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10 Majestic and Best Travel-Inspired Baby Names for Your Little One

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Are you adventurous and a traveler? Are you someone who loves to go to different countries and adventurous destinations? Well, traveling has been a passion for a lot of people. You found out that you are going to have a baby and traveling doesn’t really have to end while waiting for your little one. 

There are a lot of parents who travel along with their children like going on a vacation at Disney Land, touring the country of Europe, or going to the other sides of the world like Atlanta. Isn’t it fun to see the world with your family? A lot of parents have “traveling with their kids” on their bucket list. It’s totally doable and exciting. Nonetheless, traveling is more of dreaming and planning variations rather than your real lifestyle. If you are a traveler, you can also name your baby, travel-inspired! How? You can look for the best baby names inspired by travel like names of the cities, states or countries as well as the most famous attractions there. You can name your baby with every scenario you love or every place you have been. 

Travel-inspired baby names

There are a lot of trendy names nowadays like sporty names, classical names, zodiac sign names like Gemini names, Cancer baby names or even months like January baby names or July baby names. There are definitely a lot of genres to choose from and one unique name that can be given to your baby is a special place. Some may be the place where you and your husband met or some can be the place where you and your husband got married. Your baby will carry your story along with him or her and I find it really fascinating, amazing and cool. No matter what, a related name for travel will surely be a hit to everyone. Plus, your baby can also have new travel tales of their own when they grow up.

Here are some of the most beautiful and the best baby names inspired by travel to give your little prince or princess or your future traveler.  

1. Paris

Oh, Paris-surely a dreamy place for everyone and a place included in every person’s bucket list. Talking about, croissants, baguettes, crepes, Paris, France surely has the best of it as well as the most fashionable styles updated every now and then. Who wouldn’t want to go to this place where everything is fascinating and beautiful? It is undeniable that Paris is an elegant and historical city that is well-known for its renowned art, fashion, and literature. Famous namesakes include Paris Jackson and the singer, Paris Hilton. 

2. Brooklyn

Second, on the list is the city in New York which is also one of most travelers’ priorities: Brooklyn. Brooklyn is named after the Dutch village of Breukelen. This place is also a destination in the countries Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. The famous bearer of this name is the famous photographer, Brooklyn Beckham who is the son of Victoria “Psh” Beckham and David Beckham. He is currently a student and living in the United States. 

3. Adelaide

Adelaide is a capital city of Australia that is less popular among travelers than the cities Sydney and Melbourne. However, what most people don’t know is that it is the home of the major arts festivals in Australia. This city is also known for being both a rainy city in the country and is the city of churches. As a name, it is a Germanic name that is derived from Adalheidis meaning “noble natured” with variants like Adalyn, Addie and Adele.

4. Atlanta

Are you fond of history? One of the best baby names inspired by travel and is also considered unique, is the name Atlanta. The city of Atlanta has a lot of history and it is also popular among travelers. This city is known as the crib of the civil rights movement during the 1950s and 1960s where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born. Famous namesakes include the daughter of the actress, model, and socialite Amanda de Cadenet and the ex-Strokes musician Nick Valensi, Atlanta de Cadenet. 

5. Francisco

San Francisco, the City by the Bay inspired this name. The city made this popular among parents and has been one of the top choices. The name Francisco, included at the best baby names inspired by travel, is a Spanish name that means “Frenchman or free man” that also became popular within the Italian community. Famous namesakes include the popular baseball players Francisco Lindor and Francisco Cervelli of the Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates. 

6. Sydney

Are you an opera lover? Well, if you do, you must have been to Sydney. This place is Australia’s unofficial capital city where it is the home of the well-known and worldwide popular, Opera House. The city is also the cultural and economic crib of Australia. Meanwhile, if you are not an opera lover, travelers certainly know the Harbour Bridge of this place and would certainly go for it as well as the heavenly white sand and the fantastic sea of Bondi Beach. Famous bearers of the name are Sydney Leroux who is a Canadian Olympic medalist soccer player and the male film director, Sydney Pollack. 

7. Orlando

Are you a Disney fan? Orlando, Florida is surely a magical place for travelers and Orlando is also a super cute name for your baby boy. Orland is the crib of Cinderella’s castle and the world-famous Walt Disney World. There are surely a lot of fun things to do at this place that makes it an ideal place for vacation among travelers. Orland was famous because of its theme parks, worldwide restaurants, high-end shopping centers, amazing concerts, events, and performances. 

8. Austin

If you are a music lover, Austin is a perfect name for your little one. The place is the state capital of Texas and is also known as the weirdest city of Texas. It has the slogan “Keep Austin Weird” which really makes it unique. Austin is the city known as The Live Music Capital of the World and it surely fits your future music lover as well. 

9. Geneva

This city really just screams majesty. If you are looking for a stunning place to go with jaw-dropping sceneries, views, and landscapes, Geneva, Switzerland is the perfect place to go. As a name, Geneva is also the perfect name for your baby girl that screams elegance. Geneva is the crib of the most famous watchmakers as well as the makers of every drooling Swiss chocolates. 

10. Savannah

As a name, Savannah has become one of the most famous names for your little princess because it screams royalty and beauty. Savannah, on the other hand, is next to Charleston for being a well-known Southern destination with good fun and food. This city has art, period architecture, trendy boutiques and a lot of ghost stories in store for you. The cuisines here came straight from the coast and cocktails are served at every meal which you can definitely enjoy.  

Traveling can be fun with your family and with these best baby names inspired by travel, your little one can surely represent your favorite place which will remind you of your best memories there. Lastly, names inspired by travel can lead to the creation of more wonderful memories. 

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