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Old-fashioned but Still Classic Baby Names

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Old-fashioned but Still Classic Baby Names

These days, the trend of using old-fashioned names is running tough. Names are constantly moving up and down the popularity list. When it comes to picking the perfect baby name, there’s about a lot of things to consider. Does it fit your family name?  Should you go for a name that’s already common or a unique one?  It can feel impossible to pick a name, let alone one your partner also loves.  

In the last couple of decades giving a baby a unique name has become extremely trendy. It has become an everyday habit to choose names that are made up, weirdly spelled or got from a famous Action star from the TV. 

Targeting for an old-fashioned baby boy or girl name?  That can lead you to some exciting choices? We have everything you need to find that perfect baby name. Whether you’re after a common or unique name, these choices of baby names are here to give you the inspiration you need to choose that special baby boy or baby girl name. Also, this will give you time to decide with your husband. 

What are the top 10 and trendy baby names as of 2018? 

Classic baby girl and baby boy names are those that have been around for years but are still popular today. Take a look at the top 10 names for baby boys and girls according to Social Security Administration as of 2018. 

Rank Boys Girls

  1. Oliver Olivia
  2. Harry Amy
  3. Jack  Anna
  4. George Emily
  5. Charles Margaret
  6. Frank Ava
  7. Charlie Lily
  8. Jacob Mia
  9. Freddie Isabella
  10. Oscar Grace

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, check out the list of the unique but still traditional baby names for your upcoming angel.  

Unique and cool baby names

The weird and unusual trend for 21st-century babies continues. Day by day we hear of really uncommon names being given to babies, but what do they actually mean?  Gone are the days in which common and known names were the trend. What’s old is new again as they say. We take a look at some of the most out-there baby name meanings. Some names you hear can have you questioning if they’re actually names at all but, who knows you might be naming your child with the choices below. 

These are the options for baby girls

  • Rumi (perhaps as a result of it being Beyonce and Jay-Z’s choice for their newborn daughter)
  • Afia- Afia means a child born on Friday
  • Clementine– The Latin meaning of Clementine is ‘mild and merciful’
  • Elora the name Elora is of Greek origin and means ‘light’ and in Hebrew ‘God is Light’

These are the options for baby boys 

  • Brick – Boys name of Irish/Gaelic origin meaning: ‘swamp’ or meaning ‘bridge.’
  • Acer – Acer’s’ roots are English, and means ‘number one, the best’.
  • Drake Drake comes from an English Old Norse surname, Draki or the Old English given name Draca both meaning “dragon”.
  • VitoVito is an Italian name deriving from the Latin word ‘vita’, meaning ‘life’.

Vintage Baby Names

When we say vintage, it only means retro or old school. Vintage baby names combine tradition and uniqueness. As you observe, vintage baby names have been on the rise for several years now and are becoming the trendiest name. One major difference that separates classic from vintage baby names was that the vintage refers to the vague era in the timeline. Vintage baby names are among the most fashionable today, for girls as well as boys. 

Because they’re rarely used these days, these names offer parents tons of unexpected choices. Vintage names are traditional in the sense that the parents have been around for decades. They might even get it from their great and great ancestors. Choosing a vintage name can give you the best of all worlds, modern style, drawing, and most importantly classic inspiration. 

Vintage baby names are like vintage dress – it never goes out of style. Generation nowadays would always look back to the past and see the style, the way they dress and much cool stuff. 

Final words

Should you choose among the classic baby names or the old-school one? Need not to worry, because, at the end of the day, names don’t measure the attitude of a baby you will be having or the person he or she will become. A name is no guarantee of passing on a precise worth or characteristic. What matters most here is how your child will handle himself. How he interacts with others and how disciplined he will be. 

You want to set them up for success so you gave them a very unique and beautiful name, yet the attitude your child is showing is the opposite of his name and the meaning behind that beautiful name. Before actually giving it to your baby, it’s important to road-test it in real-time. Make sure it won’t ruin your future child’s life with terrible nicknames so that in the end, the very act of trying to be different would be very respectable. 

Think first of what you want your child’s name to mean, and then look up the corresponding name. A name should mean something. Just because the name is unique doesn’t mean the person is important. What’s important is that at the end of the day, it’s the way we carry the significance of the gift that parents could possibly give to their child. 

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