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13 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! You have reached the first pregnancy trimester. It is not only about going through these meetings without falling asleep but also about how you are in your 13 weeks pregnant.

Only at 13 weeks pregnant, you have made a baby grows that has vocal cords, teeth, and also fingerprints and you have probably kept this incredible news secret while wishing you could tell everyone about it, at least, use it as an excuse for getting to work late.

About week 13 of pregnancy, almost many future parents start spreading the word that there is a baby on the way.

Note, however, that there are no strict rules when you should disclose your secret.

This should be done according to the next prenatal promise, even after they have started screening or even after family events.

After all, it’s your choice.

13th Week Pregnant Signs

13th Week Pregnant Signs

They told me that for 13 weeks there were signs that their symptoms changed. You may have the need for Nausea and NAP. However, you may also experience the following:

1. Visible Veins

As blood flow increases, you can see all the blue stripes under the skin.

2. Increase In Energy

It is known that the middle stage of pregnancy is the least symptomatic and most vital. When you start to feel like yourself, you are tempted with your back. If you feel sick and tired lately, return to the fitness program. Exercise is definitely for you and your Baby. It is worth it

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3. Increased Sex Drive

If you are one of these happy women who in 13 weeks expect role hay, then you have fun! It may be that you see during the pregnancy after 13 weeks, screw results. The spotting is normal cause your cervix is more sensitive. But heavy bleeding is so not, however, call your doctor if it’s more like a flow.

13th Week Pregnant Tummy

Your uterus has grown large enough to leave the basin. That means you got pregnant. Finally, they are a third of the road and finally reach the seating request in a full train.

Since 13 weeks of pregnancy are the reason for weight gain, you now expect more Pregnant days.

13th Week Pregnant Ultrasound

13th Week Pregnant Ultrasound

During 13 weeks, an ultrasound can detect the sex of the baby, it may be very difficult to understand the baby part of either a boy or girl.

Therefore, wait until the middle of the pregnancy with an ultrasound examination, It will be so. It is then much more obvious to see if you have either a girl or a boy.

If you have cell-free prenatal DNA Tests, also known as Non-invasive Prenatal Diagnosis (NIPT), performed to detect chromosomal anomalies, you can know the gender when your results are available

Useful Tips:

  • Inform your boss you’re pregnant.
  • Prepare your child for your newborn.
  • Begin thinking about childcare for your baby.
  • Switch up your pregnancy workout.

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