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Can You Go Into Labor without Bloody Show?

Can You Go Into Labor without Bloody Show?

Going into labor may be one of the most painful and scariest experiences a woman can have. 

And it’s strange how pregnancy can turn us into obsessing with our body fluids. 

 For instance, when you are trying to conceive, you may first start to monitor your mucus. Then you start to try the pregnancy test. After that, you will experience the unpleasant pregnancy discharge for the next nine months of pregnancy. Then the final stage is your constant watch for fluids during labor. The two fluids are your water breaking and the bloody show.

What is a bloody show?

There are actually many confusions about the bloody show. It is a sign that your body is getting ready for labor. But it’s not as fast as you want it. It is the vaginal discharge at the end of your pregnancy. It means that your mucus plug has already been dislodged.

When you’re pregnant, the cervix is covered with thick mucus that protects the baby. This plug of mucus prevents any bacteria or infection from getting in. As your pregnancy comes to an end, your cervix will begin to open the way for the baby to pass through. Then the mucus that was plug will be released. 

It’s either you lose entirely your mucus plug or it can be lost in small amounts. The discharge signals the end of pregnancy and the plug is part of that.

Some moms are worried when they lose their bloody show and thought it is necessary to go to the hospital. They want to know what to do with it. The truth is, it’s unnecessary. Your cervix is full of blood vessels. It means that it can bleed easily. When the cervix opens and the mucus plug dislodges, some blood vessels will rupture and bleed. That is what you call the bloody show. It is part of the mucus plug and some small amount of blood from your cervix.

Actually some moms experience the bloody show with very slight blood discharge. It may even be so small amount of blood that you won’t even notice it. So you can go into labor without a bloody show or a very small amount of it. 

But don’t assume that any bleeding is considered as the bloody show. It is normal to see you are bleeding because the cervix bleeds easily. But before your due date you are experiencing heavy bleeding, contact your doctor immediately.

The truth is, having a bloody show is actually good. It means that your labor is impending. This bloody show usually happens a few days before or right before your labor starts. So when you experience a bloody show, it means that your pregnancy is moving along. So if you’re near the due date and you experienced a bloody show, then you are almost ready to go into labor. 

Now, if you experience a very few signs of labor approaching, you don’t have to go to the hospital immediately. You can be comfortable and safe at home and labor takes a lot of time. Your doctor will guide you based on your signs so rest assured when he said that you can still stay at home. 

When you are in labor already, try to stay focused and calm. Record the labor symptoms and go to the hospital. You can actually try to relieve any discomfort by doing the following:

  • Go for a walk
  • Relax and try some breathing techniques
  • Change your positions
  • Take a shower
  • When you notice the contractions are stronger, call your doctor.

When you are inactive labor, what are some signs? 

You consider active labor when things are really happening. Your cervix is now dilating to from 6 to 10 cm and you start to notice these signs:

1. Water breaking

This happens shortly before the actual delivery or during the active labor. You will experience a gush of water or a trickle. Notify your doctor when your water breaks.

2. Regular and strong contractions

In the last few months, you may have a few contractions. But when it is active labor, your contractions are more regular and become stronger. Try to time your contractions so you can track your progress. Each of the contraction may last for about 30 seconds. 

3. Nausea

Some women experience nausea when they are inactive labor.

4. Pressure or pain at your back

Heavy and achy pressure in your back increases. 

5. Leg cramps

When you go into active labor, your legs may feel cramp. 

Active labor may last four to eight hours or more. Once you experience the symptoms like water break and stronger contractions, it is now time to go to the hospital and they will guide you with the rest of the process. 

Truly, getting in labor and experiencing all the hardship is not easy. It is one of the most painful. As we have learned, you can go into labor without bloody show when it has a very little amount of blood discharge that you won’t even notice it. First-time moms should not be overly worried unless there is really something unusual in their pregnancy. When they adhere to the instructions and warnings of their doctors, they are assured that their pregnancy is monitored. They will wait for a little while longer, and sooner or later their babies will eventually pop. 

This article helped us to learn that bloody discharge or better known as the bloody show is a good sign that your labor is already impending. Many other important signs are shown when you are nearing the active labor. So pregnant women should be aware of these symptoms in order to respond immediately. Sooner, the baby is on the way and you are a certified mom! Another challenge of being a parent is on the way after the pain of pregnancy.

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