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Amish Baby Names: Cool and Cute

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Amish are a group of religious people or individuals who held their religious services or worship at home rather than in churches. Their history may not be that rich, that they were able to make up names for themselves.

Below is a list of great Amish baby names you can choose from.

Aaron– A male name that means High Mountain

Abigail-This means “Father Rejoices.” Other variations include Abagail, Abaigeal, Abbey, Abbie, And Abby.

Abram– The one who is on high-Father. The original name of Abraham. Other variants are Avrom, Abramo, Avram, and Bram.

Albrecht– A Noble and intelligent individual.

Amity- A girl name denotes ‘Friend’

Amos- This means is interpreted as being courageous brave

Andy –Strong, manly and a variation of Andrew

Anke- This is a Dutch term for Anne ‘graceful’.

Ann- A male name that denotes ‘priceless’

Anna– The sister of Arthur.

Annie– Prayer or requests to God

Baker-A male’s name that means ‘Baker’

Barbara- This means stranger or foreigner

Bertha- A kind of legend

Beth- Being alert or lively

Betty- Elizabeth’s variation that means Bountiful God or God of Plenty

Bridget- In mythology, this means Celtic Goddess Of Fire and Poetry.

Caleb-Being Fearless or Bold

Camp –A male name that means crooked Mouth

Catherine- Means purity or innocent

Chandler- Male term- Candles maker

Charity- A male name-Benevolent Love and Goodwill.

Colette- People’s Victory and or Triumph

Collin- A male’s name, abbreviation Of Nicholas.

Conrad- A wise, honest and brave advisor.

Dan- This name means God Is My Judge. The short version of Daniel.

Daniel– Daniel is a biblical character who survived from the Lion’s Den. He wrote the Old Testament book of Daniel. And the meaning of Daniel is the same as Dan’s.

David- A famous biblical character and King. David is said to be ‘The man after God’s heart’. This name means loved dearly.

Dawn- Literally means ‘Dawn’

Dorothy- Means a Vision

Eleanor-Other alternative for Helen that means a Shining Light.

Eli- A high priest for 40 years and instructed the young Samuel. This name means Ascended, Jehovah Is God and My God.

Eliza- Consecrated or set aside to God

Elizabeth –This name is the sister Of Mark

Elmo- Deserving or worthy to be loved

Emma- Whole/complete and universal

Esther- A queen and star

Eva- Danish form Of Eve ‘Life’

Evan- A young fighter

Eve- The first woman and the wife of Adam. This name means ‘living one’ or life.

Evelyn- Means light

Faith- Short term for faithful

Fannie- Variation Of Frances

Fletcher- The Arrows Maker

Frederick- Peaceful King and or Ruler

Freeman- Means ‘Free Man’

Gabriel- God’ messenger/God is my Strength

Gertrude- From farm that is protected.

Grace- Literally means Grace

Greta- Precious Pearl

Hadassah- Myrtle

Hannah- Grace, mother of Samuel

Harley- Inspired by ‘The Hare’s Meadow’

Harrison- Name means the son Of Harry

Henrietta- Ruler of her Household, Hearth keeper and the feminine form of Henry.

Henry- Ruler of his Household, the second son of Charles, Prince of Wales.

Honor- Just means Honor

Hope- Still means Hope

Hunter- Literally means Hunter

Irene- one of the Amish baby names that mean Peace

Iris- An array of colors/ rainbow

Isaac- Son of Abraham, also means child of laughter

Ivan- A gift from God

Jacob- Son of Isaac, means supplanter

Jacqueline- Feminine term of Jacques ‘Supplanter’

James- This name means replace

Jane- A female form of Ivan-Gift From God

Jeremiah- A prophet, ‘Exalted Of The Lord’

Jesse- Father of King David, Wealthy

Jodie- This denotes ‘Praised’

John- Jehovah has been Gracious and has shown Favor. He baptized Christ In The Jordan River

Jonah- Dove, biblically,  Jonah was on board a ship almost got the sink, swallowed by a whale.

