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Can I Drink Eggnog While Pregnant?

Eggnog is cool and chilled drink, improved and refreshment which is made with milk or cream, sugar, and crude eggs alongside flavors, for example, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon or vanilla flavor.

A few people may include liquor like schnapps, rum or whiskey to eggnog.

Most people looking forward to drinking eggnog with the arrival of the holiday season, but can a pregnant woman be one of these people and drink eggnog during pregnancy?

The safety to have eggnog while pregnant

Indeed; it is protected to have eggnog during pregnancy as long as it fulfills all the three conditions underneath:

  • The eggs used are pasteurized.
  • There is no liquor in the eggnog.
  • The eggnog is cooked appropriately.

Eggs need to be pasteurized

Much of the natively constructed eggnogs are produced using crude and unpasteurized eggs.

These eggs contain risky microorganisms, particularly ones, for example, Salmonella microscopic organisms. These microscopic organisms bring about food contamination and if it enters your body; you will have regurgitating and stomach disease and looseness of the bowels; thus, it will bring about a lack of hydration; and the contamination can cause a high fever. It is better to avoid all these problems and keep away from when you are pregnant because it can hurt your baby; also these manifestations can cause pre-term work; even miscarriage or unnatural birth cycle.

There is no liquor in the eggnog

While you can ensure the alcohol substance (or its nonappearance) in the custom made eggnog, it is difficult to tell whether the eggnog offered to when you are with your companions isn’t contain any alcohol.

That is why it is smarter to stay away from anything can cause health problems to you; also the liquor isn’t useful for your infant, and more terrible, you don’t have any idea how much liquor is there in your drink and the way that the eggnog has been made.

The eggnog is cooked appropriately

Eggnogs are created utilizing milk and eggs and both these fixings ought to be filtered.

In case if you want to make your homemade eggnogs by yourself; you need to leave the ingredients boiling for about 5 minutes to at least 160° Fahrenheit and continue moving them together. This will guarantee that all the sickness causing organisms; for example, Salmonella microorganisms are executed. On the other hand, you can purchase sanitized (eggs that are warmed monetarily before being sold) from the market to use it during the preparation of making your eggnog drink. You can even utilize locally acquired eggnogs since they are made utilizing sanitized milk and eggs.

It is safe to have eggnog during pregnancy if you just pay attention to these three conditions above and follow the instructions.

Benefits of having eggnog during pregnancy

  • It is an exceptionally scrumptious drink:

Eggnog is produced using eggs, milk, cream, and sugar. It is extremely rich and yummy. It turns out to be considerably more delectable when it is enhanced with flavors such as (cinnamon or nutmeg) or included with additional flavors (like vanilla). it is stacked with calories. but it is okay to try your taste from time to time, it makes you feel happy which is good for your baby.

  • It is rich in antioxidants:

Eggnog is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants that protect you from cancer, also renew the harmed cells in the skin and strong eyesight.

  • It builds up the placenta:

Eggnog has a lot of supplement C, which is known to be helpful in placenta improvement.

  • It detoxifies:

because of all the antioxidant content; eggnog helps in expelling free radicals from the body which detoxifies the body. This action keeps you and your baby healthy during pregnancy.

  • It helps prevent anemia:

The vitamin C that your eggnog has is not only useful in placenta improvement, but it also helps your body absorb iron and avoid having anemia which can infect your baby.

  • It assists in the baby’s bone development:

Because of the milk and egg in the eggnog, the beverage is wealthy in minerals like calcium and potassium. The admission of calcium helps in solid bones for you and the unborn child.

  • It helps in the baby’s brain development:

Because of the egg white, the eggnog has proteins. The amino acids from these proteins are very necessary to your baby’s organs, including the mind.

Eggnog alternatives

Even all this a lot of pregnant women still wondering if they can have eggnog during pregnancy or not! Well; there are alternatives can these women have instead of eggnog drinks. Now,  you can get a lot of commercial eggnog drinks that don’t have eggs; caffeine or liquor.

Some of them also have no cow’s milk, and this is a very good point in case if you are vegetarian or you would love to share it with someone else. Normally you find the alternative eggnog drinks at the health food section in stores and well-stocked grocery stores, or if you feel tired and you don’t want to go outside; you can order your eggnog drink from the internet and having it delivered.

When to see a doctor

Do not hesitate to see your doctor if you have a little doubt that you have become ill from drinking eggnog; contact him immediately to make sure that you are safe and your baby is in good health.

Salmonella that may infect you from an eggnog drink it drives you to take some antibiotics because of the dehydrated; also you better to speak to your doctor when you have a feeling of having caffeine or alcohol during your pregnancy.

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