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Dazzling October Baby Names That go With the Reddest Season

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Dazzling October Baby Names That go With the Reddest Season

Parents nowadays have unique choices for their babies’ names. From different movie-inspired names, novels to different country names like Canadian names, Italian names, Polynesian baby names or Indian names. Meanwhile, parents who name their baby with the season or month he or she was born are popular in the present like November baby names, September baby names or October baby names. Well, let’s go to the October baby names.  

What is the first thing that you thought of when you hear the month of October? October is the month of the fall season and this month has a lot of special days, themes, elements, and symbols that can also lead to fall baby names that parents can give their babies. Having a baby in October is quite special given that this month is one of the loveliest months of the year, a cozy month, and oh-pumpkins! Babies born in October have the zodiac sign, Libra if they are born prior to October 23. On the other hand, if the baby is born after October 23 and through Halloween, he or she is a Scorpio. Can you imagine it? There are actually a lot of October-inspired baby names! 

October-inspired baby names

Kids born in the month of October are believed to be motivated and they create harmony around them. They are also gentle and peace-loving, talented, lucky in love and life. October babies also tend to be athletic, romantic and they seem to have low levels of depression and stress. If your due date is in October, don’t worry! We listed these beautiful October-inspired baby boy names and October-inspired baby girl names just for you! Let’s go!


First on the list of the October baby names is the name Autumn. Of course, you can name your baby after the beautiful season when they were born. Well, it’s undeniable that the autumn or fall season is the season that’s favorite of a lot of people. Oh, autumn-a perfect season to go on dates because of the cold temperature, everything turns brown, and leaves fall from trees. The name Autumn is definitely like the season where it’s a lot of beautiful and surprising things can happen.


Talking about the fall or autumn season, who wouldn’t go for this name? Aurelia is actually a Latin name which means “golden one”. The name is pronounced as “aw-reel-ya” or “a-rey-lee-a”. Everything turns brown in the fall season which could be viewed as gold as well. Isn’t this name a perfect moniker for your baby born in the month of the fall season?


Girls born in October usually have this name that’s why the name Scarlett has been very popular since the year 2000 for somehow a good reason. Parents choose this name for their baby girl for it is an adorable alternative word for red. Red can be a shade of the color of the fall season and this can be a perfect choice for your daughter born this month, right? 


The colors of the season of the month of October are usually brown, yellow or red. Meanwhile, Jasper is a gemstone that is usually associated with these colors which are also the colors of the month of October that depicts a strong aura. A perfect name for your baby boy? Why not consider the name Jasper? Even though this name is quite common, this is also a perfect name for your baby boy with a strong aura, born in October!


If you want one of the holy boy names that can also go with the birth month of your baby boy. Adam can also be the perfect choice. The name Adam is a classical, strong name that has its Biblical origin. This name is actually a Hebrew name that has a meaning, “son of the red earth”. Fall is the reddest season, so why not go for it?


Are you still wondering what names go with the autumn season? Personally, when I think of the month of October, I imagine brightly covered-leaves, usually in the colors of brown, red or yellow, falling from tall trees because of the slightly-strong wind that chills your whole body. Well, the name Forrest is perfect for this foliage fest happening in the month of October that can go with your baby girl or baby boy. 


If a girl is named October, a girl can also be named with her birthstone, Opal which is the month’s official birthstone along with another birthstone, Tourmaline. The birthstone opal has a one-of-a-kind color combination that made it unique from the other birthstones. Meanwhile, the name Opal is a Sanskrit baby name that came from “Upala” which means “precious stone”. Meanwhile, its Greek origin is “Opallios” which means “to see a change of color”.


The name Amber can be one of the Libra baby-boy names but now, it became a gender-neutral name. Eighth on the list of our October baby names, this name was at the top 20 in the year 1980s. It is a unique and beautiful name for autumn babies that definitely needs a comeback. Moreover, Amber is also a stone that has a color of golden-yellow to brownish-yellow which is highly prized and adorned for its warmth and beauty. October has a lot of warmth and beauty as well, so isn’t this name perfect?


The name Asher can depict and can be connected to the Ash tree. The Ash tree is a tree that erupts red and orange colors when the fall season comes. The name Asher is also unique and has a strong aura for your baby boy or baby girl born in the month of October. Meanwhile, this name is also a Hebrew name that means “happy, blessed”. No parent wouldn’t want their child to be happy and blessed, right?


Aside from Halloween names for babies or autumn-inspired names for babies, October baby names can also go with a goddess. October, as known by few, is also a primary time for harvesting. In ancient Greek mythology, Demeter was the goddess of agriculture, grain, harvest, growth, and nourishment presiding the fertility of the world. Demeter has symbols of a torch, wheat, poppy, and swine. A perfect name if you want your baby who can be productive and nourished.


Even though Ruby is the official birthstone of babies born in the month of July, the name Ruby can also go with babies born in the fall or autumn season. The gemstone Ruby is known for glowing intensely in red along with the sunlight because of its red fluorescence that intensifies its red color. Red is also the color of the month of October, right? Ruby can be a perfect name for your October baby girl!


Yes, it’s Radley and not Bradley. This name is a unique English name that can go with the list of our boy Libra names. The name Radley means “from the red field” which can perfectly go with your son who was born in the reddest and brownish month of October. If you would go for this name for your baby boy, he would probably won’t have to share this name with another boy in school. 

October baby boy or girl names in 2018 maybe still seen in this list. However, who wouldn’t be captivated with these beautiful names? We are cheering for you October baby!

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