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36 Fabulous Baby Names Starting With F

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Baby-names starting With F are especially for parents who want their babies to grow up into a responsible, caring, and family-oriented person.

Baby Boys Names Starting With F


Bean farmer; derived from the name given to the Roman Fabius clan, some Roman emperors and 16 saints


If you see this name, you can read too many love novels. Fabio is an attractive Italian name with deep roots, but it is always associated with some luxurious hair models.


From Latin means artisan, a man who works with his own hands.


But later became a Bishop Kilfenora in Ireland.

5. Fadil.

Winding, excellence, excellent, benefit, favor, shows, grace, and discernment


The name is associated with falconry.


Beautiful youth, names from Persian mythology


Bakery products, derivatives fawn, ie oven

9. Farrell!

Brave, victorious, names are sometimes used as the first name


Happy, lucky, Farrah Bulsara is best known as Freddie Mercury, the flamboyant lead singer of the band Queen.

11. Fernando.

Fernando considers its meaning and sends a sense of spirituality and adventure that is appropriate. The name has experienced steady growth in popularity over the last century and is now one of the most popular children’s names of the day.


Perhaps comes from Fergus or has an Irish version of Peter. The name Ferris was shown in the film Ferris Bueller days off, 1986

13. Fidelis.

From Fidel to its Latin. Today, this is certainly not common but can be used to get rid of relations with Cuban dictators.

14. Finn.

Finns have officially arrived whether due to the growing popularity of Irish names or Gree Finn Hudson, this beautiful and cute name has become a popular choice for both boys and girls.

15. Flint.

Place name and surname. Flint produces a spark of fire when struck by steel.

16. Flynn.

Flynn recalls the image of a hero with a beautiful cloak and short sword, and thanks to the 40 movie star Errol Flynn in the last days, confused in Ilinskom the rider. It is a charming name and patronymic and also begins to move into the unisex territory.

17. Forest.

The forest originated from the origin of the ancient French language, what else does it mean? Loggers and trees. And although writing is more in the forest than in the Gump, for many this name will be remembered with a phrase. (But don’t worry, today’s kids have no idea what you mean.)


Like the Spanish version of Francis, Francis certainly has much more style and style.


Franco is the great brother of Franco and Francisco. Anyone who goes to art school and has a lot of old cameras is a modern version of a somewhat archaic name that sounds like some kind of guy whose favorite movie is black and white.

20. Friday.

Where is your son on Friday? What?. So hard. The last day of work on Friday is rarely used as a person’s name and should probably stay that way.

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Baby Girls Names Starting With F


Fabian female version of the Roman name Fabius


Fabian female version of the Roman name Fabius

23. Fabiola.

Fabiola’s amazing! Not a super-elegant sense, but”bean farming”? Really? It is a beautiful name-European charm. It’s multicultural with an Italian twist, and if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, it’s not popular in America.

24. FAE.

If you expect your child to get those tender little legs, Fae is a name to consider! Fae comes from ancient English and French words for”fairy”, known for its ethereal beauty and its small feet. This is a short, cute name for a cute girl, and FAE tends to be creative, to communicate. Though, unfortunately, that name has not grown son.

25. Faith.

Faith is not as popular as the hope and grace of virtuous relatives. Equally attractive and pure faith will be a great name for any child.


The name Farrah was fashionable in the 70s when Farrah Fawcett and her fancy blonde hair were the trends of the day. Then the actress disappeared from sight, and the name followed her example.

27. Fatima.

Fatima was the daughter of the prophet Muhammad and one of the perfect women mentioned in the Quran.

28. FAUNA.

Can you imagine your little girl walking barefoot through the forest with a wreath of flowers on her head? Then we not only one of the fairies of sleeping beauty the forest of Disney but the name for a pair of nature-loving parents, in Roman mythology, the fauna was the goddess of the Earth and animals, as well as the English word that applies to all animals in a particular region or period. Don’t make it greener.

29. FLEUR.

This bizarre name is known to modern parents Fleur Delacour in the series of books “Harry Potter”. Although it is a relatively common French floral name, it still has an attractive and refined elegance, as if there is no Delacour. In the Netherlands, a land known for its flowers, this name is very popular.

30. Florence.

Florence is considered the benchmark of the beautiful city of Italy, which is often considered a cultural center of art. The famous nurse Florence Nightgale has been called this city since her birth.


Fortune, fortune, fortune was the Roman goddess of happiness.


Long used as a nickname for a kid named Frank or Franklin, Frankie also upgrades big classic names for Francesca and Francine and exudes a tough girlish vibe for your little Tomboy daughter.


A quiet leader, a peaceful ruler. Three years after the founding of Georgia in 1733, General James Edward Oglethorpe decided to use the Fort to protect the young colony from Spanish attacks from Florida.

34. Flora.

Flower, the mythical Roman goddess of flowers and spring

35. Fiona.

Fair; female form Fion

36. Fidelma.

An ancient name of uncertain origin was anglicized by writing, Fidelma and her sister eisne were the first converts of St. Patrick.

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