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Beautiful and the Famous Baby Names Worldwide

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The naming the babies are the biggest challenge for many parents. They have to choose the name that is liked by both of them. Mostly naming the child will be done with the help of the religion, caste, culture, and the other family backgrounds. In some countries, they will keep the name for the baby boy and the girl about the place, memorable events, names of the plants and others. In many countries, you can find the top baby names which are the most popular, stylish and good to hear. As per the modern world, the parents want to keep the name for their babies in a fashionable manner. The baby children are named after the ancestors or their culture mostly. Only the stylish and the good to pronounce names are the popular ones in recent times.

Indian baby names

In recent times, the babies are named with the famous names. These names should be with a positive attitude and also stylish. For the baby boy, the names include


Alex is the name that indicates that he should be healthy all the time. It also means that even in the bad times in life the person should have to fight against it.


In Tamil, the meaning of the Raj is the king. So many people will keep this name thinking that their child should have to grow more bravely and also fight against all the bad situations.


Rahul is the name that indicates the baby should be more cute and adorable even when it grows. For the girls, you can find a variety of names in India.


In the Hindu religion, the meaning of this name is that victory. It is also the name of the goddess.


The name represents that the person should be popular until the end of his life.


This means that the boy should have to get infinite health, wealth and other resources.

These names are more stylish and good to hear. The most parents want their child’s name in the top in the attendance list so they keep the name in the top alphabetical order. The female names are


One of the top names in India is Ananya. This baby girl’s name indicates the name of the god called Parvati in the Hindu religion.


Sharanya is the name that indicates the sunlight.


If the baby girls should be more loveable and also affectionate to the others then parents will keep the name as the Sneha. In India, you can find different religions and casts, so all the top names in the world are found in this country.

Spanish baby names

In Spain, you can find different Spanish names such as Lucas, martin, Lucia, Sofia which is the same as the English names are used in Spanish which is the popular one.


The name tells that she is bright and beautiful and remains as one of the beautiful babies all the time.


This means that she should have to lead her entire life with a strong and honorable manner.

The boy names are


This is the name that indicates he is the courageous man when he grows older.


The boy should live life in a more respectful way. He should be more honorable all the time.


The parents used to keep this name for the baby boy which indicates that the boy is the gift that is given by god.

As per the recent survey has taken Garcia is the famous one and is the famous surname of all the time. Rodriguez and Gonzalezarethe famous ones in Spain.

Baby-names in saudi arabia

Since mostly the Muslim people are living in the country. The babies that are born here should be named in their respective religions. The popular Muslim boy names are


The name Ali indicates that the boy should be braver and also with a lot of wealth and health.


The name Khalil means that the boy should be friendly when he has grown older.


Another famous name that is used for the boy child is that Hassan. This means that the boy looks more handsome.


This is the goddess’s name in the Muslim religion.


This Arabian baby boy’s name indicates that the boy should be on the winning streaks. Which means no failure should have to come throughout his life.


When the parents wanthis boy to lead a respectful life then they keep this name.


The meaning of this name is that the boy should be friendly all the time.


The baby boy should have to live his life more peaceful.

Some of the famous female names are the


This name indicates the night time. This means that she should be more romantic and cool all the time.


The name indicates the softness.


The parents when they love that their girl should be like the princess all the time they keep this name.


The meaning of the names indicates that the name of the princess, light, Blossom flowers, princess name, goddess name, and others.

All over the country, you can find the name indicates the goddess, nature, moon, sun, animals, etc. This means that babies should be joyful and filled with positive attitudes when they grow older. You can also find the many unisex names in the many countries which are also famous among the people.

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