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20 Cool Steampunk Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction set during the Victorian era where machines use steam instead of modern technology. If you are a fan of the genre, here’s a list of steampunk baby names derived from characters of steampunk novels, and from fashion and art influences.

Steampunk baby names for girls

Agatha: name of the main character in “Agatha H and the Airship City” by Phil and Kaja Foglio.

“Agatha” is of Greek origin and means “good woman”.

Alexia: name of the main character in Gail Carriger’s “Soulless”, a steampunk novel published in 2009.

“Alexia” means “defending men” and is a diminutive of “Alexandria”.

Alice: name of the wife of Langdon St. Ives, the major character in the Steampunk series (“The Digging Leviathan”, “Homunculus”, and “Lord Kelvin’s Machine”) written by James P. Blaylocks.

“Alice” means “noble”. It is also the name of the major character in the book “Alice in Wonderland”.

Claire: name of the main character in “Lady of Devices”, a steampunk novel written by Shelley Adina. It is one of the cool steampunk woman names.

Kate: Kate Lambert is a model, designer, and singer who founded “Steampunk Couture”, the first clothing company offering steampunk clothing styles. She is well-known as “Kato”.

Lyra:  name of one of the principal characters in “Northern Lights”, also known as “The Golden Compass”, a novel written by Philip Pullman.

“Lyra” is of Greek origin and means “lyre”.

Mina: a diminutive of “Wilhelmina”. Lady Wilhelmina Wentworth, a detective inspector who is the main character of “The Iron Duke”. This novel was written by Meljean Brook and published in 2012.

“Mina” is said to be of German, Polish and Scottish origin.

Sybil: name of one of the major characters in “The Difference Engine”, a steampunk novel written by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.

“Sybil” is a Greek name that means “prophetess”.

Una: name of a recurring character in Michael Moorcock’s novels.

“Una” is of Latin origin and means “one” or “lamb”.

Violet: a name that can be found in the steampunk-themed “Series of Unfortunate Events”.

“Violet” is a popular name that comes from color.

Steampunk Baby Names for Boys

Andrew: name of another main character in “Lady of Devices” by Shelley Adina, published in 2011.

The name “Andrew” is of Greek origin and means “courageous”. It is also one of the Victorian man names that became popular in that era.

Augustine: name of the protagonist in Harry Harrison’s science fiction novel, “Tunnel Through the Deeps” published in 1972.

“Augustine” is an English name that means “great” or “magnificent”. It can also be a girl’s name.

Benjamin:  name of a lamp that is designed using steampunk style.

The Hebrew name “Benjamin” means “son of the right hand.”

Brendan: name of one of the major characters of “The Anubis Gates”, a 1983 novel by Tim Powers. This novel was listed among “12 Classic Steampunk Books” and won several awards.

The Irish name “Brendan” means “prince”.

Brion:  name of the main character in “Worlds of the Imperium”, a science fiction novel by Keith Laumer, published in 1961.

“Brion” is a variation of “Brian” and is an Irish name that means “strong” and “honorable”.

Frank: a name that one can get from Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” which is considered by some as steampunk because it was set in Victorian England and is science fiction.

“Frank” means “free man”. It is a German name.

Jerry: name of a character created by Michael Moorcock for some of his novels.

“Jerry” is a diminutive of “Gerald”, which means “ruler with spear”.

George: name of the major character in K. W. Jeter’s 1987 novel, “Infernal Devices”, set in Victorian London.

“George” is a Greek name that means “farmer”.

Laurence:  from “Laurence Oliphant”, an author and diplomat. He appeared as a character in “The Difference Engine” by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.

“Laurence” is a variation of “Lawrence”, a name of Latin origin which means “from Laurentum”.

Luther: name of the main character in “The Adventures of Luther Arkwright”, a comic book by Bryan Talbot.

“Luther” is a German name which means “army people”.

There you have it. I hope you’ll find the perfect steampunk baby names for your little one in this list.

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