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11 Beautiful Ukrainian Girls Name

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Ukraine is one of the biggest nations in the European continent, a country that has a thousand years of a tradition dating back in antiquity. Ukraine is part of the Slavic countries which consists of Russia, Belarus, Slovenia, and Bulgaria to name a few. All of those countries have abundant history and name-giving traditions. The country is especially known for its good-looking people, their delightful food and one of the best scenery in the world. Ukraine may be known for its fertile lands and heavy industries but make no mistake. The country has some of the best elegant and unique names in its arsenal. 

An old way of naming Ukrainian/Slavic born children, Ukrainian people are supposed to name their kids in tripartite name, which includes a given name, patronymic name, and family name. But in most official documents, the full names must be used. Not with everyday life.

As with other cultures and traditions, most of the girls baby name is given by their parents. The first names must originate from the two main foundations – Orthodox Church tradition, which is of Greek origin and Catholic Church tradition, which is of Latin origin. Slavic origin names are also acquainted with the Ukrainians. Also, the names should be specifically named by their genders, even though they can be derived from similar roots. For the nicknames or monikers, Ukrainians mostly use short cut of the specified names, such as Andy for Andriy and Anna for Anastasiya.

There is a Ukrainian tradition in which they would give their child two names, the first was to scare the evils away. And the second was more of the authentic one and to be used among all the families and relatives. 

Girls Name in Ukraine

In some Slavic families, they usually name their kids with powerful Slavic gods such as Lada, Kupala, and Morena. Nonetheless, giving original Slavic or pagan names during these times has gained immense popularity. Furthermore, some of the traditional Western European names came to Ukraine were during the times of the Austro-Hungarian empire. That is the reason why contemporary Ukrainian female names are so versatile. Let’s check out some of them!

1. Tatiana

It is one of the most popular names not only in Ukraine but all over the world. Tatiana means “mistress”. It originates from the female version of the Sabine King’s name Titus Tatius. It has a number of short versions for this name, Tanya, Tanechka, and Tanyusha. Girls who have this particular name are often characterized by being, elegant, wise and energetic personalities. 

2. Anastasia

It is one of the few worldwide names that is pronounced the same as it is written. Anastasia comes from the original name of “Anastasis” which means resurrection, one of the names that are widely used not only in Ukraine but in Russia too because of its sacredness and melody. The people who are named Anastasia or often regarded as incredibly cheerful and have a positive attitude.

3. Oksana

It is a common name in the country of Ukraine. The name Oksana means “Hospitality” in Greek origins. People in Ukraine love the cute and melodic tone of this name. It helps to name your daughter with one of the most famous Ukrainian personalities such as Oksana Marchenko. 

4. Katerina

For over 400 years, this name was extremely rare in countries such as Ukraine and Russia. But it is gaining popularity over the course of time. It has different variations of the name. Such as Kathereen, Cathrina, Kat to name a few. If translated to Greek times, the name means Purity and Innocence. What way to name your daughter with those two lovely meanings. They said if you happen to meet a girl named Katerina, you may find out that they are people who are extremely intelligent and glamorous. A unique and great Russian name for girl.

5.  Yulia

Funny as it sounds but one of the brightest and kindest women in Ukraine is named Yulia. The name means “fluffy’. And it also has Latin origin which means, “July”. But the former is a better one than the latter, isn’t it? Most girls who are named Julia are simple-minded and naïve. 

6. Anna

Anna is one of the most significant names when religion came to Ukraine. Anna is one of the most popular names in Ukraine for which it was the name of Jesus’ grandmother. With Hebrew origins that means ‘grace and benevolent”. I mean, who wouldn’t want to name their child with Jesus’ grandmother with meanings that speaks volumes on their character. It is also famous around the world; Other parents prefer this to be the second name of their daughter for its sleek and uniqueness. In Ukraine, people who are named Anna are extremely hardworking and elegant people.

7. Mariya

Maria’s Russian and Ukrainian form. There are two possible theories in which people know about the meaning of this name. It is either “sea of rebelliousness” or “bitterness”. Or some say it could be derived with Egyptian origins which means “beloved’ so when looking for Ukrainian girl names starting with m. This might be a good choice.

8. Polina

It is a Russian and Ukraine female names in the method of the name Paulina. Which has a counterpart for male boys named Paulino, which means “small or humble”. Whether you pick the female or male version, chances are they have the humblest beginnings one could find for their names.

9. Ivanna

The name simply means “Pardoned by God”. It gained popularity once the spread of Christian religion in Kievan Rus during the 10th century. There are a lot of names that became famous during the adoption of Christianity. It has diminutive names such as Ivan, Vanna, Van’ka. It has a lot of male alternative names. 

10. Vira

Vira is a canonical name for Ukrainian women that is derived from the Old Slavonic language. It means ‘faith”. And it is often related to the Ancient Greek word which translates to “Ministry to God”. Moreover, it is considered to be one of the common Christian saints, Nadya and Charity.

11. Rostyslava

It is a typical Slavic name for Ukrainian women which is derived from Old Slavic language. The name consists of two words, which means rosty (to grow) in Ukrainian and slava (glory). It is also a name that originates from the Kievan Rus and the name links with the governing of Prince of Kiev Rostyslav. The word is also a term of endearment, one usually says Slava for both male and female (Rostyslava).


Ukrainian girl names are slowly gaining popularity not just In Ukraine but all over the world. Many of the names have distinct meanings and has a vast history behind it. Ukrainian girl names are influenced by Christianity during the time in Kievan Rus, when the religion is quickly spreading. It became apparent that these names will be used for long years. As a parent, having to find the best names for your daughter will be a daunting task. Take it into consideration to find the most perfect and appropriate one as they will carry these names throughout their entire lives. We hope in this list we made for you; you’ll find the most ideal name for your daughter. Always remember that Ukrainian girl names aren’t entirely for Ukrainian people. 

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