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Best Estonian Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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If you’re looking for inspiration to name your baby; look for a unique and at the same time beautiful and elegant name that would turn everyone’s heads around.

It may seem impossible and tough to look for a name that would suit your baby boy or girl, it is necessary to provide your baby a perfect name that will suit him or her because it becomes an integral part of her being and identity.

Only names can do that, they provide power over someone; it gives them a sense of identity and fulfillment in their lives and it can be used for good or bad.

Naming your baby may seem hard, there are millions of names to choose from; but always remember how integral this part is for your child and it is your sole and very first responsibility in naming a baby.

With that said, we know how hard it is for you to pick a name for your baby so here we will provide you with the best baby boy and girl names from Estonia!

Estonia overview:

Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe; it is located directly around the borders of the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea, compared to other developed countries in Europe, Estonia still has a wide range of protected wildlife reservoir and forests that are home to very massive and old trees that have been there for many years.

It is a country that provides a general history of Europe; considering that Estonia is part of the Scandinavian countries in Europe, there have been known traces of Finnic tribes settling across the lands of Estonia; it is also believed by many historians that The Viking Age of expansion was a part of Estonia’s history, modern-day Estonians have been considered to trace back their roots to Vikings ancestry.

The indigenous Nordic culture is present to up to this day in Estonia with a mix of danish and germanic culture; its main language is Estonian which is grouped with the Baltic-Finnic Languages.

Estonia along with other countries in Europe such as Ukraine, Slovakia, and Latvia is very traditional and has kept their indigenous culture around for decades, it can be seen heavily in the media, culture and of course the food on their plates

Estonian laws and policies

Due to the traditional laws that bound the country from being progressive as other European countries, as seen in their policies.

Estonia is still currently working towards progression; as seen in LGBT policies, same-sex couples are still legal to acquire a cohabitation policy; there are also legal protections against discrimination, nevertheless, same-sex marriage is still illegal.

Even the naming laws in Estonia are as strict and certainly seen as oppressive and restrictive by many European countries. There are only names that are approved by the government to use on Estonian citizens; parents in Estonia cannot be as creative as naming their babies

Although the naming convention is highly resembling fellow European nations; the Estonian way of naming a baby is – the first legal name which should be approved by the government, followed by the surname. The middle name, on the other hand, is optional.

Top 5 picks for the best Estonian names for boys!


Starting off with our list the baby boy name Maksim which is of Estonian, baltic-Finnic origin, this name has been used by people of Estonia to impart a great value of strength and Balor to a baby boy; this unusual but great name sounds European and nordic-like; its direct meaning is “The man who is greater than others”.


Rasmus is a very popular name in Estonia and it is still a popular boy name up until today in the country, it was the most popular baby boy name in the year 2014,  it is unique and a wonderful name for your baby to have; the name Rasmus originated from the word Erasmus, it means adored, admired and beloved.


If you’re looking for a name that sounds chic and edgy; you can pick Marko as your name choice for your baby boy, the name mark is from Finnic origin which means “Of Mars” or “God of War”, this name really has a strong masculine energy to it that makes it chicer than ever.


This variant form of the name Alexander is a great name for your baby; it is the Estonian form of the more common name Alexander, its meaning is from Greek origins, the name Aleksander means “Defender of Men”, “Protector of Men”, “Helper of Men”.


If you’re looking for a masculine name that is both elegant and manly then you can try picking Andrus as your baby boy name, it is of baltic-Finnic origin; it greatly denotes the masculine energy of the name; from the male sex hormone – androgen which is similar to the name Andrus, it denotes a warrior-like masculine strength; virility, courage, and power

Top 5 picks for the best Estonian names for girls!


This Estonian firm of English name Emily is a great unique name for baby girls; it looks beautiful to write and not only that; in layman’s terms it means dedication, hard work, and compassion.


It is a unique Estonian name that is commonly unheard of in English-speaking countries, although, unused and uncommon it is a unique and beautiful name; the name Andzelia means angelic; beautiful, heavenly angel-like.


This is another beautifully rendered Estonian name; This is a wonderful name to give to your baby girl, this means “mist” in other languages, this means flower or floral


This name is the diminutive and reformed form of the male name Alexander, Lisandra just like Alexander has colloquially the same meaning, Lisandra means “Protector or Defender of Men”.


If you’re looking for an angelic name with Estonian origins; you can choose eliise as your baby girls name, it is a beautiful Estonian baby girl name that denies a feminine touch and compassion, in Estonian language the name Eliise means ” Yahweh is my God”, “Yahweh is my Oath” and God is my Abundance.

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