time!). In any case, do not worry if your baby is still slow to form understandable words. The most important thing is that he/she understands you and that he/she is well understood in the exchange.

Toddler month 16 sleep schedule

Toddler Month 16 Sleep Schedule

And if he/she does not move?

A 16-month-old child who is not moving yet is not alarming. It is considered that at 18 months old, all children walk. But we will approach the question when the time comes because, once again, each child evolves at their own pace.

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At 16 months, what do babies like to play with?

Sixteen months is the age of the first doll. It must be of medium size (that your child can wear it), with hair, fabric or plastic. This doll will allow your child to reproduce the same gestures as their mom or dad. He/she feeds it, walks it around, puts it to bed, and hugs it. Indeed, children of this age like to imitate the actions of adults! At sixteen months, your baby also enjoys playing ball, and he/she even starts to know how to throw. He/she also likes to play with nesting cubes and turn the hardbacks of small books, so do not hesitate to read stories to awaken the fire of reading within them.

At 16 months, what do babies like to play with?
At 16 Months, What Do Babies Like To Play With?

Health: Reminder of the MMR Vaccine

Between 16 and 18 months, your baby will receive a reminder of the MMR vaccine that protects against measles, mumps, and rubella.

What size and weight of a 16-month-old baby?

If your baby is a boy, at 16 months (Toddler Month 16), he measures an average of 79 cm and weighs over 11 kg.

If it is a girl, at 16 months, she measures on average 77 cm and weighs a little more than 10 kg.

My baby has gastro

The various viruses of gastroenteritis succeed one another all year long, but the most violent one is the rotavirus which rages generally between the end of the year and the month of February. Your pediatrician can offer you to vaccinate baby against this particular virus. We will talk about gastro if the baby makes at least 10 bowel movements a day. It may also have nausea or vomiting, but it is not systematic. The most important thing is to make sure that the baby does not dehydrate (he /she would then have dry lips, thirst, would be asthenic) and compensate for their loss of water with a rehydration solution. By the way, do not worry if he/she eats less. There is no point either in forcing them, the most important thing, that he/she drinks and that he/she eats carrots, rice, bananas, but also yogurts to help restore the intestinal flora. However, it is better to limit milk or temporarily opt for lactose-free milk. The gastroenteritis can last up to a week. If you ever notice that the child’s condition does not improve, that there is blood in the stool, fever or that vomiting is occurring or intensifying, consult a doctor promptly.

Baby feeding At 16 months

toddler month 16
Baby feeding At 16 months

The Baby sometimes becomes a bit difficult at the table. Respect their tastes and do not force them to eat what he/she does not want. Know that what he/she refuses today, he/she may accept tomorrow. But during his 16th month, continue to make them taste new foods regularly. Do not force them to finish their plate if he/she is not hungry. Eventually, this can have consequences on their weight. Indeed, if you force them when he/she is no longer hungry, he/she will no longer recognize the feeling of satiety, which will push him, later, to eat more than necessary.

16-Month-old feeding schedule

16-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

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