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Baby Names: What are the Best Boy Names Starting With Vowels?

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Boy vowel names are getting popular nowadays because of their coolness. Boy’s names starting with letter A are second to names starting with J in popularity with Aiden and Alexander in the rise. On the other hand, two of the best boy names starting with vowels are the boy names starting with E which are Ethan and Elijah. Isaac, Isaiah and Ian were the popular names among the boy names that start with the letter I. Oliver and Owen are leading the names starting with the letter O and U is the most unusual letter that has some unique boy names. 

If you are looking for a name that starts with a vowel for your little prince, here are some of the best boy names starting with vowels. 

Baby boy names starting with vowels


This name has a Hebrew origin and Ancient Egyptian origin. In the Old Testament of the Bible, Aaron was the older brother of Moses.


This is one of the biblical boy names that start with a vowel. Abel is the name of Adam and Eve’s unfortunate younger son but capable, competent, ready and willing. 


This name is still one of the most classical boy names widely used because of its biblical and American history.


One of the best boy names starting with vowels nowadays because of its positive references among celebrities and parents.


Adam is based on the Old Testament but is now being replaced by newer boy baby names. 


Adrian is now a name being reconsidered and is well-used in England since the 1950s for it is the name of one Pope. 


A variant of Adrian and is a dashing Italian name.


It is a rhythmic name that depicts inventiveness and creativity like the famous Thomas Edison.


One of the sophisticated boy names that start with E and almost identical to its French twin Edmond.


The name Edward is a classical name in movies and in and out of fashion. However, it’s getting popular nowadays because of the male lead of the movie Twilight. 


It was derived by the Hebrew word, “aly” which means “high”. Eli was a high priest in the Old Testament who trained the prophet, Samuel.


One of the most famous names starting with E. In the Old Testament, Elijah was the prophet who went to heaven in a chariot of fire.


It is the Scottish name for John and is derived from the Hebrew name Yohanan. 


A Welsh name that depicts Nelson Mandela in a film.


This name is an interesting choice for its strong beat and creative sound. It is associated with a great British architect and stage designer.


This is one of the classical biblical baby names as well that is rising at the list of the popular boys’ names. 


Ivan is one of the few Russian boys’ names that is fully accepted in the American naming pool. 


It is a biblical name surpassing the popular names from the Old Testament, Aaron, and Adam. It is once neglected but now, it is rising on the rank of the American naming pool. 


One of the one-syllable boy names that symbolize solidity, strength, and longevity. 


This is the supreme Norse name the Norse god of art, culture, wisdom, and law who is also handsome, charming and eloquent. 


This name is based on the name of the brave and resourceful hero of Homer’s epic saga and is always considered for a brave child.


It has Irish and Norse roots-Norse Oscar that comes from the Old English, Osgar.


One of the most popular O boy names, derived from Olivier which is the Norman-French variation of the Ancient Germanic name Alfher. 


This name is one of the few boy names that start with letter U and is associated with the Homeric hero, the eighteenth president Grant, and the James Joyce novel. 

Now that we have given you some of the best boy names starting with vowels, have you already thought of a name for your baby boy? There are a lot of unique names listed above and most are surprisingly from the Bible. Amazing, right?

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