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Be the Mommy: Your Family Wants You to be 5 Healthy Habits of a Happy Mom That Will Save Your Sanity

Being a mom is a fulfilling task, especially when you see your kids grow up happy, kind, and responsible individuals. Having kids that you can be proud of is a reward that no amount of money can equal to.

But it is undeniable that behind this happy and fulfilling experience is no walk in the park. It is a herculean task that starts from the day of conception until the time until – who knows when. It is a lifetime duty.

Being a stay at home mom is usually exhausting and depressing to some especially if there is no extended family support. Your time is consumed by taking care of your kids. Being too focused on the kids, some say that they are starting to lose their own personalities. Others assess that they do not know themselves anymore. Even what they want, what they need and their interests. But there are always ways to get a hold of yourself and cope up with the busy life that motherhood may bring.

What are the 5 habits of a happy mom that will help save your sanity?   

Giving time for yourself

Some mothers think that they lose time for themselves since they gave birth.  Spend some time alone. It gives you an opportunity to assess or hear yourself. It gives you the chance to recharge and recuperate. Give yourself time to relax and unwind. How can it be possible? You can do it when the kids are asleep. You can even ask a friend or your sister to do some babysitting. You can also stroll around the neighborhood with your baby on the stroller and get some fresh air. You can even try new things or rediscover your passions and interests.

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Creating a schedule and getting things done

A routine can help you cope up with everyday tasks and challenges as it can help make your days predictable. You can spend the last few minutes of the day to plan the next day – the chores, the meals, and everything. Start the day a little earlier than everyone else. This can give you time to start the day at peace with yourself. 

Don’t let chores pile up. A cluttered house equates to a cluttered mind that can lead to stress. Do things little by little and you’ll end up with lesser chores to do before the day ends.

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Some mom thinks that they are confined and isolated since they became mothers that leads them to feel lonely. Physically, your social life may be limited. But because of technology, you can talk to friends, family, and relatives through modern communication. And it is not even bad to spend some time out with friends, just make sure that the kids are properly looked after.

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Adjusting expectations

Too tired to be a good mom? Don’t feel bad about yourself if there are things that are not done the way you wanted it to. Be flexible and be ready for changes. These remove stress and frustration. Understand that you can’t control everything. Being a mother who is striving to make everything okay is just perfect.

Making time with your partner

If there’s a person who can help and understand you with what you are going through, that is your partner. Spend time with him. Open up. It is always a two-way street. You speak, he listens. He speaks, you listen. Yes, you are tired of taking care of all the kids and doing all the chores. But that doesn’t mean your husband is not. He is working. The burden is in him to be a good provider to you and to all the kids. That’s a huge responsibility he is undertaking. As a couple, be each other’s inspiration. Be each other’s strength. Together you can make all things done. A happy couple equates to a happy life and a happy family. Make a positive environment for your kids to grow up with.

It is a fact that life changes when a woman becomes a mother. With all the stress and busy schedules ahead, always remember these five habits of a happy mom that will save your sanity to get through the days.

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