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Bible Names for Your Baby

What defines a person is his customs and traditions, their views and opinions and their lifestyle practices. One of the lifestyle is to choose a name from the Bible. The bible is an important source of inspiration when it comes to choosing a name for your baby because Biblical names never go out of style. Many centuries have already passed and still, the names in the Bible are still considered holy and sacred. It goes to show that no matter what life brings us, people still have faith and trust most especially in passing down their faithfulness to the next generation.

Christian names are a large collection of Middle Eastern, Hebrew and any other names that never run out of fashion. If you are not a type of parent who likes trendy and unique names for your children but loves to name them with a meaning behind such as names from the Bible, then this article will help you choose a beautiful name that would fit your baby’s personality. Take time to read and surely you’ll get to decide which name is best for your coming little one.

Examples of biblical baby names

When choosing a name for your child, you want meanings behind it. Meaning that somehow reflects their personality and the kind of person you wanted them to become when they grow up. Whether it be sweet and adorable meanings or even fierce and strong meaning, if you like it, you’d probably go for it. Some parents want names from the Bible. These are the list of perfect names from both Old and New Testaments from the Bible. These names carry a history that can be respectable to have a part in your child’s story. Take a look at these ideas.

• Baby girl names from the bible

A name is often conferred a person’s honor or nature. The Bible may not be the first place to get a baby girl’s name. If you are trying to find a baby girl’s name that has a deep meaning, here are some name ideas from the Bible that you might want to consider.


 We all know that Mary is the mother of Jesus, and the name is an Egyptian name. The name   Mary means “wished for child” or “rebelliousness” in Hebrew. The traits are often associated with the

Mother of Jesus Christ


It is a Hebrew name which means “my father is joy”. Abigail was the third wife of King David in the Old Testament. This name is essentially made for a future daddy’s girl.


 It came from the Hebrew word “chawah” which means “to breathe.” The creation of a story in the Bible started with Adam and Eve. Eve is the first woman, thus she is the first female name mentioned in the Bible.


The name Elizabeth came out in the Gospel of Luke. It is a Hebrew name which means “My God is an oath.”


This is a Greek name which means “Good Victory”. It was stated in the New Testament, that Eunice was the mother of Timothy who preached with Paul.


 The name Joanna came is a Hebrew word which means “God is gracious”. Joanna is the woman who discovered that Jesus’ tomb is empty when she and Mary Magdalene came to anoint the body. This fact was said in the Gospel of Luke.


It is also a Hebrew name which means weary. Leah was the first wife of Jacob. Leah’s six sons became leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel.


It is an Aramaic name which simply means “The Lady”. Martha and her sister, Mary, hosted Jesus at their home in Bethany. She has been connected and associated with helping the profession.


It is a Hebrew name which means Ewe. In the Gospel of Genesis, Rachel was the favorite wife of Jacob. Rachel was the mother of Joseph and Benjamin.

• Baby boy names from the bible

Bible names for your baby boy have dominated the fame list in the United States for the entire history. The names Noah and Jacob are always winning the top spot for nearly 2 decades already. Along with Noah and Jacob, these are some of the popular Biblical names not only in the US but also around the world that you might want to name your coming child as well and these are:


It is a Hebrew name which means “mountain of strength”


A Hebrew name which means “earthy red”. Adam was the first human being created by God


This name means “Son of the right hand”. In the Old Testament, Benjamin is the youngest son of Jacob.


This name means “Faithful like a dog” or “Devotion of the Faithful”. In the Bible, Caleb is mentioned several times and he is defined as a loyal follower.Open next button bellow to continue reading..


This name means “God is my judge”. In the Bible, Daniel is one of the most celebrated prophets.


This name means “The Beloved”. David is one of the most popular figures. He is popular because of his eloquence in poetry.


This name means “My God is Yahweh”. Elijah is a popular prophet and miracle worker who ascended into heaven in a dazzling chariot in the Old Testament.


It is a Hebrew name which means ‘God is With Us”.


This name is popular because of its meaning such as “Mercy of the Lord” or “God is gracious.”

Final words

Getting names from the Bible for your coming child is proof that you are a godly parent. Being inspired by the Bible can be precious. These names do not just represent virtue and strength but also a reflection of your child’s personality. You wanted them to be like the good people in the Bible. But always keep in mind that names don’t measure the wellbeing of a person. It measures what and of attitude and traits, they have. In the end, it’s not we who are going to judge a person, We are born equal regardless of what kind of names our parents give us. Our main obligation is to make our names meaningful in a way that every people can remember us for the good deeds we made

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