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At 17 months, your baby trots, builds, and above all, he/she sings and begins talking. Language is a new great adventure after walking. Your little one grows up and continues to grow fast. They start to become a real little mess, your 17-month-old baby has so much fun with everything, especially you. He/she runs around the house and looks for every undiscovered room and place.

Awakening and development of the 17-month-old baby

If it’s a boy, your 17-month-old baby will weigh only over 11 kg and measures around 80 centimeters. For a girl, her weight could be around 10 kg and her height of 78 cm. The plan is now at the center of its concerns, by manipulating various objects, the child learns to check shapes and volumes. This plays a role that is huge to very improved knowledge of their body and as well as their environment. The 17-month-old is more and more sociable and appreciates their day to day meetups in the square with the other kids.

Pretty awake, your 17-month-old baby moves way more, at times even going backward. So curious and eager for knowledge, he/she does not hesitate to look everywhere and to go where he/she can, the fact is it has increased vigilance on the part of parents. Setting limits is necessary, but prohibiting everything is excessive. Building games that appeal to a certain address are very appealing to the 17-month-old, just like music and other rhythms! Encourage your child, for example, to sing rhymes to solicit his memory.

Baby feeding

By the age of 17 months, walking is probably now well under control. Now, your child continues to grow at high speed, and little by little, his and her efforts will focus on language. He/she now master fifteen words. Update on the health and development of your baby with your regular doctor, just to be well covered medically on all basis. 

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17-Month-old feeding schedule

17-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

The awakening of the baby of 17 months

Now baby trotting and their gait is more assured. Some children even walk backward. Remember that the autonomy conferred by walking allows the child to assert a little more their character. He/she listens a little less when you forbid things, opens all the cupboards and drawers, grabs all the objects within reach, climbs the bars of their bed and tries to escape when you want to take it to make them eat or drink. switch. So it’s time to set limits and say no while explaining to them why he/she should not do it. Be careful, however, not to fall into excess and to forbid everything.

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My baby does not move

At 17 months, it is possible that your baby is not moving yet. He/she is surely standing, taking a few steps in the furniture, but still hesitating to let go! Do not worry, the click should not belong. At 18 months, most of the children know how to walk, but there are sometimes small latecomers, without that being necessarily worrying. Do not hesitate to discuss it with your pediatrician if you have any questions about it.

What games and activities for a 17-month-old baby?

What games and activities for a 17-month-old baby?
What Games And Activities For a 17-Month-Old Baby?

At this age, it’s the beginning of construction games. Children then enjoy playing with cubes, bricks to nest.

The baby is always very attracted to animals as well. Make them discover their noises and encourage them to reproduce them, If you have a pet yourself, they probably have a lot of fun together. But your little child still can’t control their actions a bit too much. Also, you must teach them not to pull on the tail and ears of the dog or cat, explaining that it hurts. And most importantly, as the reactions of the baby and the animal are unpredictable, you must never leave them alone in a room. In addition, the music always appeals to your baby. You make them listen to nursery rhymes accompanied by small gestures that he/she learns to reproduce.

But now that he/she is good on both legs, you see that he/she likes to dance and he/she knows how to move in rhythm. At seventeen months, the children master an average of fifteen words: dad, mom, you, bread, gives, thank you, cat … 

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Baby’s health at 17 months

Baby's health at 17 months

If your baby is kept in the community, it is not impossible that he/she is often sick! But rest assured, most of these small pains and childhood diseases are not serious. Keep an eye on fevers and signs of dehydration if you have gastroenteritis. And if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to consult your pediatrician.

17-month-old sleep schedule

17-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

My baby has gastro, what to do?

Gastroenteritis is back in many countries. Most often diarrhea and vomiting can still cause dehydration. Make sure you look up what you can do or seek the advice of a doctor to avoid risks.

Height And weight

If your baby is a boy, at 17 months old, he measures 80 cm on average and weighs just over 11 kg.

If it is a girl, at 17 months, she measures on average 78 cm and weighs a little more than 10 kg.

Vaccine: it’s time to make a reminder of the MMR

With the introduction of the new immunization schedule, your child will be able to receive this month, and up to 18 months, a reminder of MMR, the vaccine that protects against measles, mumps, and rubella.

The feeding of the baby of 17 months

Do not stop discovering new flavors to your child, he/she can now eat almost anything. The meals become real moments to live in a family and your little rascal could well appreciate pecking a little on your plate! Your baby is eating better and better alone, so encourage them in this way. Always be sure to balance your meals on the day and do not skip the bottle of milk at night if your baby seems to prefer to a dairy. Also, keep respecting their tastes and do not force them to eat what he/she has already tasted and does not like. Do not force them to finish their plate if he/she does not have. It is an utter necessity.

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