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Ecstatic and Divine Names Saints’ Names for Boys and Girls

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Before, the catholic families were obliged to name their little ones after the saints. Although this is not required anymore in this modern days, many parents are still using the names inspired by saints to give honor and appreciation to the notable saints. If you are one of those parents who are aiming to use this kind of name for your newborn, here are some of the saints’ names for boys and girls that you can choose.

Divine names for baby girls


The first name on the list of saints’ names for boys and girls that you can use is the name, Agatha. Agatha of Sicily can be your inspiration when using this name for your baby girl. Saint Agatha is renowned as one of the Catholic church respected virgin martyrs. She is also said to be born from a wealthy and notable family.


Another addition to the saints’ names for boys and girls is the name, Adela. Adela was a Frankish princess and youngest daughter of the notable William the Conqueror. Saint Adela used all her power and wealth to do good deeds for her fellowmen. This name is perfect for your little girl since it carries the meaning of “of noble rank.”


There is no doubt that St. Therese is one of the most renowned saints of recent years. This young saint died at the age of 24. Before she died, she had a habit of praying and thanking the Almighty for all the things they have experienced. Despite her difficult life, she still managed to move forward and continued to live.  Her story became an inspiration to every Catholic member.


Saint Priscilla is one of the reasons why this name became famous for the past few years. Saint Priscilla is said to be the wife of Manius and the mother of Saint Pudens. She was one of the most active and influential figures in the Catholic faith community. Another thing that makes this one of the great names for baby girls is its meaning. It has a definition of “venerable and classical”.


Catherine of Alexandria is famous for being the patron saints of the commoners, students, queens, and philosophers. I bet your child will be happy once you named her after this notable saint.

Notable names for baby boys


If you are looking for a cute yet manly name for your baby boy, Xavier can be an excellent selection for you. This name was inspired by the great Saint Francis Xavier of the Catholic Church. He was renowned because of his contribution to the “Society of Jesus” as one of its first members. The name Xavier has a definition of “new house.”


Vincent is one of the most use saints’ names for boys and girls until today. Saint Vincent of Lerins is the reason why most of the parents use this name for their little boys. This saint was renowned as a 5th-century monk. Also, he became famous because of his works when it comes to Christian writing. He was also said to be engaged with some secular pursuits. Because of his great contribution to the Catholic Church, many people have fallen in love with his name and use this to give honor and attribution to him. In addition to this information, the name Vincent conveys the meaning of the conqueror.


Andrew is an excellent addition to our list of saints’ names for boys and girls. Saint Andrew, one of the Apostles of Christ, is one of the inspirations behind this name. Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Russia and Scotland. This English baby name carries a definition of brave or manly, which is suited for your brave little man.


Isaac is another great name to use for baby boys. He is said to be a Christian monk and the creator of the Dalmatian Monastery. He was also a hermit who was living in the wilderness. The great name Isaac has a definition of “he will rejoice.” In the bible, the boy named Isaac was the son of Sarah and Abraham.


Remember the Egyptian Christian who lived like a hermit for many years? Well, he is none other than Apollo. This name is perfect for your handsome baby boy since it carries the meaning of “manly beauty.”

If you are aiming to name your little bundle of joy after the notable people in the Catholic church, then these saints’ names for boys and girls can be an excellent selection for you. These names are not only great because of their sound but also because of their significant meaning.

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