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8 Things That Will Influence the Unborn Baby’s Appearance

When you are pregnant you tend to like many of the usual and unusual things around you. Whether it may be food or whether a material that may remind of you something in your relevant in your life. However, you might think of the things that will influence the unborn baby’s appearance of your child. There have to be a lot of undeniable factors that may lie in the course. You may ask how to make my unborn baby looks like me, who will my baby look like me or the father, how to improve baby skin color during pregnancy, food good for baby during pregnancy or even can you hurt the baby in the womb by bending?

It may seem weird to ask these questions but this is the real deal in real life. Of course, you want your child to have a better outlook not only in being healthy but also with how they are being looked at with the physical appearance. You want your baby to become beautiful and handsome as they could ever be that’s why you ought to take care of them even if they are not yet being born.  You may be concerned about who the baby will look like, so here’s the deal on the things that will influence the unborn baby’s appearance. You might want to list this down.

8 Things that will influence the unborn baby’s appearance


Can my baby feel my emotions when I am pregnant? It is. Your baby can sense if you are happy and sad. You will know if your unborn baby is okay through his or her moves around your stomach. Emotional stress during pregnancy can cause harm to your baby, which is certainly bad. Always remember that habits of being a happy mom could greatly influence the unborn baby’s appearance.

Genes: skin color

It may not be new to you but the big factor that can contribute to your baby’s unborn appearance is the genes, particularly the skin color change. From ages up until now, the skin color of the baby relies on the genes of the parents. It quietly most common that if you are tan in color, your baby will have a tan color. However, note that this may change in time when he or she grows up.

Physical exercise

You would not know about this matter, but this could greatly influence your baby’s appearance not merely physically but how he or she is strong. It has been said that mothers who have been working out correctly have a strong baby afterward. It is one of the 8 things that will influence the unborn baby’s appearance for real. Try some pregnancy yoga exercise for a start-up!

Air pollution

You might wonder why air pollution is contributing to this kind of time? Well, air pollution can make the unborn baby sick. Studies have shown that moms who live in a nearby traffic area where pollution lies, are most likely to have lower birth rates. While on the other hand, those pregnant women who ate more were able to reduce the pollution effect which can result in positive output. Also, air pollution affects your skin, read this important thing you need to know about skincare!

Medicines and vitamins

One of the visible things that you may know is that medicines and different types of prenatal vitamins can affect your baby’s physical appearance, that’s why often your doctor prescribes you something that will be safely good enough for you and your baby.

Birth schedule

The real deal here is that when you have an overdue or Underdue date of birth. Things could pretty go uncontrollable when this kind of matter occurs. A baby who is born early might have some premature problems as well as a baby who is born late.

Ethnicity and races

Just like genes, ethnicity and races could greatly affect how your baby will look like in the future. The flow of genes and blood runs through your body which will eventually pass out with your baby.

Your baby’s powerhouse

Your baby may not be uncomfortable while he or she is still in your womb. Believe it or not, womb accommodation does have a great factor in influencing your baby’s unborn appearance.  Sometimes, the shape of the head or face greatly affects this matter because of being compressed.

In conclusion

There might be a lot of factors that might influence your unborn baby’s appearance and it is up to you to decide whether or not to take or take these things out for yourself. Always consult your doctor and never do things on your own because it is always a matter of risking and protecting your child. In the end, the habits of a happy mom will affect your baby’s appearance and health!

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