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Fascinating Names with Lost Meanings

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The importance of a name can sometimes be a big impact on a child. As parents, it has been their responsibility to give their child a name upon born day. It’s a challenging decision to make because the name you will be giving your child will be carried on for the rest of his or her life. And along with every name, there is always a meaning. However, some parents do not go after the meaning because sometimes they long for how it is being pronounced and how unique the name could be. They’re already cool with that.

The usual names are associated with the trend, beauty, optimism, and nature. These variations or types of the name are among the top choices of soon-to-be parents. Of course, they always want the greatest for their children. But there are also some parents who opt for something vague, a little more peculiar, and perhaps a little odd, therefore it isn’t as popular as any other names. Just like names that have a meaning of Lost. Surely this kind of meaning is not on your list, but sometimes these names can be nice and adorable for babies. This article will enlighten you that even though the meaning of a name is lost, it could still be very beautiful and stunning.

Names with lost or unusual meanings 

Naming a child is a challenge and as the years go by, it just got a whole lot trickier. Giving them the best name is one of the most important gifts a parent can ever grant their child, that’s why there are so many parents spend such a long time deciding on what to name their newborn baby. From browsing through the internet to watching movies to get inspiration on the names of different characters, parents search high and low for a one of a kind name for their child.

Here are unusual names or lost names that you might want to consider. These names can be very odd for someone else’s taste, but these names can actually be so awesome. These names are astonishing in their own meanings. These names could have a dimness meaning within them which you may or may not heard before. Try to figure out if these names could actually be cool to everybody.

  • Diggory:  It is an anglicized form of Degare. This name means “lost one” from the French word ‘egare’.
  • Perdita : It is derived from a Latin word Perditus which means “lost”
  • Sennacherib: This name is from Akkadian Sin-ahhi-eriba which means “sin has replaced my lost brothers”.
  • Azazel:  In Hebrew, this name actually means “scapegoat”. According to the Old Testament, this name is a sacrificial offering. Azazel in some references also means “being a fallen angel”
  • Lillith: The feminine sound of this name makes it the best choice for a baby girl if you are looking for a name with a little more twist than Lily or Lilian. The name Lillith has a quite sensitive meaning and history deviates on the dark side. The name Lillith has a deep relation with chaos and evil.
  • Gabriel:  This name is a concealed jewel in the list of names with dark origin and meaning. Most of us think the name Gabriel has a biblical meaning that is “God is my strength.” Gabriel in the bible was identified to be a messenger of God. Gabriel is also stated to as the Angel of Death in certain happenings who merged himself with Azrael in taking souls who have died.
  • Pandora: The name Pandora simply means “all the gifts” which can be a very daring and lovely name to give to a baby girl. This name is beautiful and but it also has a deep and dark meaning. There are people who were unaware of the antiquity and meaning of this name but in Greek mythology, Pandora was the first mortal woman. Zeus gave her a jar containing evil, trouble, and ills. That’s what happened next to Pandora, because of Zeus, she became an intrusive and stubborn female.
  • Aeron: It is a unisex name which means “berry”. The name Areon originates from the prehistoric Celtics goddess of fight and slaughter. This name is relatively severe and tough, but being extra peculiar and fascinating than the usual Aaron. Aeron can be considered as a tough and beautiful and worthy to be given to a baby, despite the allegations of the gods and goddesses of war.
  • Alvah: Again, it is also a name for a boy and a girl, but it is more usually related to a female name. It is a variation of the name Alva which means “white”. However, in some meanings, Alva means ‘evil’ or ‘immoral’. Its meaning is very strong but also a beautiful name that parents can certainly be chosen. This name also conveys a dilemma for anyone who is fascinated by it, but hesitant to give their child a name that has such a gloomy and frightening name.
  • Seth: It is a Hebrew name which means ‘anointed’ or ‘placed’. Seth is the third son of Adam and Eve. Eve believed that he was chosen as a replacement after the fall of his siblings, Cain and Abel that is why he was named as such. However, the name Seth in Greek mythology was the god of desert, storms, illness, fierceness, and stranger. But everything is not lost in the name Seth, as there is a strong optimism to this name.

Wrapping up

In choosing a name for a baby, parents always want the best name. All the names actually have meanings. Good or bad, we should not always limit ourselves with its meanings, because of every negative meaning in it, there is still also a good part in it. Names don’t always define a person; it is their attitudes that would define them.

In the end, names are just names. Only the people would give labels on it. Just be the best version of yourself and live like it is your last. You will see that your name, no matter how ugly or beautiful the meaning can be, it always go down to the traits you have to yourself.

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