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8 Cool and Unique Names that Mean Fame and Fortune

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Names were being given by parents to their children the moment they give birth to their child. Nowadays, a baby’s name is very important because of its meaning. Of course, you wanted a name that is unique and fit for your child’s personality. It’s all well and great to give a baby a sounding and adorable name. Choosing a very good name for your kid can be a hard task but it is just as important as having a name that has a pleasant meaning. Admit it, you only hope for good fortune and luck in destiny for your child, and somehow you are hoping for fame, that’s why you consider giving them names that mean fame and fortune. 

Names that mean wealth, fortune, luck or fame come from many ranges of culture and fit very well for a lot of styles. Giving a name entails is a challenge because it certainly gives your child something to aspire to when the time comes. So if you are trying to think and decide for beautiful names that mean fame and fortune, this article will give you names along with the meaning of fame and fortune. 

Fame and fortune names

If you are expecting a child, whether if it is a boy or a girl, browse on these names that mean fame and fortune that you might want to consider giving your baby girl or boy. You will definitely find an ideal name to call your child on this list. 

1. Fayola

The name Fayola is one of the girl names with some history and style. This name means “good fortune” or “luck” and it is an African-Yoruba name. This name is well-known in various countries all over the world along with other African names. You may hope that some of the personality of your baby girl could be shaped by Fayola’s beautiful and sweet meaning. This kind of name will give your child something to become when they grow up. Of course, we all wanted our children to be lucky in all sorts of life, and you desire a very good fortune for them. 

2. Agampal

This is one of the Indian baby boy names that mean fame, but it doesn’t only mean fame because it also brings prosperity since the name also means protector, like God. This name depicts blessing from the Almighty Agampal among all the Indian names, and it is in the 6th spot among the names all over the world according to Western Numerology. People whose name is Agampal are said to be honest, respectful and principled. They also possess one of a kind leadership abilities and he wanted to lead and guide the people. This name’s meaning could be so much and could bring a lot to your baby’s life because it does have potential. And above all, this name could aspire your child to be just like its meaning, one day. 

3. Fortunata

From the name itself, it simply means “fortune”. This name is a kind of a baby girl’s name that overflows with good vibes. This name has a strong meaning of “luck or fortune” and will surely make your little angel feel good having this. It is a kind of a sweet name that is often seen as the Spanish version of the name Fortune, which happens to be famous in the Roman Empire. The name feels very elegant and sounds adorable. Everyone will make your little one feel that your little angel is one lucky girl in this world. It’s one thing for a name that means your baby will have good fortune in the experiences she will have. 

4. Venturo

This name is a kind of a Spanish name that comes with style and spice. It means “fortunate” and i is the fancy version of the name Venturi. This name has a strong and energetic name. People with this name tend to be handsome and friendly as well. And want to know some trivia? This name is the oldest birth name that is still being named nowadays, even if it was first named to a person in 1880 and 2017, there are at least 5 people that have been born with the name Venturo. Also, this name is a kind of a surname in Southern Italy. 

5. Felicity

Felicity is a very feminine name that means ‘good fortune’. This name was featured in a popular TV show in 1999 to the point when it reached the peak of popularity. However, even before the show aired on TV, Felicity is somewhat popular even if it was not regularly featured on the top 1000 list of names. The name Felicity is also the first name of two Hollywood actresses, that’s why it has a meaning of fame. You’ll never know one day, your baby could become a famous Hollywood actress too! Your little angel would have both fortune and fame one day. 

6. Rupert 

This is a charming and very masculine name which means ‘bright fame.’ This name is widely popular in England or Britain. In the United States, the name Rupert has become more known to people because of the late Rupert Grint, the famous portrayer of Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley. Another is Rupert Giles, the mentor of Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also, the actor Rupert Graves and Rupert Everett and media analyst Rupert Murdoch are famous to have this name. That’s why the name Rupert was considered to be a famous name all over the world. So many Rupert, and let us not forget the best Rupert of them all, the famous cartoon bear. So consider this name, it is not an ordinary name for your baby. 

7. Merrit

This is a kind of a Latin name that is good for boys or girls with a sweet meaning of ‘deserving fortune’ over the years. Merrit may sound manly to you, but you will find it a sweet and pretty name for a baby girl at the same time, which makes for a great name for both boys and girls. If you happen to look to its origin, it also means ‘boundary gate’. Unisex names are very cute and Merrit is one of your great choices. 

8. Yasin 

This name is a kind of an Arabic name for boys that is quite known throughout the Middle East. The meaning of this name is said to be ‘rich’ that has a few other meanings in English. It also comes with alternative spellings such as Yassin, Yassen, Yasen and Yaseen. If you want this name for your baby boy, you can choose among the four which way you want to spell it. This is a very interesting name as it means being wealthy. Your child will more likely be healthy in many aspects of life, not only in money but also rich in love, wisdom and all the good deeds on this earth. 


Names that mean fame and fortune don’t always mean that your child will be blessed with a nice attitude. It always comes to raising them properly. Because no matter how pretty and beautiful your baby’s name is, if he doesn’t have a nice attitude, then it would be nothing. Moreover, before giving names to them, always make sure you consider its meaning and the name will not cause harm to your baby. 

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