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Norse Baby Names: Creative Picks for Your Newborns

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Even before a loveable baby was born, parents have been thinking of names that they will be going to give their baby. The lists of choices go on, from movie actors and actresses, famous child celebrities, fictional characters, political figures and so on. Some may even read baby books or browse the internet to find beautiful names for their little bundle of joy. This is one of the first things that parents prepare or think for their child. Not just that names will be the first word that is associated with the child, but it will cleave unto him for the rest of his life.

People have been very creative in choosing baby names. Some explore through Greek and Roman mythology, discovering names as powerful as Zeus or as swift as Hermes, as passionate as Venus or as sovereign as Diana. One of the emerging sources of baby names nowadays is Norse mythology. It conquered its place in the mainstream influenced by contemporary TV series about Vikings and Marvel superheroes movies. Norse baby names have their roots from Nordic and German languages and culture.

Here’s a list of unique and famous Norse baby names in no particular order:

Male names and their meanings

Baldur pronounced as “bal-door,” and sometimes spell as Balder, means prince in old Norse. Baldur is the son of the god Odin, the ruler of the Aesir god and the goddess Frigg. He is the brother of Thor. He is also loved by the gods and is famous because of his beauty.

History traces the name to balþs in Old English, paid in ancient German paid, which all means “bold and brave.”

Tuukka: Finnish name derived from the name Tuure that can be traced to ancient Scandinavia meaning “Thor’s warrior.”

Magni: many might be familiar with the name Magni because it is the title of Thor’s son. It means mighty, and can also mean fearsome, tireless and strong.

Grim: means fierce and bold. The name fits a person who is courageous to take some risk.

Lok: a mischievous trickster god as introduced in the Marvel movie. In mythology, he can change both sexes, use his powers both for good and bad. Its modern Scandinavian version, Loke has become popular too.

Harold: means army or ruler; a leader; and to rule. Harold is a variant of Harald.

Odin: the main man and the king of Asgard in Thor films. A favorite in Scandinavian and Germanic culture, Odin is regarded as the highest in Norse mythology. He presides over art, war, wisdom and death. He lives in Valhalla, a peaceful place where warriors went after they were killed in war.

Den: son of Dennis (the one who promotes civilization). Also means one who is a good ruler.

Kari: means strong in French, tremendous in Scandinavia. It can also be used as a female name meaning black-haired and free woman.

Fell: means living in the mountain; a boy from the rough hills.

Dagr: Ancient manuscripts show that Dagr is the son of god Dellingr. His name simply means day in Old Norse literature.

Thor: Who doesn’t know Thor? Although he is famous for his strength and heroic actions in the Avengers film, in Norse mythology, he is the god of thunder and the son of the god Odin. He is also the Norse god of strength, war and storm. He was armed with a hammer called Mjolnir, and a belt that doubled his powers.

Anderson: means manly, masculine or brave; also, a variant of Andrew.

Tyrell: means warrior. In Norse mythology, he is a daring and brave god of war.

Blakely: means black or white; it can also mean dark-haired, or fair and pale.

Leif: means son or descendant. According to a Norse legend, Leif Ericson, a Viking, landed in North America long before Columbus discovered the area.

Mathias: means the gift of God.

Gustav: royal staff or staff of the gods.

Hagen: means the highest son.

Female names and their meaning

Dahlia: means from the valley; a flower name.

Saga: In ancient Norse, the name means “seeing one.” She is the Norse goddess of history and poetry and often associated with another goddess Frigg. It also means legend or myth, story or fairy tale.

Possibly means “seeing one” in Old Norse. This was the name of the Norse goddess of poetry and history, sometimes identified with the goddess Frigg. This is also a modern Swedish word meaning “story, fairy tale”

Linnea: lime tree or a small mountain flower

Tori: means spear of Thor

Freyja or Freya: a well-known goddess. She is also the ruler of battle and death, love and fertility. It also means lady in Old Norse. It also means a noblewoman.

Gala: means a lovely voice and singer.

Randi: means a lovely goddess.

Thelma: Bear of thor

Magna: means great in Latin and Danish language. A feminine form of the name Magnus, the name of several kings in Norway and Sweden.

Elin: in Swedish, it means light.

Liv: a name growing popularity nowadays, meaning life. It is also another version of Olivia and Livana.

Solveig: Old Norse word of house and strength.

Ingrid: She is the sister of Freyja. Although the name is of masculine origin, it has been a favorite name for girls in different countries of the world.

Hilda: The name has been used in different ways through time. It is usually a nickname for names with the German element “hild” and the Scandinavian term “hildr” which means battle. In Norse mythology, a Valkyrie is named Hildr.

Kara: In Norse mythology, Kara is a mortal, a valkyrie, one of the hosts of handmaidens of Odin. They are the ones chooses who will die on the battlefield and help dead warriors to enter Valhalla, the peaceful afterlife for worthy warriors. Her name also means wild and stormy one.

Cara: the variation of the name comes from the Italian word for beloved.

Alva: means a female elf.

Iona: born on an island.

Giving names is an exciting period in husband and wife’s life as they wait for the birth of their beloved child. There are many sources that one can use in choosing creative and appealing names, and one of those options are names with Norse origins and influence. You can choose some wonderful names on the list that you have just read. Enjoy choosing!

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