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9 Ideal Hollywood Glamour Baby Girl Names

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9 Ideal Hollywood Glamour Baby Girl Names

It is quite hard to choose baby names nowadays. It is not only about having trends in gadgets, places, and travels but also some old-fashioned but still classic baby names are having their way in the industry and generation. Having a baby is a blessing and is a gift from God if you’re having a bad day, just look right at their face and for sure everything will enlighten up. It may be possible that you and your husband have been arguing what kind of name should you put in the documents and birth certificate. 

You may have considered unique girl names ending in ia or baby names meaning moon for girls and different stuff. However, at one point, you’ve both decided to consider having Hollywood glamour girl name, glamorous girl name, glamorous vintage names, or even classy name girls for your baby. Whatever it may be, we are here to give you the out the best ideas for Hollywood glamour girl names! We wanted to spread out the vibe of Los Angeles inspired baby names for your glamour baby!

9 Ideal hollywood glamour baby girl names

Catch this glamour and fancy baby girl names for your prettiest baby girl! Don’t forget to look over these name meanings! You sure want your baby to have one of those unique baby girl names in your area and school! 


Lana is a hot name and is considered as one of the Hollywood celebrity names. This bizarre celebrity baby name is named after Lana Turner which turns out to be an old Hollywood actress. Lana’s name originally came from English and is known to be a short name for Svetlana or Alana. It is also a derivative of the Greek name Helen. If you’re finding a tough and hard meaning for your baby, then naming her Lana won’t be a problem. Lana means “little rock”. On the contrary, the meaning of Lana in Arabic (Muslim name) is “to be gentle” or “soft and tender” 

2. Vivien

Vivien came from the French word which means alive. This name is a pretty unique and vintage girl name that could be a great fit for your baby girl. An old Hollywood actress has the name Vivien, she is Scarlett O’Hara or Vivien Leigh. Others say that Vivien is a family member of the Irish goddess name Bebbin. On the other side, it is believed that it is a Latin-based name Viviana which means life too. Are you quite considering to name your baby after Vivien? We hope you do!

3. Audrey

Who would not know this pretty name? The list won’t be completed if you don’t have this baby girl name for your baby! Audrey’s name origin is from English which means “noble strength” The most celebrity that has a name Audrey is none other than Audrey Hepburn. This name is a totally Hollywood glamour baby girl’s name and an old Hollywood stage name. It has a hot and charming appeal to the people around them. According to the Social Security Administration, the name Audrey has been named among 269,514 born in the United States. That’s amazingly crazy! 

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4. Sophia

Sophia is quite a sophisticated yet elegant and Hollywood glamour baby girl’s name. The name Sophia means “wisdom” and came from the Greek. It is variably spelled like the name Sophie and Sofia. This name has also been used as Saint’s name and was originally used and popularized by European royalty during the Middle Ages. It is quite astonishing that this name can be used as one of the popular royal baby names, and if you’re ever considering to have a duke and duchess position in your family. Name her after Sophia! This too would be perfect if you pair it with some glamorous boy names.  

5. Amelia

Amelia is an attractive name for a baby girl. You may not have seen it yet but the baby may drive you crazy because of its charming aura and sense. This name sounds girly and glamorous! Amelia is a Latin origin name and is believed to have a meaning of “Excel” or “Rivalry” or “To strive”. Amelia has a strong and brave name which is why is one of the topmost and chosen first name in the United States. Among the 156, 937, the parents choose to name their baby with this kind of name. Pair this name with some warrior baby boy names if you’re also expecting a baby boy soon! 

6. Ava

If you can’t find a perfect two-syllable baby girl name for your baby, why not try having a three-letter name instead? Ava will surely fit your baby! Surprisingly, Ava has a cute unique name and was given to 13 newborn babies at the same time! That’s a bit of insane! If you’re searching through the meaning, Ava means “Like a Bird”. It is then a short term for the name Chava which means “the living one”. Ava is a Hebrew form of the name Eve and has been used by the popular celebrity Ava Gardner. 

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7. Isla

Isla is something you cannot hear often during Christening or Birthday Parties. In Filipino, this term translates into the word “Island”. Though it quite feels fresh, Isla is originally from Scottish which also means “The Island”. On the other hand, it is also considered as a Spanish girl’s name for your baby. If you think this name is quite not enough for you, try creating and pairing this up to through some mermaid-inspired girl names or British baby girl names! 

8. Victoria

It may have been used by some parents by we can’t resist Victoria’s real beauty! This name came from the Latin word which means “Victory” and a counterpart of a male name “Victor”. In Roman Mythology, the name Victoria has been used as the Goddess of Victory. It is pretty amazing and pretty exciting to know that this name has more meaning installed in it. Such related names of Victoria that can be used are Vicky, Vickie, and Vic. A popular celebrity that has been using this name is the ex-spice girl Victoria Beckham.  

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9. Sabrina

Oh no, this is no a cat or any ordinary girl you could know. This could be the right one for your baby girl! From the Latin origin, Sabrina means “From the River of Severn”. On the British Legend side, Sabrina was an illegitimate daughter of Britain’s King and was drowned in the river by her father’s ex-wife. This name may sound like a tragedy on its part but you can eventually change the name of this trend!


Hollywood glamour names are such inspiring and chick names to name your baby. There’s a lot of glamorous names for baby too like glamorous names for fashion and it is up to you on what name to name your baby after. It is advisable to have a meaningful and memorable name not only for your baby to be unique but also to be remembered. 

Still, note that the most important thing for a child is through developing his attitude and child’s growth. It is most important to have some family date nights and bonding with your children to have a tight bonding and relationship with them!

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