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6 Lovely Baby Names That Mean Love, Heart and Affection

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Baby Names that are related and mean to love, heart, affection and the feeling and energy love is a great way to name your baby girl or boy. If you’re a hopeless romantic couple or a soon to be a parent looking for possible names that mean heart then this article is a great place to start!

As a parent, you know how hard it is to name your baby because of all the millions of names out there it can be really hard to find something precious and right to your future baby boy or girl.

With that said, why don’t you look for the perfect baby name that literally means love and affection? Names can often have a dissociative impact on your baby’s psychological personality and the name they carry will be part of their identity for the rest of their lives.

That is why it is very important to make sure that your baby gets the proper name as possible and heart and love names are lovely, precious, magnificent and spectacularly androgynous or unisex, this helps build rapport on your child’s second and first name.

The top 5 best names related to love, hearts, affection, and passion

1.  Amor

Amor is a great, beautiful, sophisticated and magnificent name for your baby girl it is a name that is often connected with the feminine beauty of a woman, it is derived from a Spanish word that literally means “love”.

Amor is a great name to add to your baby list because it often denotes a sweet feminine allure to its name, it is also a very popular name around the world and has it’s popular pop culture references on Ms. Amor Powers a great telenovela character from the Philippines which is greatly loved by viewers from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan, Kenya, and Spain.

Amor is also an androgynous name and if you wanted to add a more feminine touch to the name Amor you can also try Amora.

2. Aziz

Aziz is a powerful yet lovely Arabic name, what is also great about the name Aziz is that the baby name is androgynous, Aziz has it’s rooted from the Arabic language which literally means ‘beloved’. Aziz is a powerful name that is often bestowed luck and protection, many legends say that this name can often bring riches and fortune to the wearer of the name although it is just a superstition, it is still a great name to be added.

Aziz is also a fairly traditional name that represents one of the 99 attributes of Allah, making it holy and sacred in their religion. Aziz is also a name that has its association with masculine energy.

3. Gerwyn

Gerwyn is another great name that is derived from Welsh roots that means ‘fair love’. Although Gerwyn is a traditionally male name, it’s sound and accent can often be presented as a name that is androgynous in nature. Surely this great t and magnificent name is a perfect name for your future baby boy or baby girl.

4. Mahal

Although this name is entirely related to Taj Mahal of India, Mahal is a Filipino term to call someone “lovely or love”. This great and magnificent androgynous name denotes a gentle and warm fuzzy of love that we all want to experience.

5. Heart

The heart can be literally a great name to your baby girl it is figuratively and literally a lovely name that often denotes modernization of passion, love, and affection. A baby named heart can often symbolize it’s warm and lovely nature.

6. Paris

Last but not least on our top 6 best lovely names for your future baby, Paris is included, although it is the name of a place in France. The place itself is a very romantic place where couples would go to see the Eifel Tower, Paris is also a great charming name that can often add alluring charm to your prince charming boy.

If you haven’t found the great name to your baby you can check out other articles below.

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