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5 Signs that Prove Your Baby is Too Cold

Because he doesn’t talk, it’s sometimes hard to tell if a baby is too hot or too cold. But he is making this known by some subtle signals. Here’s how to decode them.

Before your baby throws you an “I’m freezing” or ” it’s freezing, right ?” it will have to wait a bit. Yet, not being able to cover himself more when he is suffering from the cold, or even able to self-regulate his body temperature Like Adults, How do you know just when your little tip is not sufficiently covered? And what are the right things to do to help him warm-up?

Without necessarily being ultra-smart in baby sign language, a few basic signs need to put your ear on the chip to protect it from the cold.

1-Extremities Are Cold

Does he have cold hands and feet? Even if this does not necessarily mean that it is frozen, these are the most exposed areas of the body because this is where the heat escapes first. Sign therefore that the rest should follow soon. As a safety measure, a small layer of clothing or an additional blanket is added.

2-Belly Is Cold

Because they are covered, your baby’s belly and chest have no reason to be cold. If this is the case, it is advisable to put on a vest or wrap it in a warm blanket.

3-He’s Upset For No Apparent Reason

Did he eat, sleep, play, cuddle and still seem upset? Maybe he’s just trying to tell you he’s cold. If in doubt, add a pair of socks or a sweater and wait to see if he calms down. If so, then he was cold.

4-Room Temperature Is Too Low

the optimal temperature of the baby’s room, regardless of the time of year, is between 18 and 21 degrees. That being the case, the child must be dressed in an appropriate way: body, pajamas, turbulent, over-pajamas and blanket will allow your baby to regulate his body temperature according to the ambient temperature.

5-He/She Is (Too) Silent

Except, of course, when he’s asleep, a baby that’s too quiet, it’s often weird… And in case it gets cold, if it proves to be excessively calm, almost lethargic, this would be the most dangerous signal according to the site Medicinenet. In fact, this condition proves that he then passed a stage of hypothermia that prevents him from warming up properly. The first steps in this situation are to hold the baby in his arms so that he benefits from the warmth of your body and wrap him in extra diapers to keep him warm.

Knowing whether a baby is too hot or too cold is sometimes a puzzle because the baby can’t speak and it’s hard to know exactly how he feels. However, it is sometimes a reason to cry for the child, so it is necessary to be able to determine whether it is an embarrassment factor or not. Sometimes the extremities of his limbs (hands, feet) can be a little cold because he has trouble warming them, but that does not mean that he is cold.

Here are various techniques to know if a baby is too hot or too cold in his clothes :

Touching the baby’s neck: this little corner of his anatomy is sometimes more revealing than the baby’s forehead. Baby’s forehead can be cold if you’re out, while it’s too hot in his clothes. So touch the base of her neck, see the top of her back by slipping your fingers into her clothes a little bit, to really detect her body temperature as best she can.

Blue Lips:

If baby, or your young child, has lips that turn blue, it’s a sign that he’s cold. I find it particularly noticeable in the pool with my 2-year-old: after 40 minutes, his lips turn blue. it’s usually time to get him out of the pool.

Baby Sweats:

If baby sweats, the base of his neck will be wet. if he is lying on his back, the clothes on his back, on contact with the mattress, will also be damp (and vice versa if he is lying on his belly). this is obviously a sign that the baby is too hot.

If you think a baby’s warm, maybe you should check to make sure he doesn’t have a fever. To make sure the baby has a fever :

Compare Her Forehead Temperature With Yours:

It’s a quick way to see if your baby has a fever, touch your forehead first, notice its warmth, then put your hand on the baby’s forehead and compare. if you think his forehead is warmer than yours, take his temperature.

Use a rectal thermometer: the only reliable way to know a baby’s temperature is to take his temperature with a thermometer. I have tried almost every type of thermometer: atrial thermometer, front thermometer, teat thermometer, etc. the only thermometer really effective and that gives the temperature reliable and fast is, unfortunately, the rectal thermometer, preferably electronic. the normal temperature of an infant is between 36.5 and 37.5

As a Reminder:

To properly dress baby so that he is neither too hot nor too cold, it is generally accepted that you must dress baby with as many layers of clothing as you do, and to add an extra small layer. For example: in the spring, I wear shorts and a t-shirt. So, in addition to the light pajamas my baby wears, I add a short sleeve body under his pajamas.

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