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When Do Babies Start Laughing

Are you a parent or guardian to a bundle of joy? When you’re a parent, and it’s your first time to have a new baby, imagine how much of a milestone it would be when your baby starts to laugh. I’m pretty sure that every parent would be very excited to see their baby show big emotions. But parents definitely look forward to their baby or babies start to laugh the most.

Since most parents, also maybe including you, are excited to see their baby laugh, they probably research a lot about this. It could be about when their baby is expected to laugh or what they can do to make the baby laugh. So, then if you are one of these parents and are looking for an answer, keep reading.

When Do Babies Laugh?

  • Most babies start laughing at around three or four months. If they haven’t started laughing yet at around that age, that is totally fine. Don’t get discouraged. Babies start laughing maybe when they see one of their favorite toys or maybe your family pet. You, yourself, can also inspire your baby to laugh. So, if you want your baby to laugh, you can use that or you may already know this. Just remember that laughing isn’t just a huge milestone for you, but it also is a big milestone for your bundle of joy.
  • If you are looking to help your baby reach this milestone, there is definitely a lot of ways you can do this as said earlier. You can encourage them to giggle or laugh. You can also do a lot of silly things. Talking with your baby often can also help. As said earlier as well, you can always get a pet.

Make sure though that you don’t get a hostile pet. Make sure to pick one wisely since your pets can also end up hurting your baby. Pets still encourage your baby to laugh if you choose the right one. You can also buy toys for them, which will inspire them to laugh. When you talk to your baby, it also does not only encourage them to laugh, but it is actually also where they can learn communication skills.

So, What Little Things You Can Do To Help Or Inspire Your Baby To Laugh?

1. Fun Little Games

If your baby has not started laughing yet, playing small games with them will still make them smile. Peek-a-boo is a good example, which you can play with your child. This trick always does it.

2. Silly Faces

You most probably have seen this a lot in commercials, tv shows or movies where parents make a lot of funny faces in order to calm or make their baby laugh. A lot of them, for the most part, succeed. So, why not give it a try yourself?

3. Weird And Funny Sounds

Along with the silly faces part, why not make weird and funny human sounds? I mean, if you do it in front of strangers, they’d probably think you’re super weird, but I’m pretty sure your child would just think it’s funny. So, why not?

4. Gentle Touches And Tickling

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t laugh when their being tickled? Everybody who can be tickled would definitely laugh once they are being tickled by someone. The same story is also highly probably with babies, so give it a try. Blowing on their skin and maybe kissing their arms lightly could help as well. Anyway, there are so many more ways you can try to make your child laugh, and this isn’t really everything you can do. There isn’t really any harm in searching up a few more ways on how to make your child laugh.

When your child doesn’t laugh or hasn’t laughed after three or four months, as mentioned earlier, that is definitely fine. Some babies are just super serious compared to most of the babies who laugh. You shouldn’t think that your baby is weird since your baby is definitely just normal.

If you are also producing much more tears than actual smiles and laughs, maybe the timing just isn’t right or maybe what you’re doing is just overwhelming for the baby. Try to get those things right if you don’t want your baby to cry from your attempts to make them laugh.

If your child is also making a bunch of weird sounds, that is probably fine since they are just starting to develop their communication and speaking skills. However, if they sound too bizarre, you should take them to a doctor. There isn’t really any concern in your child not laughing. But if you are too worried, you can definitely always take them to a doctor if you do want to do it to be certain.

When you’re finally a parent, wouldn’t it be exciting? I mean, who wouldn’t be excited? Taking care of a baby is a pretty big task for everyone. So, when they do their first word, first smile, first laugh, those are something that would make you feel elated. One thing is sure, you definitely play a role when they do their firsts at everything.

So, these are ways on how you can inspire your child to have their first smile and their first laugh, and I hope this was really helpful. But as said earlier, not every baby will laugh or smile. Still, I hope that you will be able to see your bundle of joy’s cute little smile and laugh.

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