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Best 6 Forever Geeky Names for Babies

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Parents who are expecting a new bundle of joy in their life are surely very excited to name them with the best name they can find or come up with. Though there are many suggestions available in books, on the internet and from relatives and families, parents try to look for their own choice of name for their little one. 

One of the most unique names you can look to are names that are geek-inspired or geeky in nature. It gives you the appeal of naming your kid a geeky name and will eventually reflect his intelligence. Though that is not true, a geeky name for your kid is quite a nice idea as well. You might find a sophisticated yet cool name on the list we have. This best 6 forever geeky names for babies are nicely-picked and recommended worldwide. 

Here is the top 6 forever geeky names for babies you might want to consider:

  • Sherwin

The name Sherwin comes from the English origin which means “swift runner”. This name is a boy’s name and is counted as one of the best geeky names. It has this cool appeal and an appropriate meaning as well. As a famous saying goes, “You won’t win with Sherwin”. This is a nice idea for parents who are expecting a baby boy.

  • Clarence

The name Clarence is a boy’s name and has a Latin origin that means “bright”. The name of the guardian angel in Its Wonderful Life who is very studious and near-nerdy was Clarence as well. In the last century, the name Clarence actually enjoyed popularity. It has two prominent bearers namely defense attorney at the Scopes Trial Clarence Darrow and current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Also, both Louis Armstrong and Aretha Franklin names their sons Clarence. This quite popular name has a very intelligent and geeky-inspired background. If you are expecting a baby boy and want something geeky for his name, this is a very nice catch.

  • Irwin

The name Irwin has an English origin that means “boar friend”. It is the Son of Irving as well. This nice and geeky-inspired name is quite charming as well. It has this unique and cool statement on its own. The simple name is quite appealing for a baby boy’s name. Parents might want to consider this name as well.

  • Egbert

The name Egbert is a boy’s name that comes from the Anglo-Saxon origin and means “bright edge of a sword”. The name Egbert is somewhat always being used as a stereotypical name for aristocrats and nerds. This edgy meaning and dusty charm the name has, it would be a cool choice for parents as well. This name has a strong appeal that is also quite beautiful on its own. Parents who are looking for a charming yet sophisticated name, this is a nice option as well.

  • Gomer

The name Gomer is a unisex biblical name. It has a Hebrew origin that means “to complete”. In the Bible, Gomer was the name of the sone of Japheth and it was also the name of the wife of the prophet Hosea. This unique name has a beauty on its own. If you want a geeky-inspired name for your son or daughter, this is not the usual choice and you might like it. 

  • Bertram

The name Bertram has a German origin that means “bright raven”. This old Norman name started back in the 1930’s and is still quite rare to use even when it appeared in the famous movie Harry Potter as a Hogwarts student. Although very rare, this geeky-inspired name has a beauty and mysterious side on its own. It is not common so it has this extra distinct appeal in it. Parents who are looking for a more mysterious yet rare name for their little one, this is such a nice selection.

The best 6 selection of forever geeky names listed above is quite a nice list when it comes to geeky-inspired names for babies. Parents who are looking for the best name for their babies can pick some of their best choices from here and make a shortlist so it would be easier for them to choose later on. Geeky-inspired names are quite a unique and nice idea to incorporate to your child’s name indeed. It has this nice reflection of your child’s skills, intelligence, and abilities in the future hopefully. 

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