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The Prettiest Spirited Baby Names with Meanings

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Finding the perfect name for your unborn child can be a difficult task for most parents. Most of the time it requires a lot of thought and research to find the right names. Other times will include disagreements on name choices. Sometimes finding out the gender of your baby helps narrow down the name options but most of the time it only makes it harder. The best way to find the perfect name is looking for inspiration.

You can find names inspired by iconic people from your favorite movies and TV shows growing up as a kid, or literary characters who stole your heart.  Some even name their children after iconic people they’ve idolized when they were younger.

You can also choose names that represent an emotion or names associated with nature. Many parents also find inspiration in specific eras like the 60s, the era of fighting for love and peace. Others picture the hippie era when someone mentions the 1960s because of the expression, “make love, not war.” One of the most aspects of the 60s is their unforgettable legacy filled with unique and free-spirited names that have lost their way through modern times. 

Check out our list of the best free-spirited names for your future kid.

30 free-spirited names for awesome babies

1. Anais – this beautifully unique name is of Hebrew and Latin roots which means “graceful” or “with grace.” This name is quite popular in Spanish-speaking countries. It’s a different kind of name but it is not complicated enough to pronounce or spell.

this beautifully unique name is of Hebrew and Latin roots which means “graceful” or “with grace.” This name is quite popular in Spanish-speaking countries. It’s a different kind of name but it is not complicated enough to pronounce or spell.

2. Arlo – this free-spirited name has diverse origins from English, Italian, Spanish, and Latin. Due to the different roots of the name, the meaning of it is uncertain. Some language experts believe that the name was inspired by the fictional place of Arlo Hill from the 1590 poem “The Faerie Queene” by Edmund Spenser. Other sources believe that Arlo is a variation of the Irish place name Aherlow which means “between two highlands.” Whatever the origin of its’ name is, Arlo has a simplistic charm to it.

3. Bodhi – this name is a unique unisex name for either your baby girl or baby boy. Bodhi means “awakened” or “knowing” consciousness of a fully liberated yogi in Sanskrit. Now, if you really want to go outside the box of commonly used names, Bodhi is the one you are looking for. 

4. Bear – it is unusual to name your child after an animal but at the same time, it has a certain charm to it if paired with a popular middle name. It evokes the same strength as the animal. But this name is not only for boys, girls too! The best thing about free-spirited names is that they are not constricted by the ideas of binary gender norms.

5. Clover – you will notice that a lot of free-spirited names are associated with nature because nothing says freedom like the beauty that is nature. Clover is a wildflower most Irish associated with luck and magic. The name is easy to spell and remember, so it is unique enough that no one will question the name.

6. Cat – you can play around with the spelling if you want by replacing the “C” with a “K,” to really give it your own spin. Aside from being associated with the fiesty feline animal, the name Cat means “pure” in Irish. It’s a very simple name that’s easy to learn and spell because simple names always work better than complex-sounding names which only leaves people confused. 

7. Fern – referring to a green plant that loves shade is not really the best behind the name story your child wants to hear. But the name Fern has diverse origins such as American, English, Spanish, and Greek which relates to being classically elegant. It is a lovely and simple name for your future baby girl.

8. Feather – when someone says “as light as a feather,” they refer to the delicate and gentle demeanor of a person. At the same time, the name has a poetic undertone, it is impossible to find a negative meaning to this name which makes it even more perfect. It was a popular name for both boys and girls back in the 1700s.

9. Juno – named after the Roman Goddess wife of Jupiter and the queen of the heavens, this is the perfect name for your daughter. Juno’s Greek counterpart, Hera, was also the protectress of marriage and women and the goddess of finance.

10. Juniper – named after a type of tree, language experts believe that the name was derived from the Latin name Juniperus. It is such a lovely, wise and graceful sounding name, it is impossible not to picture a beautiful and elegant young lady hold this name.

11. Karma – from Sanskrit and Indian roots, this is the perfect unisex baby name for your future son or daughter. In Sanskrit, Karma refers to the Hindu and Buddhist concept of the inevitable effect of one’s life choices and actions. Meanwhile, in Indian, the name means “destiny.”

12. Light – this name works for both sexes as well. The origin of the name is of English roots which mean, “the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.” Most people would think free-spirited names are too wild, but most often than not they are beautiful and simplistic names with a certain charm just like Light.

13. Mystic – the name is derived from the Greek word “mystikos” which means “connected with mysteries, secret, and mystic.” This is an interesting and unique baby name that gives off a magical charm every time you say it. And in case you and your partner are X-Men fans, the name is also associated with Mystique, the shape-shifting villainess. 

14. Rainbow – now this name truly has that 1960s era vibe to it, referring to the beautiful multicolored light that appears after a rainfall. It’s great to describe the vibrant energy of your free-spirited child through this simple yet unique name choice.

15. Nirvana – the best free-spirited names are the ones that truly sound magical and free. The name nirvana in Persian means the state of absolute consciousness or pure spirit which is perfect for your future free-spirited child. This name is also popular because of the 90s American rock band, nirvana. 

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