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Baby Health and Wellness: 11 Best Sources of Iron for Toddlers

Children are known to decline foods for all types of reasons. This can result in parents to be concerned about kids not getting the right nutrition that their growing systems need. Lack of iron is very common in toddlers and about 8% of kids may have an iron deficiency.

In this blog, we will discuss the sources of iron for toddlers, how to increase iron levels in toddlers, give information or techniques to add easy iron-rich recipes in a healthy diet.

11. Iron-Rich Foods for Toddlers Recipes

Most kids are very fussy and will often reject food before they will enjoy eating it, so as a parent or caregiver don’t get discouraged, keep giving iron and calcium-rich food for babies.

For a healthy balanced diet, you need to rotate iron sources and urge kids to consume a wide selection of delicious nutritious foods.

Here are the top 11 foods high in iron that you must feed your kid to grow healthy and strong.

1. Breakfast cereals.

Most cereals for breakfast, especially those that are made for children are packed with iron supplements for toddlers that taste good. They contain 100% of the daily iron consumption suggested for adults. You must read the label to know the specific iron ingredient.

2. Meat

All meat goods are one of the best sources of iron for toddlers.

3. Oatmeal

This is a healthy snack that is enjoyed by many kids. Based on one source, the 3/3 cups of oatmeal include 4.5 to 6.6 mg of iron.

4. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate provides antioxidant-rich benefits that can help improve the iron consumption of your kid. Aside from the meat, dark chocolate is on the top of iron supplements for toddlers, having 7mg iron per 3oz serving. 

5. Peanut butter sandwiches

The iron content in peanut butter varies depending on the brand, but oftentimes they contain 0.56mg trusted source of iron per tbsp. For extra iron supplements for toddlers, make a sandwich with a slice of whole wheat bread that can offer about 1mg of iron.

6. Beans and pulses

Another iron-rich food for toddler’s vegetarian is beans and pulses. White beans are among the richest sources of iron with 8mg per serving.

7. Eggs

One hard-boiled egg contains 1mg of iron. Some kids enjoy peeling the eggs. So, why not make the snack more fun by coloring the eggs with food color before eating them.

8. Fish

Don’t forget to add fish into your kid’s diet because it’s a very nutritious food. It’s also a perfect source of protein and fish such as salmon and mackerel are rich in heart and brain-nutritious omega-3 fatty acids.

9. Nuts

Pistachios and cashews are some of the excellent sources of iron for toddlers, protein and other nutrients.

10. Vegetables

Probably, one of the common problems of kids is that they don’t like to eat vegetables. Try mixing the veggies into a smoothie drink to create an iron-rich food for toddlers’ recipes, sure your choosy children will love.

Try these recipes:

Boil and blend spinach, which provides 0.81mg Trusted Source of iron per serving. Blend in frozen blueberries, watermelon, frozen raspberries, and one piece of avocado for a nourishing and filling smoothie.

Mix one tablespoon of honey, boiled and mashed chard and broccoli, cantaloupe, honeydew and figs into a delicious drink.

11. Fruits

Some fruits are iron-rich foods for baby recipes. The following are the iron amounts with 1 cup of these tasty fruits:

  • red tart cherries with 0.71 mg Trusted Source
  • prunes with 0.36 mg Trusted Source
  • dried apricots halves with 3.46 mg Trusted Source
  • raisins with 4 mg Trusted Source
  • diced watermelon with 0.36 mg Trusted Source

A fruit drink tastes more delicious when blended with a little honey or yogurt.

Try blending kid’s choice of iron-rich fruit and put it in a popsicle shaper. Chill for 2 to 3 hours and serve your iron-rich popsicle for infants.

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