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50 Odd and Unique Baby Girl Names

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Naming your little princess can be challenging especially if you are considering unusual girl names for her. Sometimes, we don’t want to settle for just classic ones. If you want your baby to be unique, you may think of odd, unconventional, cute, unusual baby names.

“Odd” baby girl names do not always mean “weird”. In this list, they may be pretty, unique girl names. You can make baby names odd by changing their spellings or using names from another culture, country or language that is different from yours.

Here are some uncommon girl names and meanings (and origins):

1. Abril – Spanish word for “April”

2. Akili – means “wisdom” or “intelligence”; Swahili origin

3. Albina – means “white” or “blond”

4. Alivia – another spelling variation of the name “Olivia”

5. Amaris – variation of “Amara”

6. Buena – Spanish of “good” or “excellent”

7. Caleigh – one of the pretty uncommon girl names that is a variation of “Callie” or “Caylee”

8. Deasia – a combination of “De” and “Asia”

9. Dicie –  can be a variation of “Daisy” or “Dessie”

10. Electa – an American name that means “chosen”

11. Elnora – one of the rare girl names that may be a variation of “Eleanor”

12. Fallon – a name with an Irish origin; it means “of a ruling family”

13. Fruma – means “pious woman”; Hebrew origin

14. Glynda – another spelling of “Glinda”, an English name that means “pretty”

15. Grecia – means “Greece” or “full of grace”

16. Hadley – an English name that means “heather field”

17. Hali – has a Greek origin and means “the sea”

18. Hettie – another spelling of the name “Hetty” which means “home ruler”

19. Hulda – a Hebrew name that means “sweet, lovable”

20. Icy – means “from the north”

21. Iola – a cute uncommon baby girl name that has a Spanish or Greek origin and means “violet”

22. Jakayla – an elaboration of “Kayla”, which means “crown” or “laurel”

23. Jayde – another spelling of “Jade”, which means “stone of the side”

24. Keeley – means “slender” and is an Irish name

25. Mahalia – a name of Hebrew origin, it means “tenderness”

26. Manervia – may be a variation of “Minerva”, meaning “goddess of wisdom”

27. Marvel – a unisex French name that means “to wonder” or “admire”

28. Mignon – a French name that means “favorite” or “darling”

29. Nastassia – may be a variation of the name “Anastasia” which is Greek name that means “resurrection”

30. Naya – an Indian name that means “renewal” or “fresh”

31. Nayeli – one of the very unique girl names with a Native American origin that means “I love you”

32. Nikita – has a Slavic origin; means “unconquerable”

33. Novalee – an American name that means “new field”

34. Ottilie – a Dutch name which means “rich”

35. Paralee – one of the uncommon girl names that may be a variation of “Parley” or “Pearly”

36. Parker – English name that means “park keeper”; a unisex name

37. Phebe – a variation of “Phoebe”, a Greek name that means “shining” or “brilliant”

38. Poppy – has a Latin origin and means “from the flower”

39. Rillie – may be a variation of “Reilly” or “Riley”

40. Saige – another spelling of the name “Sage” which means “herb” or “prophet”

41. Sadie – an English name that means “princess”

42. Shelbie – another spelling of the name “Shelby” which means “from the town in the hollow”

43. Tillie – an English name that means “battle strength”; may also be a diminutive form of “Matilda”

44. Una – means “one” and has an Irish origin

45. Veda – has an Indian origin; means “eternal knowledge”

46. Vesta – means “goddess of the hearth” and is a Latin name.

47. Viva – has a Latin origin and means “full of life”

48. Willene – feminine diminutive form of “William”

49. Wylie – English name that means “from the tricky river”; can also be used as a boy’s name

50. Zuri – means “beautiful” in Swahili and is a beautifully unique name for girls

There you have it, our list of cute and pretty, albeit odd baby girl names. We’re pretty sure your precious little princess will be as unique and as beautiful as her name.

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