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A Close Look at Geezer Names for Girls

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If you are checking out geezer names for girls, you are not the only one. If you want to deviate from the usual sweet or popular names for your upcoming baby girl, you might want to check out these names.

These grumpy old man nicknames might turn out into cool names for a little girl. With the changing trends when it comes to names, you will find the right one for your child in no time.

Recommended geezer names for girls

When it comes to geezer names for girls, it might conjure images of thick glasses or plaid polyester pants. For some, it might seem less charming but it can be a unique alternative when given to a little girl.

Let us now take a close look at some of the suggested geezer names for girls. You never know since you might find one that best suits your little one.


Throughout the years, Bobby has been a common nickname that has been given for both girls and boys. For boys, the Bobby variant is widely used for its masculine nature while Bobbie is the version used for girls.

Just recently, there were just over 50 baby girls who were given the name Bobbie and only five were named Bobby, compared to almost 300 baby boys who were named Bobby.

Bobby has been chosen by Kennedy III and Amaryllis Fox for their daughter which continues the family tradition across genders. Additionally, Millie Bobby Brown is one of the notable rising stars in the showbiz industry.


This is one of the geezer names for girls that will surely make a one-of-a-kind yet charming name in its own terms. It is the ideal name for an upcoming baby girl with Latin origin that stands for “chancellor”.

The name is halfway between its old milquetoast image and the more cheerful Irish-sounding modern variety. It is important to note that the name exudes a feminine appeal than masculine these days.


Another worthy name for an upcoming baby girl exudes a modern yet unique appeal. The name can also be a good choice for a girl. Although the original version is unambiguously masculine, the addition of E makes it viable for girls as well.


The name Claude has French/Latin origin which stands for “lame; enclosure”.

For most, they consider this name fitting for a boy and Claudia and Claudette as the female variants. Nevertheless, this ancient clan name has been used in France for both girls and boys. You might be surprised to learn that Claude was widely used for American girls back in the 1880s and the 90s, rising up to #553 in 1880.

In its native country, there were famous female carriers of the name such as Queen Claude of France, daughter of Louis XII and the 16th century Claude de France, daughter of Henri II.


Dale is a name suitable for a girl with English origin that stands for “valley”.

This is considered as an early unisex natural name that has been surpassed by others. Nevertheless, Dale remains a simple, serene and sylvan option for a baby girl.

Some of the notable bearers of the name include – father and son race drivers Dale Earnhart, glass sculptor Dale Chihuly – are male. If you will look further back to her peak days as a name for girls where it was #237 back in 1952, you will find singing cowgirl Dale Evans and Flash Gordon’s gal, Dale Arden as good examples.


As one of the geezer names for girls, Ira has Hebrew/Russian origin that stands for “watchful one”.

If you are considering Ira for an upcoming bundle of joy, it can be considered as a suitable candidate for a gender switch, just like with the tonal similarities with girl’s names such as Keira and Tyra.

This Old Testament male standard has been used as a middle name for the daughter of Annette Bening and Warren Beatty.


The name Jules is ideally for a baby girl with Latin origin that stands for “youthful; soft, downy”.

With the help of TV personality Jules Asner, it gave this middle-aged male name a fresh perspective making it possible as a name for a girl. Jules has been the off-radar moniker for Julie and Julia.


If you want a unique name for your baby girl, this is one of the geezer names for girls that are worth considering.

Lou is typically a shortened form of Louise, Lucy or Louisa in English-speaking countries. In Germany and France, it is considered as a trendy choice on its own that will surely gain acceptance when Heidi Klum and Seal chosen the name for their daughter.

There was a time when Lou was pervasive as the middle name. at present, it is making a comeback in the mainstream.


The name Lyle is a girl’s name with French, English, Scottish origin which stands for “someone who lives on an island.”

Lyle is the ideal example of a name that sounds old-fashionable when given to a boy but sounds interesting for a girl.


As an old-name, Maury is often pictured out like someone wearing a frayed gray cashmere cardigan. Despite the connotation, it makes a good choice for a baby girl.


This is a girl’s name of French origin which stands for “blackbird”.

If you are after a name for a baby girl that is unique, you might want to consider Merle as a good option. It is important to note that the understated name last seemed creative almost half-century ago.


When finding the ideal name for a baby girl with a different twist, you might want to consider one of the geezer names for girls such as Monroe. The meaning of the name is “mouth of the Roe river”.

The name can be considered as a presidential name, thanks to the immortal beauty of Marilyn Monroe, making it the ideal choice for an upcoming baby girl.

As for the celebrity associations with the name, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon selected it as the name for their twin daughter, honoring Marilyn Monroe. Using Monroe as a girl’s name made a big point in reviving this old man’s name as a trendy choice for little girls.


This is a fitting name for an upcoming baby girl with English origin that stands for “pear tree”.

This relaxed male name was occasionally given for baby girls. Perry sounds novel if compared to other similar names such as Sherry and Kerry.


Sheldon is a girl’s name of English origin which stands for “steep-sided valley.

You might want to consider this name for your upcoming baby girl for its masculine nature but exudes a dainty touch that is truly unique.


The name has French origin which stands for “Saint-Denis”.

Although the Sydney spelling was ranked just outside the Top 100 list for girls, the more old-masculine version reached the Top 1000 for girls. While both spellings are off their peak, the Sydney variation exudes a more feminine and modern appeal.

Final thoughts

Although geezer names for girls might not sound appealing for some parents, they make great alternatives for those who want a cool and unique name that will surely make your little one stand out.

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