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25 Of The Most Unusual Baby Names

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25 Of The Most Unusual Baby Names

Upon bringing up your baby, you are too prompt to give him the best of both worlds. The best way you can think of to take good care of him, cute clothes and even for his birth name! You would probably think of something which you believe will be the only baby name out there. Talking about being the OG – original, then you would come up with a very unique name for sure. Although weird, you will make it sure to be appealing, sounded nice and spelled articulately at the same time. I just hope that your baby will be grateful to you later on for this. Below, we collected some unique baby names that you can refer to when you still haven’t come up with something. Do not miss this out.

  1. Dorcas: Just like Elizabeth and Sarah, Dorcas is a biblical name. It’s on a peak of popularity during 1923 compared to the two other names. It is considered to be one of the most famous names in that era by landing the 617th place.
  2. Gentry: A name that is a unique option for either a boy or a girl. Gentry means aristocracy in English.
  3. Darth: In 1920, the census reported that there are at least 10 baby girls named Darth. Darthula and Dartha can be your options as well if Darth is not quite working for you.
  4. Tayari: In Kiswahili, Tayari means ‘ready’. As some of you are aware, author Tayari Jones is one of those who has it the same. This gender-neutral name means an African prince. 
  5. Maim: Can we bestow little Maim’s parents some benefit of the doubt and conclude that this name might be just an alternative spelling for ‘Mame’?
  6. Shalia: This combined English-American name can be pronounced with two syllables – Shael-yah or three syllables – Sha-lee-uh. Moreover, you can probably guarantee that your little girl will be the only Shalia in her school.
  7. Fannie: It is difficult to abhor any name Jane Austen put into for her main charactersHowever, the name Fannie had gone the extra mile since Mansfield Park’s popularity. Peaking its popularity in 1930, Fannie has become more associated with butts rather than to babies. Imagine saying it with a straight face.
  8. Nuno: Your little man would probably the only Nuno in the neighborhood if you are residing in the United States as this is a Portuguese name. Wouldn’t it be great if Nuno Bettencourt and Nuno Espirito Santo might inspire him to become a musician or a soccer player?
  9. Author: It obviously became a trend naming babies after occupations. Maybe parents would love to hear someone call their baby Doctor or Judge even if they are really not?
  10. Jelena: Don’t be surprised when you learn that supermodel Gigi Hadid also has this as her birth name. This name is the Russian distinction of the Greek name Helen.
  11. Ima: When Ima raised its popularity during the ’30s, parents obviously did not learn any lesson from the lass Ima Hogg who is born half a century prior. Well, Ima is considered as a mean name choice until today. 
  12. Kauai: It also came to a trend naming babies after destinations and you will not likely find any other boys or girls named Kauai in the play area.
  13. Window: Not a single baby but two with this name were baptized in 1954. One of them even had an odd middle name – Coverings. Imagine someone calling you that.
  14. Erlonne: This weird name is more likely a variation of the Norwegian name Erland which means foreigners. You might have heard of Earlonne Woods, the man behind Ear Hustle if you are a fan of podcasts.
  15. Moon Unit: Musician Frank Zappa has named her daughter Moon Unit. This is because she was born after two years when a man walked on the moon. We can say that she embraced her name with open arms as the actress and singer recently released an album entitled My Mom Is A Space Cadet.
  16. Persephone: Die-hard fans of Greek mythology would love to hear the name Persephone. The specific meaning is not really known but it is believed that it could have been extracted from the Greek word ‘ortho’ which means to destroy. Well, baby names from Greek mythology are definitely classic!
  17. Tarantula: You would probably also in deep thoughts about why your parents name you with this. Maybe they are fond of venomous species?
  18. Finola: This name which originated from Ireland means white shoulders. This might be familiar to fans of dancer and actress Finola Hughes but your daughter may be the only Finola in her class, that’s certain.
  19. Marijuana: One baby girl named Marijuana Pepsi in 1970. Maybe people during that time like their drugs? Her parents may forget what they were doing when she was made. Just for your information, her teacher says she never touched any drugs.
  20. Aramis: It is a French literary name attributed to famous author Alexandre Dumas for his timeless novel The Three Musketeers. Your little guy might not have another playmate named with this.
  21. Candida: The name originated from Latin that means white pure. Unfortunately, today it is almost exclusively associated with the kind of yeast which causes oral and vaginal infections. Ugh.
  22. Zilpah: The name can be found in the bible under the section of Genesis and is in Hebrew origin. It will surely be one of a kind when you name your baby girl Zilpah.
  23. Fifi Trexibelle: TV star Paula Yates and singer Bob Geldof had enough normal names. Apparently, they wanted more for their daughter who was born in 1983.
  24. Kasem: This is a distinction of the Arabic word ‘qasim’. This is not widely used bit may sound familiar, just take radio personality Casey Kasem as a reference.
  25. ABCDE: When you can no longer think of a baby name then what should you do? Loudly recite the alphabet! This is quite a common name which is really fascinating. There were an estimated 300 people name ABCDE.:

That’s it! Our collection of weird baby names where few are even dated from the 90s. Would you love to take any of them if you haven’t thought of a name for your baby yet? Take a browse of our other collection for some meaningful baby names here.

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