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Habits To Avoid While You Are Pregnant

While pregnancy, there are several things should be avoided in order to remain healthy either for you or your baby. they are rules but not seem hard or fast as other rules seem. these habits are preferable during pregnancy because it protects your growing baby, healthy pregnant as well as his safety. So here is a list of things preferable not to be done during your pregnancy.

The Forbidden Foods For The Pregnant

the most thing that should not the pregnant do are including unhealthy foods Therefore if you were pregnant, it is preferable to avoid and trying to ignore this food.

1) The shellfish and the meat which is raw ; this kind of food is preferable  to be avoided because for example this seafood which may be uncooked for example when you make it as a sushi  it contains the mussels as well as the clams not only this but also you should avoid the beef in addition to poultry which considered dangerous for the baby because it is a rare undercooked food as well. Both of these foods polluted with the Salmonella Also, the Toxoplasmosis.

2) the store which sells cheeses and cooked meats as well as prepared salads, one of those foods could be contained or polluted with the listeria which is considered as a kind of bacteria that may pass to the placenta or even affect with a disease or corrupt the growing newborn.  one of the things that threaten your baby’s life, is if the corruption touched or cross the utero because that can lead to blood poisoning.

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3) neglecting the seafood; because it is refrigerated and that is accounted as a risk. So, seafood is accounted especially if it is smoked one of the foods; that cause corruption with the listeria.

But, it is probably not risky to take the ones that are canned.

4) the cheeses which are soft; these kinds of foods are often brought from another country; and that may be risky to take because it may have listeria. for example, Mexican cheeses like Queso fresco as well as the Blanco; and these are also should be ignored to be eaten; especially if they were not made of the milk which is pasteurized.

5) the dairy which is not pasteurized; these kinds of foods often be listeria-contained.

Therefore, you should eat healthy food and make the diet balanced. And to succeed in this, try to follow this plan and embody it. Use lean proteins, the fats which are healthy; the fresh vegetables as well as fruits in addition to of course a lot of water.

Do Not Take Some Of The Medications.

Taking some medications without the consultation of your doctor; could be harmful to your growing baby. So, try to not use any prescription medications; or even supplements till you visit your doctor and consult with him or her.

No Utilizing Of Stilettos.

The pregnant should avoid wearing the stilettos because the center of gravity for sure will be changed; because of the growth of their belly.

The reason you may feel or find yourself not steady on the feet. Not only this but also makes your ankles swollen, and then you will see yourself as if you are living in a flip flop.

Hanging Out In The Hot Sauna Or Even The Tub Is Harmful

This action may lead to a particular imperfection because of the raised high temperature of the body during the pregnancy. Therefore, even if you are feeling aches or pains in the period of the pregnancy , try not to relax in hot tub though it seems ideal but it is also harmful to you and skip it because it also maintains a temperature of the water that can be 104°, and instead of that just try a warm bath.

No Changing Of The Kitty Litter

wearing gloves and washing your hands well afterward is important; if changing the kitty had to be done. Kitty feces may carry the toxoplasmosis; which is accounted as a rare parasitic disease. Therefore, it is a good idea to have someone else who can change the litter of the cat during the period of your pregnancy.

Avoid Breathing Secondhand Smoke

One of the harmful things for you and your infant is smoking; not only this but secondhand also would be so bad. Secondhand smoke contains mainly 4,000 chemicals. Some of them accounted to cause cancer.

Consequently, exposure to secondhand smoke may lead to many dangerous outcomes during your pregnancy like Miscarriage, premature delivery, loss of birth weight, learning or even issues; that is behavioral as the baby grows in addition to the sudden infant death syndrome.

Avoid The Habit Of Sitting For a Long Time.

It is problematic to stay in the same position for a long time either seated or standing during the pregnancy. This action may lead to a lot of types of problems; for example the vein problems and swollen ankles.

So, it is better to take every moment a short break in a frequent way; and move around if you were seated for a long time. Also, you can as well put the legs up if you were on the feet.

Avoiding Some Kinds Of Yoga.

It is preferable to avoid the Bikram yoga or even the hot one . as for the yoga modalities it seems fine when it is expected. It is better to choose a prenatal and gentle yoga class; which seem designed for mothers that are pregnant.

Therefore, it is better to talk and consult the doctor before starting to sign up for a class; if you were not practicing yoga before you are pregnant.


On the whole; the most thing that should not the pregnant do are including unhealthy foods Therefore if you were pregnant; it is preferable to avoid and trying to ignore the foods that exist in the list of food. Also, avoid doing some habits which are listed above; and which are accounted for the things that are hazardous either for you or the baby.

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