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Name Your Baby with a Unique Name!

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Name Your Baby with a Unique Name!

It is often beautiful to let the sound of the waves crashing on the shore putting you to sleep! And it seems, almost everything that is associated with the sea, the ocean or any water body has something magical in it. Thus, it is often a popular choice that people, especially the ones living near the shore are fond of ocean names for their babies.

Some popular ocean-inspired baby names:

  • Adriatic: derives its name from the Adriatic Sea around the peninsula of Italy.
  • Ariel: represents one of the characters from ‘The Little Mermaid’
  • Athena: derives the name from a Greek Goddess who won a sea battle
  • Brooke: a narrow and small path of water
  • Drake: it both resembles a male duck or Francis Drake.
  • Eldoris: something that belongs to the sea
  • Haf: ocean
  • Kai: sea in Hawaiian language
  • Lana: calm and serene water
  • Marina: a small port
  • Meri: sea as often called in Finland.
  • Ridley: Olive Ridley turtles
  • Skip/Skipper: captain of a ship

Common ocean name for females:

  • Aberdeen: endpoint of a river
  • Adira: something as majestic as the ocean
  • Anthia: Greek interpretation of a lady carrying flowers.
  • Aukai:  an adventurist of the sea
  • Azure/Azurine: as blue as the ocean
  • Bahari: Ocean
  • Beck: stream trickling down from the mountains.
  • Bermuda: named after the famous Bermuda Triangle.
  • Bloom: algal blooms in the sea or oceans
  • Coraline: named after corals
  • Dana: named after the Goddess of the Danube river
  • Daria: sea in the Persian language
  • Diana: conch used by Diana
  • Doria or Dorian: Greek for “of the sea”
  • Ezili: the Goddess of water and beauty
  • Galia: waves
  • Hama: shore
  • Indra: Hindu God who is known to be the controller of rain.
  • Madison: common character from Splash
  • Makara: a mythological aquatic character
  • Masika: someone who is born during the monsoons.
  • Maurea: seashells
  • Mazu: Goddess of water
  • Moray: an aquatic creature
  • Nahla: water that is used for drinking

Nautical names that are frequently used:

  • Bartholomew: a sea pirate
  • Brizo: God of the sailors
  • Carrack: A huge sea vessel used by merchants centuries ago.
  • Christopher: named after Christopher Columbus
  • Clarion: portion that is underwater
  • Cleat: a structure that is present at the bottom of the boat or ship to which ropes are tied.
  • Davit: cranes that are used to lift smaller boats in need.
  • Davy: named after the famous Davy Jones’ Locker
  • Edward: pirate
  • Eric: fictional character
  • Fram: a ship which was used for different expeditions
  • Fraser: company that produces yachts.
  • Killick: means an anchor
  • Lahloo: kind of a ship during the 19th century
  • Leander: a cruise that was used during World War II
  • Magellan: a famous Portuguese explorer
  • Radar: used for scientific measurements especially the distance of other ships.
  • Rudder: steering of the ship
  • Rusty: ocean water can cause rust on metals in a very short time.
  • Sonar: often known as sound navigation ranging, this is used to measure the depth of water in a sea or ocean from the bottom of a ship.

Water names for boys:

  • Aegir: a sea god
  • Alon: wave
  • Anapos: God of Sicily
  • ApamNapat: Hindu God of water
  • Bellus: kind of a fish
  • Boreal: ocean which is now extinct
  • Brishon: someone who is born in the monsoon
  • Bruce: somebody who is like water
  • Cerulean: a combination of colors that matches the hue of seas or oceans and is similar to that of the sky.
  • Cliff: sharp edge that opens to a sea or an ocean and is generally very high and deadly.
  • Coburn: a point where the streams meet.
  • Conway: a holy or a sacred river
  • Earwyn: a companion of the sea or ocean
  • Fury: as violent as a rough sea or an ocean
  • Glan: a sea shore
  • Grouper: things associated with water bodies.
  • Hanno: a famous person who explored the oceans
  • Hector: kind of a dolphin
  • Hurley: tide in a sea or an ocean
  • Jaladri: ocean in Sudan
  • Jonah: a character in the Bible who apparently swallowed a fish
  • Kelby: a place around a fountain
  • Kyle: Scottish surname meaning “channel or strait”
  • Kuroshio: different currents in the sea or ocean
  • Lir: God of Sea in Ireland
  • Lotan: A sea monster which is mythological
  • Maris: something that belongs to the sea
  • Maury: a channel or a portion of the sea
  • Murdoch: someone who is strong enough to protect the sea
  • Okeanos: ocean in Greek
  • Oshun: goddess who is known to have protected rivers of Nigeria and is also known to be the Goddess of love.
  • Pelagic: ocean in Greek
  • Regal: named after a variety of fish
  • Ryuku: an archipelago located in Japan
  • Tasman: named after the common Tasman Sea
  • Tethys: very old ocean
  • Tiger: named after a variety of shark, known as the tiger shark
  • Triton: A Roman Goddess that acts as an interface between land and water
  • Turbo: derives the name from a famous movie
  • Wet: anything connected to water is wet!

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