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5 Uncomfortable Most Asked Questions About Surrogacy

In recent years, the number of surrogacy or subrogations has increased beyond its borders.

Many people believe this is due to our habits of having children in the life of the second half as soon as some mothers can no longer carry the pregnancy to the end.

Even in 2012, the industry was worth $ 6 billion.

However, this amount is not specific, since many of these cases are not legally dealt with.

What Happens If My Child Is Born Handicapped?

What happens if my child is born handicapped?

Factors in the physical development of the fetus should be spelled out in the contract.

Most customers have to pay in full, even if their children are born with some disease.

This occurs mainly when the surrogate mother exceeds her duties, and the pathology of the fetus is accidental.

Is It True Or False That Surrogate Mothers Are Mostly Women With Low Income?

Is it true or false that surrogate mothers are mostly women with low income?

Surrogate mothers are mostly poor and economically disadvantaged women. Subrogation can significantly improve the quality of life.

For example, this is the number of payments in different countries:

  • USA-California:$60,000
  • Ukraine:$23,000
  • Russia:$15,000

Surrogacy, Women in financial struggle can be insured with high compensation. Unfortunately, an Agency that contracts with future parents may actually refuse to pay for women’s rights.

This rarely happens. The most important thing is to be a woman who can cope with all the provisions of the treaty.

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If a Surrogate Mother Does Not Want To Give You The Child, Would It Be Taken By Force?

If a surrogate mother does not want to give you the child, would it be taken by force?

The answer to this question can only depend on the country in which it occurs. For example, in Russia, a new citizen must be registered in the registry office.

The surrogate mother is then required to sign documents that grant her client the rights of her parents.

Therefore, if he changes his mind after the document has been signed, the client will be forced to take the child because he is officially his biological parent, and if she refuses to sign, he will become the official mother of the child and will not take it from his mother.

What Will Happen If Neither The Biological Parents Nor The Surrogate Mother Does Not Want To Take The Child?

Unfortunately, in this case, the child is sent to an orphanage.

This process can be done independently. The authorities have to decide who actually owns the child and in which city he will remain, and he will continue.

If the parents of the newborn are foreigners, any country does not want to recognize him as its citizen, the newborn can deal with legal issues.

Why Are Some Women Want To Give Birth To a Stranger’s Child For Free?

Usually, when a woman does not want to be paid for the birth of a child from a stranger, she is called an altruistic surrogate mother.

This phenomenon is very typical for Canada, where it is forbidden not to pay money.


Overall, giving away a child for free is obviously; way more ethical than selling him or her.

In General; giving a child for free is obviously much more ethical than selling it.

However, some people consider subrogation to be a commercial enterprise.

Surrogacy, criticism of subrogation is very common. In the feminist community, for example, some people believe that this somehow exploitation of the female body.

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