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9 Trendy and Strong Names That Mean Bear for Babies

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Strong names that mean bear for babies are newly trendy and always powerful in the truest sense of the word. The Bear’s name is classy now too.

There are various reasons why a parent must consider strong names that mean bear for babies. So, why not choose a name that represents a strong and beautiful creature? It’s a powerful name capturing the charm and bravery of the mammal it signifies. Outdoorsman and survivalist Bear Grylls are identical with exploration and the outdoors for a whole generation. It’s alluring mega wildlife at its best and has been one of the native American names meaning bear employed for centuries.

Most of the native American names for bears are customarily boy’s names, however, that does not mean that you cannot use them as a girl’s name as well. The following are some of the unique yet cool strong names that mean bear for babies that are worth considering:


This name is a son’s name of Celtic, English root which means bear man; “noble one”. Even though this is a short and cool, no moniker could have a trendier image. Comedian Chris O’Dowd has a son named Art, as his natural Ireland it’s used as the first name on its own, distinct from Arthur., originating from a prehistoric phrase for “a bear,” and worn in the sense of “excellent warrior” or “winner.” A pagan High King of Ireland, Art’s regime was so truthful that two angels drifted over him in combat.


Arthur is a baby boy’s name which means ” bear” and of the Celtic root. Arthur was once the brilliant head of the Knights of the Round Table, is, after generations of abandonment, now being refined and restored by some modern parents, rising as a major candidate among names meaning panda for the new royal leader.


This first name is a boy’s name that means “bear” and is of German origin. Benno’s trendy name on its own. In the 10th century, there was Saint Benno, though it’s also worn as a spirited moniker for Benjamin. The patron saint of weavers and anglers is Saint Benno of Meissen and oddly enough, resonance.


Among the strong names that mean bear for babies is Bernard this of German origin.

Bernard is a saint’s name, but you might be wondering how it became a name for a big, generous dog? The eleventh-century friar, patron saint of highland climbers, who was in the Alps, was renowned for building safe homes for pilgrims on their way to Rome through dangerous St. Bernard Pass, and the dog breed, also utilized to save people in perilous circumstances, was chosen for him.


This is one of the strongest names that mean bear for babies of Greek root and has a meaning of “bearer of Christ”.

In 2013, Christopher is an immortal classic that plummeted from Top 25 despite its charmingly strong, honest, uncomplicated image, mixed with a gentler, trendier sound than Richard or Robert.


Dov is among the native American names that mean bear and of Hebrew root. It’s a strong meaning but with gentle aura. This first name is a traditional name in Israel and the lovable pet type is Dubi. Dov


Espen is one of the boy names that go with bear or “god bear”. This is an unusual and strong Scandinavian name, but with two potential drawbacks – can be associated with the sports network ESPN or people might hear it wrong as Aspen.


Nita is a baby girl’s name of Hindi root and has a meaning “to plant,” “friendly,” and “bear.” Etta or Lena is one of those little names that’s utilized in some cultures and holds a wide range of significance.


Orsa is a girl’s first name of Italian root ad has a meaning of “little female bear”.

Orsa has an advantage over the debatably-more-charming Ursula as it breaks the tie to the dreadful witch of The Little Mermaid. Orsa is more ready for contemporary life now that her brother’s name is increasing in popularity as well.

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