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Adorable Baby Names that Begin with Letter ” N”

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Adorable Baby Names that Begin with Letter " N"

Parents yearn nothing but only the best for their child. They wanted to be at their best so that everything is at a pace even the child hasn’t seen the world yet.

Naming a baby is one of the exciting parts of parenthood. You try to think of some ideas which could help you satisfy your wants in choosing your child’s name. Surfing the internet, combining names, and all.  

Out of the million names a person could choose in this world, it is evident that you- as one of the parents still look back to the uniqueness and quality of the forename you wanted to give to your little one. It must be something special, something valuable and one of a kind.

It’s a fact that almost all the letters in the English alphabet have been used up which makes the originality of the name gradually loses attraction and charisma. 

If you want something exclusive, choose a name that starts with something that is not common to everyone. Pick out a name that starts with the letter N. Why? Parents usually use letters they often hear from their neighbors and friends. Apparently, N is a letter that has been not in the line of choices to others. Since that you are after for something inimitable, the name should then starts from a letter unusual to everyone. In that way, you were able to make your child feel a sense of novelty.

If you are having trouble thinking a name that starts with letter N, here are the forenames which could be included in your bucket options:


1. Neigel- a one of a kind name which means a combination of firmness and friendliness. A person who could communicate well with others and at the same time can stand still in times of adversities. If you want to have a child that embodies a good personality, Neigel is one of your best choices. 

2. Nathaneil- a person who possesses a strong faith in one Lord. If you want your child to live a life with pure love, choose a name that makes Lord the core of his being. Make him feel that he is truly loved the moment he was born. Have my warmest support to Nathaneil, say yes to Nathaneil!

3. Nicklaus- if you want your child to attract success in life, this name is really a calling. This name defines the triumph in one’s journey- clearly the very point of parents to their child. To make them become a successful person in the near future, why not choose a name that knots victory?

4. North- a life with a good direction is a life worth living. North is a name that gives direction to a person- a track towards success and self- actualization. Rooting from the given name, the child will most likely to have undergone a good life, soaring high with colors in the sky!

5. Noam- brave and wise; it’s what the world needs today. The changing ways in every generation are quite a tricky route to walk through. A person needs to be brave and wise as well in order to survive and be the best of him. Noam is a lucky choice which will never turn your expectation down!


1. Naiumi- someone that is loaded with beau and a nonstop cheerer in life. Naiumi is a name that embodies an optimistic perception as an existing being in the world. If you want to be with someone who can cheer you up, Naiumi is a thumb up!

2. Nairah- a precious and valued person by everyone. Desiring to make your daughter feel loved and knows her worth is a dear for them. They will most likely feel treasured and it will surely carve in their hearts- a life with worth!

3. Nartha- a fancy name that comes with a beauty. Martha already creates a brand in the world of names but Nartha is something that will mark in your world. Nartha is defined as an attractive name; it entails beauty which could make a person feel beautiful in her own way. 

4. Neithalie- born in a special day also makes the child feel special. Neithalie is a name pure of uniqueness. It means seeing the world as to when and how the Lord sees it. It makes the child feel that she is not just someone born in a simple way but rather an exceptional girl born with someone that is almighty and beloved! 

5. Narriane- a person that was raised as “holy” is considered a blessed life to live. Exemplifying holiness is something that a true and good being always wants to have. Knowing that her true self is something that makes her live a life with a good heart is having a kingdom where only she could reign! 

Millions of reasons in the world were attached in decision making. Life has been a great cycle, you wouldn’t know where you’re thoughts would take you.

Names differ in the perceptions of an individual. Some grips tightly to it because they believe that a good life starts up with a good name. This makes sense; though you wouldn’t notice with your naked eyes the changes it makes to your child; a good heart knows well of his or her little one.

What makes up a good forename is the good quality it has. Something that every person would make you remembered even though you had just happened to cross paths for a minute or two. 

The smell of a good and unique name will remain but the foul one will most likely be forgotten. It’s the difference that you make for your child. As precious things will be kept, the regular ones will be exhausted and eventually thrown away.

For you to be able to keep your child the moments he or she treasures, make him or her feel treasured the most first. Anyhow, keep in mind that it’s not always “a good life lies in a good name”, it’s still how you make your child grow while keeping track of a good life.

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