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7 Most Beautiful and Enchanting Princess Names for Your Little Girl

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Before facing a lot of obstacles in their life and make their relationships to work, little girls deserve all the advantages they can have before they arrive in your family. They need confidence, courage, and grace to live happily ever after because first of all, she is your princess. Baby girl names nowadays have a lot of inspirations. There are some badass baby girl names, names that mean a gift for your girl or names that mean love. However, parents name their baby girls with unique princess names, royal princess names, or even ancient princess names to empower their little girl. 

Princess names for your little girl, names that mean princess or royalty, as well as baby names meaning princess or queen, have been really popular among parents in the present time. Different countries have a lot of princess names and some of these are Irish names meaning princess, Japanese names meaning princess or Medieval princess names. Naming you little girl like a princess is really charming and they can make your princess really notable. 

Beautiful Princess Names for Your Little Girl

Princess names for your little girl are mostly inspired by royal families all over the world in the past centuries as well as the Disney princesses that everyone really loves. Along with Anne, Elizabeth, Diana and even fictional princess names for your little girl, Ariel, and Aurora, let us look at the names that suit your little girl 


The name Brynhild can have a shortened form of Bryn which sounds really beautiful. This name is an old German name that means “ready for battle”. A princess should always be ready for battle so it is a perfect name for your little one. Brynhild was the name of a Valkyrie in the story of Sigurd and Brynhild. This name was also used in Sweden in the early 1877 and in Denmark in the 1940s. 


Masako is one of the Japanese princess names for your little girl. Also, it is the name of the Crown Princess of Japan as well as the famous Olympic volleyball gold medalist. The name Masako has a lot of meanings. It can mean “proper” and “child” or it can also mean “refined, elegant” and “child”. 


Tiana has been popular nowadays because it was the name of the first Disney African-American princess. Tiana can be the variant of Tatiana and Christina. However, it can also be a standalone name that has lightness and innocence to it; perfect for your beautiful princess. 


Sabrina is a Latin name for the River Severn. It can also be a Spanish name that literally means “princess”. The name has been popular nowadays and it is also the name of a legendary Celtic Goddess. Sabrina and Serena can be one of the mystical female names that are perfect for your little girl. 


Alice is a girl name of German origin that means “noble”. It was derived from the old French name Aalis, which is composed of Proto-Germanic words, apala that means “noble” and haidu which means “kind, appearance, type”. The name Alice belongs to the heroine in Alice in Wonderland which sounds more feminine than Anne, Jane, and Mary. It also has a more innocent charm than the names Margaret or Katharine. 


From a forbidden regal Russian name, the name Anastasia is rising into popularity again. This name is a Greek name of Russian origin that means “resurrection”. It was also the name of the patron saint of weavers and often used in Britain, Ireland, and Russia. Lastly, this name has been a popular option in America that sounds elegantly beautiful.


A more common name, Elena is derived from the Greek word that means “sunray”. The name Elena has an elegant charm perfect for your little princess. This name is spelled the way it sounds, making it a practical name. It is also recognized by the Romanian royal family that makes it perfect for your baby girl. 

Last Note

Not everyone is meant to wear crowns or tiaras and elegantly beautiful dresses but your little girl deserves to have a beautiful princess name. Don’t hesitate to give the perfect name for your little blessing. She deserves everything!

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