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5 Weeks Pregnant and no Symptoms is There Something You Have to Worry About

There can be any symptoms at the early stage of pregnancy, Morning sickness is the most common indication of early pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting can happen at any time of the day. There will be bloating of the abdomen, cramps at the lower abdomen and legs will occur consistently.

Alteration of taste that makes you prefer particular food. Usually, you will crave for certain foods. Constipation will also be experienced and swelling of breasts that it becomes painful when you touch. Expect that you will keep on visiting the comfort room because of the increase in the volume of blood circulating in your body resulting from increasing urination than the normal.

Urinary tract infection is highly possible to happen. You can also observe the swelling, drying, and stuffing of your nose because of the increase of blood circulation. A headache will frequently occur. Also, backache will be frequent because of the laxity of the ligament of your back and increases the demand for calcium.

Mood changes and emotional instability will manifest to the point that people around you may not easily understand your difference in behavior. You will love to sleep during the day, and there could also be fatigue.

Some women, especially those bearing first-time babies may experience mild vaginal bleeding that leads to worrying about having a miscarriage. First-time mothers should not worry because the mild bleeding happens due to the implantation of the fertilized ovum in the inner lining of the uterus.

5 weeks pregnant and no symptoms, is it possible?

There are a plethora of women that do not experience any pregnancy symptoms not until they realize the positive sign in the pregnancy test kit. They often worry that the situation can be a sign of a less healthy baby or the pregnancy will lead to miscarriage.

Women that in 5 weeks pregnant and no symptoms shall not worry because it is a normal situation. It is possible that there are women who do not experience symptoms in their first trimester of pregnancy. There is also no evidence that the absence of symptoms will bring risk to the baby or preterm birth or miscarriage. In other words, you can be one of the lucky moms.

Absence of symptoms during pregnancy can be intentional

The doctors claim that denial and neglect is the underlying reason for not being able to notice pregnancy. Human beings have the tendency of becoming denial primarily that pregnancy is associated with huge accountability.

The most common situation leading to the absence of pregnancy symptoms in the early pregnancy stage:

Teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a top issue among the youth today. Today, many teens are experiencing irregular periods. Missing a period in six months may not be unusual for them. It is only from 30 to 32 weeks where they consult medical care due to abdominal and back pain and when they are told they are pregnant. Often, they will admit they suspect but are afraid to tell anyone.

A pregnant woman can be too busy

Women today are also empowered that they need to compete for the demands in their lives, such as family, children, and work. Often, they lack the giving of attention for themselves and their own bodies. The busy life becomes a contributing factor for them to recognize that they are pregnant and decide to visit the doctor.

Women with addiction

Women and girls that are addicted to prohibited substances will take a longer time to take notice that they are pregnant. It is only because it not their primary concern not until severe symptoms happen that they decide to consult a doctor.

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Possible complications when pregnancy is neglected

Complications will be likely to happen to the mother and the baby when pregnancy is not noticed in the early stage. When the pregnancy is not be managed well the following critical problems that can affect the mother, and the baby can happen;

1. Poor management of asthma during pregnancy can increase the risk of preeclampsia, reduced the weight of the fetus, preterm birth, cesarean birth, and other complications.

2. Depression that persists in times of pregnancy will be severe for a mother to care for herself and the baby inside.

3. High blood sugar levels (diabetes) during pregnancy are very harmful to the unborn baby. It can also worsen the complications of diabetes to the mother. That is why knowing that you are pregnant at the early stage is crucial.

4. Eating disorders can get worse and can lead to pregnancy complications such as congenital disabilities and premature delivery. Women that experience eating disorders will potentially have high rates of postpartum depression.

5. Chronic high blood pressure can put a pregnant mother and the baby to a higher risk. It can lead to preeclampsia and placental abruption. Also, preterm birth and low birth weight can be the effect of high blood pressure.

6. If the woman has HIV, then she can pass it to the baby during pregnancy or delivery. Early detection of pregnancy is essential because good prenatal care will significantly help to protect the baby from HIV.

7. Sexually transmitted Infections can cause early labor because of possible early water to break as well as infection in the uterus after birth. STIs can cause low birth weight, dangerous diseases, brain damage, blindness, deafness, and liver problems.

8. Getting lots of weight is a considerable risk for the mother while in pregnancy. It can lead to hypertension and high blood pressure. It can lead to preeclampsia and preterm delivery.

9. Hyperthyroidism is dangerous that can cause heart failure and reduced weight in the fetus. It can also threaten the health of the mother and can cause congenital disabilities.

10. Uterine fibroids may be rare but it can likely happen. It requires treatment and care by the medical professionals. Uterine fibroids can cause miscarriage. Sometimes it leads to preterm or breech birth and cesarean delivery is a must when fibroids are blocking the birth canal.

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