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8 Dangerous Products Parents Should Always Think Twice About Before Buying

Having to raise your kids is an eventful time in your lives as parents, and having to provide them with the essential things in your house and for themselves is a must. And sometimes, you can’t help yourself indulge in this new stuff. In some cases, there are still household products that should be kept away from children’s eyes and hands as these products are often mistaken as delicious treats and toys. Some of these products have toxic substances that may cause poisoning, an allergic reaction and choking to your kids.

Dangerous products

To raise awareness for you and your family and to keep them safe and secure, we’ve compiled 8 dangerous products that parents should think twice about before buying.

1. Toys with propellers

The likelihood of your kids getting cuts has never been higher due to the rising popularity of drones and toy helicopters. Always remember that these propellers can cause injuries to your kids especially if they have sharp edges. Children’s skin is still growing and they are still soft and supple, so getting them sliced is easily achievable with these toys. So, to prevent your kids from getting cuts and bruises, try to avoid buying them these kinds of toys as they pose a high risk of getting injured. Tell your kids that there are still a lot of alternative toys for them

2. Detergent pods

If swallowed, this can cause allergic reactions and poisoning to your child. It can also cause burns and irritation to the mouth, throat, and stomach. And in some cases, if the fluid drops outside, it can cause major skin burns and eye irritation. In case your child accidentally swallowed or eaten a detergent pod, please call immediately your doctor to address the situation as fast as possible.

3. Balloons and other small objects

Parties are a fun-filled event that brings out the excitement for kids, but sometimes getting those balloons out of your kid’s way will prevent them from choking. Balloons, specifically those that are made from latex can conform to the shape of the narrow windpipe in children that often leads them to choke. Call immediately the assistance of an emergency ambulance if needed. 

4. Trampolines

Trampolines in today’s generation have generated numerous injuries to children. Sure, trampolines are fun and let children sweat it all out, but you can’t help but get your kids injured to this outdoor toy. It has been reported that many children who are rushed to the hospital who played in the trampoline have caused thousands of injuries. It does not only affect children but adults too. So, try to avoid buying trampolines whenever necessary, no one wants to deal with broken bones.

5. Pet food

Pet foods are made to be eaten by your household pets. And they are often mistaken for delicious treats due to its enticing design. Many reports say that pet foods, especially for dogs, could cause coking to your little child, as these have larger pellets and can block the passageway through the stomach that can cause choking to your child.

6. Chili powders

Parents often buy chili powder to spice up their food, and in some cases when a kid accidentally pours chili powder on their food, chances are they’ll be rushing towards your freezer for that cold water. The “spicy-ness” can give your kids massive discomfort and often allergic reactions. So, always be prepared to have milk in your fridge when that time arrives.

7. Small toys

Especially for infants and babies, they’ll most likely chew whatever their hands get a grip on, chances are they’ll put it in their mouth. It often causes choking to children, so try having a storage bag for your children’s toys to avoid accidents.

8. Baby slings

Sure, they are one way to help transport kids and babies in a breeze. But it must be with the hands of an expert mom. Besides, no one wants to deal with broken bones because your baby falls off from the sling. 


The safety and protection of your kids must be your #1 concern, we hope we’ve helped raise your awareness on how to avoid the 8 Dangerous Products Parents should think twice about before buying. Parenthood will never be easy, but there are ways on how to make it more educating and fun.

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