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Some Great Names From the Victorian Times

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Some Great Names From the Victorian Times

Gone are the times when Queen Victoria used to rule over our country and along with that time the puffed sleeves, top hats, petticoats, crinoline, and horse carriages for elite people have also gone. However, the elegant names from that period could be heard even today.

Age of Victoria have gifted some lovely names

The age of Victoria was not an easy time to live but the names of the girls at that time were pretty easy. They had an essence of frill, sweetness as well as feminine. On the other hand, names of men were highly inspired by their family, trades as well as religious belief. Popular names from that time might include William and Elizabeth and these names are heard even today. Therefore, if you want to name your baby with a beautiful name from that old-time you are reading the right thing. Here are some of the unique and charming names from the times of Victoria, have a look.

Naming a girl is not that simple

Considering each and everything that happens in a society, picking up the right name for a girl child can appear to be a tedious task. One has to make sure that the name is good enough for her and is good at calling as well. Another thing that should not be ignored is that the name doesn’t completely avoid the culture and time at which she is born. However, we can help in this matter here are some beautiful names for a girl child.

  • Ada: This name could be considered as a very sophisticated option and it might appear like a normal name but have its reference with Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron’s daughter.
  • Adelaide: the meaning of this name is noble, a good thing for a child. Right?
  • Adelia: formed by combining Adelaide and Adele is a name that is very unique
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  • Agatha: perfect name from Victorian times, its meaning is a good woman
  • Alexandra: is a name that is as royal as it sounds, its meaning is the defender
  • Alice: a very popular name meaning nobility
  • Alma: is considered as a very lovely name from that time meaning good
  • Anne: means grace and is very suitable for girls
  • Arabella: is a very royal name and will suit a girl appropriately
  • Audrey: regardless of what era it is, this name has its own elegance
  • Bertha: derived from Germany this name means bright
  • Beryl: this name is one of a kind and means gemstone, just right for you baby
  • Blanche: This is a French name that means white
  • Briar: this name is inspired from an old fantasy and suits on a princess
  • Catherine: this name has its own beauty and its meaning is pure
  • Clara: means bright and clear is a lovely name for a girl
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  • Clementine: This is a bold name from the Victorian age and its meaning is merciful and mild
  • Cora: a popular name that means maiden
  • Della: back in the 18th century, it was a popular name and was derived as a short form of Adeline, Adelle, etc.
  • Ebba: it was the name of a saint and its meaning is strong
  • Edith: a popular name that means prosperous warrior
  • Effie: it is like a short version of Euphemia, and its meaning is well-spoken
  • Eleanor: This is a unique and beautiful name that means bright
  • Eliza: might be considered as a pet name for Elizabeth, its meaning is the pledge to god
  • Elsie: as a name is very sacred and refreshing at the same time
  • Emily: loved by the writers this name sounds extremely pleasant
  • Emma: is a name that could be heard in elite families, it means universal
  • Flora: is the name of a Roman Goddess and its meaning is a flower
  • Florence: with a similar meaning as that of Flora this name sounds more unique
  • Frances: means French woman, was quite popular in the 18th century
  • Hazel: could be considered as a very cute name and it is easy to call as well
  • Henrietta: will be suitable for a little princess as its meaning is the ruler of the home
  • Isabella: is also a sacred meaning and was used in old literature
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  • Jane: a very popular name from old times that is still heard
  • Josie: short for a conventional name Josephine it never gets out of fashion
  • Kitty: its meaning is Pure and was very liked in the 18th century
  • Lilian: a short form of a very popular name Lily
  • Lucy: a name that was very famous during the 1850s and is heard even today
  • Luella: this name means warrior and is very empowering
  • Mabel: this name means lovable and is quite unique
  • Marjorie: a very cute name meaning light’s child
  • Martha: This is an appropriate name for a girl and it means lady
  • Mary: this is a very beloved name and its meaning is the same
  • Nellie: this name’s meaning is light’s shine
  • Ottilie: names of girls starting with the letter O is heard rarely
  • Rayne: it is a very royal name from the age of Victoria and its meaning is queen
  • Sylvia: This unique name means wood
  • Tillie: this name means mighty and is quite famous
  • Victoria and Vinnie: both of these names were not that popular at the Victorian age but now they have become very famous

Along with these popular girl names, there is some lovely name for baby boys as well. Names like Alfred, Abraham, Arnold, Henry and many more were very popular during Victorian times.

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