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Appealing Welsh Names for Your Baby

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Upon bringing up a beautiful life into this world, you would absolutely think of a name as beautiful as he is. You would love to come up with a name that has a significant meaning, unique sound or spelled articulately. Some can be derived from the Greek gods and goddesses, from celebrities you admire or just the combination of your name and your spouse’s. While others prefer this kind of names from their fave English series – called Welsh names. Welsh names have gained interest not only in Wales but to other English speaking countries. This is because the names are considered to be exotic and familiar yet appealing. Go through this post to discover such unique names for your baby while uncovering their fun meanings. So let’s start browsing from A to Z!

Let’s begin with welsh names for baby girls:

Name Meaning
Aeron Battle
Aeronwen Blessed battle
Aeronwy Battle
Angharad Greatly beloved
Annwyl or Anwyl Beloved
Aranhord Humped wheel
Arian Silver
Ariana Silver
Arianrhod Silver
Arianwen or Arianwynn Silver woman
Bethan God is my oath
Betrys She who brings happiness
Blodwedd The face of a flower
Blodwen or Blodwyn White flowers
Branwen Blessed raven
Cainwen Lovely treasures
Caris or Carys Love
Catrin Purity
Ceri Beautiful as a poem
Ceridewn or Ceridwyn Beautiful as a poem
Cries or Cerys Love
Creiddylad Daughter of the sea
Creirwy A sacred jewel or token upon which an oath is taken
Delwyn Pretty and blessed
Delyth Pretty and blessed
Dilwen Genuine and blessed
Dilys Genuine, steadfast and true
Dwynwen White wave
Eibhlin Birdlike woman
Eilund Idol worshipper
Eilwen One with a fair brow
Eira Snow
Eirian Sliver, one who is bright and beautiful
Eirwen Blessed snow
Elen Nymph or light
Elery Greatly bitter
Elin Nymph or light
Enfys Rainbow
Enid Spirit
Esyllt Fair lady
Fraid Strength
Gaenor White wave
Glenda Secluded valley
Glenice Secluded valley
Glenis or Glynnis Secluded valley
Gwenda Blessed goodness
Gwendolin or Gwendolen White wave
Gwendoline ow Gwedolyn White wave
Gweneth White wave
Gwenhwyfar White wave
Gwenhyvar White wave
Gwenyth White wave
Gwladys Lame
Gyneth White wave
Heledd One who is highly born, a princess
Iorwen A beautiful woman
Iseult Fair lady
Isolde Face of a flower
Iuana God is gracious
Jennifer White wave
Kedal or Kendall Valley of the river Kent
Lleucu Treasured light
Luned Idol worshipper
Mair Bitter
Marged Pearl
Meiriona Manly
Meredith Protector of the sea
Merired Pearl
Morgan Bright sea
Morwenna White sea
Myfanwy Rare one
Nerys Unknown
Nest Pure
Nesta Pure
Olwen White footprints
Rhedyn Fern like
Rhiain or Rhian Fair maiden
Rhianna Divine queen or great queen
Rhiannon Divine queen or great queen
Rhianwen Fair maiden
Rhonwen or Rhonwyn Fair hair
Shan God is gracious
Sian God is gracious
Siani God is gracious
Sioned God is gracious
Tegwen Fair and lovely
Teleri Unknown
Telyn Resembling a harp
Terrwyn Brave girl
Wendolen White wave
Wendolin White wave
Wendolyn White wave

Below are welsh names for baby boys:

Name Meaning
Aed Fire
Alun Handsome
Alwyn Friend of the elves
Andras Manly
Aneirin Modest and noble
Arthur Unknown
Berwyn White headed
Bleddyn Wolf
Bran Raven
Brychan Speckled
Bryn Great hill
Brynmor Great hill
Bryson Son of Brie
Caddock Battle
Cadell Battler
Caden Spirit of battle
Cadmen Wise warrior
Cadoc Battle
Cadogan Honor in battle
Cadwaladr Battle leader
Cadwallon Battle arranger
Cadwgawn Glorious battle
Caerwyn White fortress
Caradoc Beloved
Caradog Beloved
Caradwg Beloved
Carew Fort near a slope
Carey Of the dark ones
Cledwyn Hard and fair
Cwrig Lord of master
Cynan Exalted chief
Cynddelw Exalted image
Cynderyn Head chief
Cystenian Constant or steadfast
Dafod Beloved
Dafydd Beloved
Dai To shine
Dawfydd Beloved
Deiniol God is my judge
Dewi Beloved
Dilwyn Blessed truth
Drystan Bold
Dylan Son of the sea
Einion Anvil
Emlyn Unknown
Emrys Immortal
Emyr King or ruler
Folant Healthy and strong
Gareth Gentle
Gavin White falcon
Geraint Old
Gethin Dark, dusky and swarthy
Gladus Lame
Glendower Valley of water
Glyndwr Valley of water
Glyn Secluded valley or glen
Griff Red or ruddy
Griffin Red or ruddy
Griffudd Fierce warrior
Gruffudd Fierce warrior
Gryffydd Fierce warrior
Gwalchmai Battle hawk
Gwalter Army ruler
Gwern An old man
Gwilym Resolute protector
Gwyn White wave
Gwynfor Large and white
Heddwyn Holy peace
Howell Eminent king
Huw Bringer  mind
Hywel or Hywell Eminent king
Idowu Dark haired man
Idris Ardent Lord
Idwal Well known man
Iefan God is gracious
Ieuan God is gracious
Ifan God is gracious
Ifor Archer’s bow
Ifar Cheerful or merry
Illtud Land of the multitude
Ior Handsome man
Iorwerth Handsome lord
Lleu Shining
Llew Lion
Llewelyn Lion like
Llwyd Gray haired
Mabon Mythical God of youth
Mawrth War like
Meic Who is like God
Meical Who is like God
Meilyr Chief ruler
Meirion War like
Merlin Sea of fortress
Merlyn Sea of fortress
Meurig Dark skinned
Meriz Dark skinned
Mihangel Who is like God
Morcant Bright sea
Morgan Bright sea
Mostyn Moss settlement
Owain Well born
Pedr Rock
Pryderi Concerned for
Rheinallt Powerful Judgement
Rhisiart Rich and powerful ruler
Rhodri The king’s wheel
Rhydderch Red hair
Rhys Ardor
Rolant Famous in the land
Sawyl Heard by God
Siarl Manly
Sieffre Peaceful
Siencyn God is gracious
Sion God is gracious
Sior Farmer
Steffan Crown
Talfryn From the high hill
Taliesin Radiant and shining brow
Tewdwr God’s gift
Tomos Twin
Trahaearn Strong as iron
Trahern Strong as iron
Traherne Strong as iron
Trefor Dweller at the village
Tristram Bold
Trystan Bold
Trystram Bold
Tudor Ruler of the people
Tudur Ruler of the people
Urien Of privileged birth
Vaughn Small
Wmffre Peaceful strength
Wyn Fair or white

So that’s it! Our collection of Welsh baby names that will perfectly suit your baby. Hope this will be a big help for parents out there who are having a hard time coming up with a unique name for their baby. So did it help you? Were you able to at least get an idea? Let us know if we forget something on the list.

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