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Different Ideas for Homemade Gifts from Toddlers to Grandparents

Our grandmothers and grandfathers are special parts of our life that you can always count on every time you need someone to lean on. They love their children and grandchildren and pamper them like nothing else. So, it is better to surprise them on their special day. Don’t let your grandparent’s special day pass by without celebrating and giving them unique homemade gifts. Listed below are some of the best homemade gifts from toddlers to grandparents that will surely make their hearts melt.

Just a little reminder that every homemade gift listed below should be created with adult supervision. We are very excited to share it with you. So get your things and let us start doing these heart-melting homemade gifts from toddlers to grandparents.

Give them a heartwarming hugs

Above any material things, there is nothing better than a warm hug from grandchildren to their grandparents. When those little arms are wrap around them, they will surely feel the love. Remind them how much you love your grandma and grandpa by sending them a package full of hugs and kisses.

Make a grandkids picture sign

This wonderful grandparents’ gift is a fun way to display the picture of their beloved grandchildren. Toddlers can help the elderly to hang pictures in there. 

I love you letter

In addition to our heart-melting homemade gifts from toddlers to grandparents is the I love you letter for them. In this way, we can say to our grandparents our heartwarming thanks and love for them. Toddlers can say the coolest and sweetest things for them using this idea.

Create a personalized photo pendant

Personalized photo pendant is easy and exciting to make. You can never go wrong wrapping this gift to make them smile.

Handprint tree

Toddlers will use their hands’ prints to print the tree. They can use green paint, which will serve as the leaves and brown paint for the trunks. They will also need to put other paint colors on their fingerprints to create little fruits.

Personalized bracelets and necklace

Another fun and gorgeous handmade gift to create is the personalized bracelets and necklace. Toddlers can help to arrange the beads and create any words like “grandma or grandpa.” You can also make a grandparent’s gift set, which includes both bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. This gift is a great idea that toddlers can make.

Create a family portrait

Let the toddlers create a family portrait for grandparents. This gift idea is super fun and lovely gift that they will keep for years.

You are my sunshine artwork

This homemade gift from toddlers to grandparents will surely create a smile on your grandparents’ faces. This will make them happy every time they will look at it. You will need a blank canvas, then paint the toddler’s child foot with yellow acrylic paint and press their foot on the canvas. You can put the words “you are my sunshine” anywhere onto the canvas. That’s it! You have now an inspiring homemade gift for your grandparents.

Hand and footprinted dish towel

Let the toddlers stamp their hands and feet using any color of acrylic paint on the dishtowel. Can you imagine the smile of the elderly seeing this cute, personalized, and adorable dish towel?

Make a yarn-wrapped hearts

Yarn-wrapped heart is nice and easy to create. This homemade gifts from toddlers to grandparents is an engaging way to show toddler’s love and affection to the elderly. All you need to do is to cut a heart shape form out of the cardboard. Then make little cuts on the side of the heart, then wrap the heart with red yarn and of course, with love.

Hand and fingerprint mason jars

You can come up with the idea of helping the toddlers create a hand and fingerprint mason jars. The grandparents will love this idea since they can use the jars in storing some of their things. The first thing to do is to paint the inside and outside of the mason jars. After drying the paint, you can now add the hand and fingerprint of the toddlers outside the jar. You can also add a special note saying how much you love grandma and grandpa.

Create a shrinky bracelet

Are you familiar with shrinky dinks? If not, you can research about it since it is a little ancient, maybe if you are an 80’s kid, you are familiar with this. Anyway, you can purchase it in different stores, or you can create your own shrinky dinks. This idea is about turning #6 plastic containers into a sweet bracelet. Surprise your grandparents with this priceless and creative bracelet from their little artist. Such a nice gift!

Hand-painted trivets

This craft is a perfect addition to our homemade gifts from toddlers to grandparents list. The things needed to create hand-painted trivets are inexpensive, which includes cork heat pads, paintbrush, acrylic paint, masking tape, and the most important thing that you need to have while doing this craft is your creativity. You can encourage the toddlers to create designs using the masking tape. Allow them to paint the entire area and let it dry. Once everything is dry, remove the masking tape, and you will surely love the outcome of this artwork. Grandparents will be happy with this useful and custom made kitchen accessory.

Give them water bottle flowers

This is perfect for grandparent’s day. Water bottle flowers are so cute and adorable. You will surely love the simple materials used in creating this craft. Simple materials needed to make these cute flowers are the following: water bottle, paintbrushes, construction paper, glue gun, scissors, yellow pom-poms, green straw, and fabric paint.  There are lots of tutorial videos that can help you create this artwork with the help of your toddlers.

Do you remember yourself being a little one who loves creating and giving sweet gifts to your family and friends? I bet you are smiling right now and hoping that your children will be as generous as you. The idea of making homemade gifts with love is the essence of gift-giving, after all.

Now, make the toddlers involved in making a surprise for the grandparents. Let them show their love, honor, and appreciation to grandma and grandpa by making these homemade gifts from toddlers to grandparents. This is the best time to allow grandchildren and grandparents to love and enjoy each other’s company. With all the ideas above, you will sure to have a great surprise that grandpa and grandma won’t forget.

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