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The Best 7 Unique Gothic Baby-names With Meanings

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Baby-names are quite hard to decide because you need a lot of considerations that need to be done. For instance, it is not only who’s going to decide on what’s going to be the baby’s name but also your parents and even friends. Choosing a Spooky Baby Names for Girls might be one of your options though.  As of these days, there are a lot of counterpart names that you could name your baby. If you’re a parent who has lived throughout the 20th century and have walked through the Millenial Era.

Due to this kind of trend, you might want to go into today’s trend and consider following your baby’s name into their vocalist names, guitar names or the drummer’s name. You might want to name gothic baby names, ancient gothic names, southern gothic names, Spanish gothic names and even considering emo names for a boy.

Noting some of these names can be helpful for you and can be a way for you to have a unique baby name for your newborn even if it’s old-fashioned but still classic baby names. So, let us give you now the best gothic kid’s names or some grunge girl baby names!

The best 7 unique gothic baby-names with meanings


Abraxas is something you cannot fairly hear around the corner and even the kid’s playground. This name is unique! Abraxas is a boy’s name, so if you are waiting for your baby boy, you want to consider having this baby name to your baby. Abraxas too sounds like a sci-fi name which is a cool one. It looks like one of those creepy vintage names from the old century, but your kid will feel special because of this name. There’s no definite and exact meaning of the name Abraxas. However, the origin of the name Abraxas is from the Persian mythological name. 


You might have been noticing the name Ash among the babies you have encountered along your way. Ash is a Hebrew baby name which means Happy. From the name itself, you will never know that the title would be something joyous and something ideal for a person. As we know, Ash is from the cigarette, which is a residue left after the burning substance. It is a unique name not only for a baby girl but also for a baby boy. If you’re eyeing to name your baby after a joyous name has his name after Ash and search for some emo boy names generator to pair with this name too!

3. Circe

Quite an odd name and a unique name for a baby girl. Surprised? Yes, it is a baby’s girl’s name. Pronounced as SUR-ee which means bird. The origin of this name came from the Greek. For you to have an idea for this name (which soon you might consider in naming your kid) The name has become a legend and has been used through so many times. Eventually, Circe is a seductive legend and maybe too powerful for a girl to carry and hand out. Some of the similar and familiar names for Circe that you may combine with are Lilith, Cyra, Cerys, Cressida and many more. This could go well with southern gothic girl names.

4. Crimson

Though it may sound like a boy’s name, Crimson is named for a female or a baby girl. The origin of the name Crimson is a Color name. It is also an English name and a possible competition for Scarlett’s Success. Some of the most similar names of Crimson are Azure, Electra, Celestia, Nyx and many more.

If one of the goth kid’s names that you want to name your child. On the other hand, Crimson means Dark Red in Color. It has been used by parents too who have been considering to have a baby girl or baby boy. Crimson can be a Unisex or for non-gendered baby names. The highest record of the name Crimson was in 2016 with a total of 70 babies. 

5. Crow

No this is not the crow you know, or you see in around the sky flying around freely. But the crow is one of the unique names you can choose for your baby boy. The origin of the Crow name is a Bird. From the Old English “Crawa” it is usually applied on a nickname to someone with a dark complexion or dark hair for someone who is being compared into a bird which is dark in some other way. If you want your baby to become tall, dark and handsome, then Crow will be the perfect one. Crow is also a good nickname for your baby if you don’t want it to be your baby’s first name. 

6. Flannery

Flannery is a pretty unique and surprising name. This name means red eyebrows. In Irish, it is reduced in the Anglicized form of Gaelic O’ Flannabhra which is the descendant of Flannabhra. It is also recorded as Flannery and O’Flannery. It is just like the other unique names that haven’t even been used by many parents for their babies. A female can also use Flannery, and it has been popular for almost 33% while others used Flannery for a male with a rate of 51%. In that case, Flannery is more used as a name for a boy. It sounds like Flattery or Flatter. This name sounds odd and odd means being unique and special in many other ways. 

7. Jinx

It may be hard to believe, but Jinx is a female name. The origin of Jinx is the word name. In the general term, Jinx is a superstition trend that has been followed by many people. It is an attribute or the curse of attracting negative luck. This word has been used during the 17th century and has been using until this day. It is not just a usual that this name is used for a baby’s name. Though it can work as a baby’s nickname for instance. You could experiment and go with some Thai baby names too!


There are still a lot of things and names that you can consider naming your baby. These are just some unique and odd names you may want to have your baby since every people have the same these days. Naming your baby something gothic won’t matter at some point because the persona and attitude behind a person are the ones being focused on.  

Don’t let your baby have a name that is hard to spell and hard to pronounce because, in the end, they’ll be the ones who will suffer filling up forms and taking up exams. Parents usually want their children to have a unique name but cannot afford to think of their children might suffer in the end. A simple and meaningful name will eventually work out. Whether it may be a gothic baby name, warrior baby names or some fascinating Hebrew names. Have you considered one of these names now? Try some gothic last names generator too to have a good combination or some dazzling October baby names! (If your baby isborn on October).

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