Jonathan- Bestfriend of King David/Gift From God

Joosef/ Joseph- God Will Multiply

Joshua- God is the salvation

Josiah- became King of Judah at age 8 (after the father was assassinated), and reign for 31 years.

Joyce Cheerful/Happy/Merry

Justice- From Justuc means upright, just or righteous.

Justine- Feminine for of Justin (just and upright)

Kathryn- Means purity, a variant of Katherine

Katie- another variation of Katherine, means pure.

Katura- Unisex. A Zimbabwe term that means “Take A Burden Off My Mind.”

Kemp- A male name for Warrior

Kevin- The meaning of this name is ‘Handsome Child’, a famous Irish Hermit-Saint.

Larry- A variant of Laurel

Lavern- A girl name means Woodland

Lawrence- Modern term of Laurence, the referred form in the USA.

Leah- Means Meadow

Leonard- Lion/Bold

Leroy- Regal and or Kingly

Levi- A priest in the bible, also means united

Lloyd- means Gray

Louisa- Known Fighter, a female form of Louis.

Lucy- Means Light/Illumination

Lydia- Name denotes Beauty

Maria- A variant of Mary, Bitter

Marlin- Another form of  Merle

Marshall- Steward or the caretaker of the horses

Martha- Sister of Mary in the bible, Lady

Marvin- The one who lives by the sea

Mary- Bitter, a variant  Miriam, Biblically,  Mother Of Christ

Mason- Rock or Stone Worker

Matthew- He wrote the first gospel Matthew”, one of the 12 disciples

Melinda- A combination of Linda and Melissa.

Melvin- Means a brave or strong friend

Mercy- Means Merciful

Mervin- well-known or‘Famous Friend’

Michael-God’s angel/messenger/ also a ‘Gift From God’

Mildred- Gentle form of Strength

Miriam- Rebellious woman

Nancy- Variant Of Anne, means Favor or Grace

Naomi- Nice and Pleasant

Nick- Short of Nicholas, or root origin of Nicholas.

Noah- The art maker, also means comfort

Oliver- A legendary name

Otto- Born the Eighth

Patience- A type of virtue means enduring

Patrick-Patrician and or Noble

Paul- An apostle, also means small

Penelope- In mythology, the ‘Faithful Wife Of Odysseus’

Peter- The Rock

Petrus- One of the followers Joseph

Phillips- The son Of Philip

Rachel- Means the Lamb

Raymond- Strong Defender/Protectors

Rebecca- Simply means captivating

Reuben- The firstborn of Jacob’s 12 Sons.

Rhoda- Means Rose

Rocke- Rock

Roman- someone from Rome

Rose- A common flower

Roth- Red, or a Surname

Ruth- Wife of Boaz, also means ‘Friend’


Samuel- Prophet who anoint King David asked of God

Sara- Biblically, originated from Sarah (Princess)

Sarah- Princess

Sawyer-The one who cuts Timber

Serenity- Peaceful Disposition/makeup

Seth- From a Myth Name, who murdered Osiris

Simon- Being obedient

Smith- A tradesman/ craftsman

Sol- Means peace, a variation of Shalom.

Susan- A smaller version of Susannah. Used as an independent name also.

Sutter- Guy name that means the Unknown

Tanner- The leather maker

Tessa- A female daughter born ‘Fourth’

Timothy- Young assistant of Paul (Paul’s student), the one who honors God

Trina- This name simply denotes innocence.

Turner- A Tournament champion

Uri- Short name that states, God, Is My Light

Verity- The Truth

Victor- A Conqueror

Victoria – Female form of Victor, which means Victory

Walker- The cloth’s thickener

Waneta- Means Charger

Wayne- Good in hand works or craftsman

Willa- Means “Desired.”

Willis- A bold  Protector

There are indeed a lot of Amish baby names to be considered in choosing your child’s name. Yet, wherever group you belong and the history you were part with. Having a name to represent yourself and your origin is highly essential.

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