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25 Brilliant and Useful Tips to Survive the First Months of Breastfeeding a Newborn

Life having a newborn long ago doesn’t have all the instructions needed to survive the first few months. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we are dealt with the fact that all things are given through the internet. Others may still feel that fear of having to adjust to new environments such as new parents. 

Whether you are up to the challenge of breastfeeding your way through or just plainly wanting some things to give it a try, having to prepare for the first few months should give you a scare every now and then. As there are few lifestyle or maternity sites which will help and guide you throughout your journey. So, if you are afraid of getting disappointed, we’ve compiled 25 brilliant tips to survive the first months of breastfeeding a newborn.

25 Brilliant tips to survive the first months of breastfeeding a newborn

1. Prepare for the first month, as it is going to get rough

One of the most important pieces of advice you could get. It will never be a walk in the park, especially if you are new to this kind of life. If you are not mentally prepared, you won’t be able to learn the ins and outs of breastfeeding in the first month.

2. Create a support network

It is crucial to surround yourself with positivity as it will give you the optimism to overcome any obstacles and challenges along the way. It’d be a friend or family, or a lactating mom that could potentially help you through the process of breastfeeding.

3. Eat and Drink A LOT!

We’re not saying go binge eating whenever you want. But what matters is that you can’t supply much milk to your baby if you aren’t well-hydrated enough. Also, eat lots of nutritious food as It will help you get the energy you need for the entire day.

4. Always maintain skin to skin contact

The best way to start your breastfeeding experience is to have them position around your chest, as this will make your baby comfortable and to smell your milk before they have the chance to suck on it. More and more hospitals help encourage this type of thing for the first few hours of giving birth.

5. Study on ways to help boost your supply

There are plenty of ways on how to boost your supply. One way is eating/drinking certain types of liquids or food. Always do your research as it will give you enough findings to help you have your milk ready at any given time.

6. Start them from the nipple, ditch the pacifier

For babies who struggle on to latch during breastfeeding, It is important not to get ahead of yourselves and immediately buy a pacifier. It is important for babies to establish a good latch during the first few months. Always remember, the best thing to suck on your nipples. It boosts your supply while getting them as healthy as possible. 

7. Find the most soothing clothing you have that makes nursing a breeze

No women should feel embarrassed about nursing their child. Different types of women have different kinds of approach when nursing their little one, some women aren’t as comfortable as other women when nursing their baby in public. So, always wear clothes that make you feel comfortable nursing them in public. 

8. Pump it up

When you have an abundance of milk supply, never hesitate to pump whenever you have the time. The beginning will always be the easiest to pump as this is the time you produce the most. In this way, you’ll have plenty of stock if you aren’t having the best time feeding your baby.

9. Pump fearlessly at work

It is inevitable that after giving birth, you go back to the warzone. The office isn’t the place to get shy and all. Do it in a discreet way. Besides, all of them should know you are doing it for your baby. So, don’t fear yourself of getting guilty and stuff like that. Always remember to whom you are doing it.

10. Breastfeed after a few hours of giving birth

It is essential that breastfeeding should be initiated during the SACRED HOUR. As it has many benefits for you and your baby. It will aid in lactation and the loss of blood during the operation. 

11. Focus on yourself and your baby

Another tip that you could set yourself on for success is when it comes to breastfeeding, you could put all your energy feeding your baby without any hassles. Assign duties to the members of the house to do household chores to easy yourself and just be solely focused on your newborn baby.

12. Have a scheduled time for visiting

When everybody wants to have a piece of your bundle of joy, chances are you’ll have a hard time breastfeeding them. It would be smart enough so that you can make breastfeeding your top priority whenever no one’s visiting.

13. Try different breastfeeding positions

Finding the most comfortable position whenever you are breastfeeding will do wonders for you and your baby. Choosing positions that will allow you to rest will be important in the first few weeks. Nursing your baby is tough, so the more relaxed you are the better.

14. Soothe sore nipples

It is expected to have this kind of tenderness in your nipples as your baby sucks on them vigorously. So, whenever you have time. Soothe them by simple dabbing breast milk as it has beneficial properties for your nipples or just apply a warm compress. It is important to stay ahead of your discomfort. 

15. Ask questions to people with experiences

One of the best things you can do for your mental health is to ask questions and advice to people who have the proper knowledge in dealing with your situation. It is always a bonus if you can have those people within your family.

16. Let your baby lead their feeding

Don’t follow a specific schedule for feeding. Whenever you feel they need it, let them suck on it. Don’t let them be deprived of nutrition. Studies show that interval feeding slows cognitive development

17. Take care of your health

One of the most devastating news a baby could suffer is having a sick mom. So, always drink lots and lots of water and eat nutritious food. Never hesitate to call a doctor when needed. 

18. Learn to hand express when feeding

It will be a skill that comes handy as it helps in enticing your baby to latch and staying latched for certain amounts of time. To do this, slowly massage your breast between the hand and forefingers and start pressing towards the chest. Once milk flows, move towards the nipple. The force will slowly increase once it gets towards the nipple.

19. Wear a comfortable nursing bra

Another tip to help you through the first weeks of breastfeeding is to wear something comfortable whenever feeding. Your first instinct may be to get supportive undergarments but the truth is to wear something comfortable rather than support.

20. Always remember that babies nurse a lot

Newborns are constantly hungry over the day and that is okay. Breast milk is the perfect solution to that. Never hesitate to feed your baby lots of milk. It is essential for their development. Breast milk also works like supply and demand. The more you need supplies, the more it pumps. So get your comfy chairs and sit back and relax because you’ll be enduring this type of situation for quite a while.

21. Take shifts

When Mom is tired, it is the daddy’s turn to let Mommy sleep. For sure Mothers are tired whole day nursing their baby. It won’t hurt when daddy’s turn to let the baby sleep to help Mommy get enough sleep.

22. Prepare enough diapers

Preparation is the key when going out. So never leave the house without having to check how many diapers are left. It is always good to have spare diapers in case of emergencies. There’s nothing worse than getting ready only to find out you’re not.

23. Embrace the grind

Always plan but never assume it will take place and be always prepared to abandon them any time. Always remember that if they can do it, so could you. Trust the process and love the journey. Everything doesn’t come with instructions. You will eventually learn through experiences.

24. Be prepared to have emotional roller coasters

Surviving the process isn’t easy. Nobody said it would be easy. There will be days that you will be tested, and there will be days you will cherish. Learn from it and try not to dwell on it. Move on and get the job going.

25. It will all get better

Tough times don’t usually last but tough people do. Always remember that hard times will pass. While it might be tough right now, it will be rewarding soon. Most importantly, try to enjoy and live for the moment. 

Final thoughts

25 Brilliant Tips to Survive the First Months of Breastfeeding a Newborn are there just to guide you through your journey. Remember that it is still up to you to find the perfect start on your journey to be a great parent. The days will go by surprisingly and only small for a short amount of time. Cherish every moment it.

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